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  1. Username: Dude Comment: "The faith which thou hast, have thou to thyself before God. Happy is he that judgeth not himself in that which he approveth." - Romans 14:22 Mr. Spencer, better keep the religion out of politics, and stop flaunting with it. Spouting your nonsense through the religious prism is unproductive and it doesn't lead anywhere, as it is just.. utter nonsense. As a devout Catholic myself, I say that it's up to the woman to choose if she wants to keep the child or not, and her God(s) will punish or reward her accordingly, it's none of your business. And this applies to the other cookie-cutter pro-life supporters who spout their interpretation of religion like nonsensical maggots.
  2. Oh, yeah, you're right about the rules. I meant, that enforcing of the rules should be lighter and more chill. And I think just warning people for filing petty and nonsensical reports isn't enough - it wastes people's time and takes the fun out of the game. I think if there was a big risk to filing a report against a person, people would try their best to resolve things between themselves. Yes, certain standards are needed for a heavy RP server, but the process of becoming a player here is already hard, so, maybe the rule enforcement could be more light-hearted, and more focused on the RP being more realistic in general, rather than enforcing rules just for the sake of rules.
  3. I believe everyone should just take a look at the bigger picture and understand that it's just a game. Many reports (in-game or forum) are just so petty - it's ridiculous. Considering the fact, that you have to pass a difficult test before entering the server, the rules just need to be eased in general, and admins should encourage players to sort stuff out between themselves. Unless it comes to big losses in RP, script items, or comes to OOC insult matches, admins shouldn't be so actively involved in player conflicts. I also think, that reporting should come with consequences too. Let's say, if the report is petty, invalid, or the player forum/game reports constantly for everything and anything, they should also expect serious consequences for promoting toxic player relation culture on the server. This whole admin mindset and rule-easing will need lots of effort and time to take place, but it would probably make this whole community a more chill one. We're here to play and have fun after all, not to compete in forum report essay lengths.
  4. I think a good way around this could be creation of crate price regulations. Businesses, that offer low component usage, yet high value items, should have a higher minimum price per crate set. Let's a jewelry store must offer at least 500 per crate. This would make the supply market more competetive and would provide more layers in the server's economy. Setting high crate prices is practically impossible right now, because the profit margins become very thin. EDIT: On the first paragraph, I'd like to add up here. If this idea is more refined and has regulations, it would make component value (instead of usage) higher, and the economy of stores would be more realistic. For example, car parts in real life are more expensive, than groceries, yet car part shops can stock up as much goods (or even more of them), than grocery shops. In other words: car part stores do pay more for their shipments, but still stock up as much as grocery stores, and their stock usage doesn't depend on a price of one product, rather than sales in general. Yet in this server you can own a store, that can physically stock up on more goods than a grocery store, but due to it selling expensive items, it requires restocks way more frequently. And yes, the component capacity thing does work, but eventually you still run out and it takes forever to restock due to the current trucking issue. This is the reason why so few garages open up frequently. These drastic price differences would prioritize some high value places, increase interest in trucking (more money to be made), and give a boost to the server's economy, allowing more places to open up frequently as before.
  5. The Catholic Foundation of Kindness We’re a non-profit organization, led by Catholic values of generosity, kindness and empathy. We seek to tackle important social issues of San Andreas by giving the community what it needs. Our focus Our core focus in San Andreas is crime. We are determined to reduce crime in San Andreas, and especially in its high-crime areas, by giving opportunities in the community to ones in need. This, we believe, is the only way to actually make a difference - help those in need, so they don’t resort to crime. We develop strategies, focused on using funds across San Andreas for this very purpose. Communal spots, free healthcare and consulting centers are currently on the top of our to-do list. We also seek to develop programmes, focused on helping people in avoiding the dangers of the criminal world, improving quality of life in areas of crime, and helping ex-convicts start out the right way in the society. About us Even though our values are based on Catholicism, we are here to help out everyone and anyone. We keep our beliefs strictly to ourselves, but we never forget to live and do right by the values of the Bible. All we really seek to do is provide the right help to the ones who need it, all in order to make our society a safer and a happier place. Be in touch! We will constantly update our website with upcoming projects and plans! We account for and use every penny our kind donors give for the cause. Be a part of this! You can donate to our cause - any sum you want to give is accepted kindly and given to people in need! Refer to the routing of 010001511 for donations. Contacts Richard Boccini 380798890 [email protected]
  6. For that, there could be implemented a minimum weight. Like it's minimum of 21 dollars for value, it could be 200g of the item.
  7. Hey there fellas, I've been working with one jewelry store for a while already, and I've noticed, that the component storage empties ultra-fast. I've also noticed, that the usage of components per item depends on the item's value, hence the rapid usage of components. I find that unrealistic, as jewelry stores can store as much goods as other stores in real life, even if their value and price is way higher than, let's say, of the items a grocery store offers. I propose a different component usage system - the one, that takes out components from the store's inventory on a per-weight basis. The model of this system would be pretty straight forward. Let's say a weight of one gram removes one component from the store. The employee of a store would still use the same /createitem command, just with one extra step. The format of this command would be: /createitem [type] [value] [weight] [name] This simple change would benefit the server in multiple ways: 1. The restock frequency on high-value items would be marginally lower. 2. The current problem of good demand and low trucking company supply would be at least partially solved. 3. High value stores would be able to offer a competitive price per crate for shipments, as some goods have low weight, yet high value. 4. Some high value stores would have a bigger profit margin, which could be reinvested into the business, providing more RP and economical value in the server for everyone. What would be your thoughts on that?
  8. Steel

    Lag issues

    Alright, big thanks! This can be L&A'd
  9. Steel

    Lag issues

    Oh, okay, I guess I'll arrange myself an SSD. They don't seem that expensive. Is it worthwile to throw in an another 8GB of RAM too?
  10. Steel

    Lag issues

    Hello guys. I have been experiencing some insane FPS drops and lag on GTA.WORLD. The game even freezes for a second or two sometimes. GTA V story runs smooth 65-80FPS, Online goes at 40-50FPS with some minor freezing here and there. One solution I tried solved my draw distance on GTA V (in general) problem, but the FPS stuff is still there. I numbed down my game as much as possible, even the resolution is at 720p. Other, even newer and more resource-heavy titles run way better without no issues. I tend to blame the "great" Rockstar PC optimization, but I am still looking for any possible solution. My computer is a laptop, here are its specs: - Intel Core i5 7th-gen - Nvidia GeForce 1050 - 8GB of RAM - 1TB HDD I am not looking to improve on my hardware just for one game, as the laptop serves me well on other games and work purposes. I'd like to know if there are any possible software or other solutions. I don't really even need high FPS, just stable 25-30FPS with no drops would be enough. Thank you.
  11. Could pick it up for $140,000 as it's all I currently have.
  12. Steel


    I could pick it up right now for $115,000. Contact me: 38079890.
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