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  1. What kind of information is expected to show up on a house / leasing request? What kind of partner information is expected on a housing / leasing application? What kind of requirements are looked at when applying for a house? With this, I mean what criteria must be met depending on area. This is obviously something much broader than a one line, one question answer. However I think I'm not alone in wanting to see a bit more information regarding what criterias are considered by PM administrators once a housing application starts being reviewed. Like, what information can a player focus on providing that'll make it easier for PM admins and/or make the process for a housing application a little faster. What is the rough estimate of time people should keep in mind their application might take to get handled during housing application. I am aware the UCP states 3 weeks, however I feel this is an older number based on older statistics. A more recent number based on activity from the past few months would be a more accurate view on how long it'd take. In what kind of instances is it acceptable to DM a PM Administrator regarding a request? In turn, being sympathetic to how busy a PM Admin is. What instances should a player avoid DM'ing a PM Admin?
  2. Suits. Arrow (earliest seasons). The Rookie. S.W.A.T. Chicago Fire. SEAL Team. Black Lightning.
  3. +1 don't see why not.
  4. Detailed Description The addition of /cim being hidden when pressing F7 is amazing. This suggestion is to include the text from /createscene into the F7 function of hiding stuff for screenshots. Additionally, /cam is an amazing feature, however when normally utilizing the camera for taking screenshots (by pressing LMB to make a photo), Reshades & ENBs (when working) are not picked up by the camera when pressing LMB. If possible, it would be great to allow it to be hidden by pressing F7, so we can use the /cam functions of zooming in/out etc. - while still making screenshots that include our reshades (making images look better). Relevant Commands/Items Camera -> /cam. Scenes -> /createscene. F7 - hide overlay. How will it benefit the server? It'll make screenshots look a lot better without clutter from scenes (from /createscene). Also making it easier to make pictures still using /cam, rather than toggling into first person, allowing for more more fine control when it comes to zooming etc while still capturing the game with Reshades (and ENBs once they're fixed by RAGE)
  5. OP, you deserve a medal for this. Hell yeah.
  6. Detailed Description Introduce a small/medium/large coolbox with 2500 - 5000 - 10000 gr storage capacities. With the introduction of the recent storage container script, I feel this'd be a great addition for those that often host outdoors parties etc. Putting your drinks in a proper coolbox rather than a large dufflebag just makes more sense. Relevant Commands/Items Just add 3 new items: Small Coolbox (2500g) Medium Coolbox (5000g) Large Coolbox (7500g or 10000g) How will it benefit the server? Add more immersion for those often roleplaying utilizing these items. I also see it providing usefull for people that RP fishing using fishing rods. Note: I would suggest adding that it has the same functionality as a dufflebag. Allowing you to carry increased capacity (e.g if you have a duffle in your inventory, your inv capacity goes up to 15000g), rather than just having the 10000g (in case of large) capacity for the storage container itself.
  7. Could add importing .xml's through the property's page on the UCP, or /pmenu's UI in-game.
  8. You can already reassign the personal assistant menu's keybind. do /settings and go to the hotkeys tab. It's called personal assistant.
  9. Detailed Description Add an option in the /settings -> keybinds menu to open the inventory utilizing a simple keybind. This'll make it easier to open the inventory (since the radial menu only displays prop/vehicle inventory when used in vehicles & properties respectively. For default, you could either opt to leave it unallocated and have a player choose a key that fits them if they want to utilize a keybind, or have the "Personal Assistant" default button reassigned from I to M, then make the default bind for the inventory UI the I button. Relevant Commands/Items No addition of commands. Just adding a default keybind to the server & /settings -> keybinds menu. How will it benefit the server? It'll make it 50 times easier to open your own personal inventory in a property. The radial menu could still be utilized to reach the property / vehicle inventory respectively, just have the default keybind execute the /inv command (which opens up your own personal inventory). It'll be easier than having to go through the personal assistant or type /inv in the chat.
  10. Thank you for all the dedication to this community! Rest in peace.

  11. Detailed Description Not much additional detail to add to this. The principle of it is instead of having to write the full command /toggle faction or /chat faction. Simply add a /togf command. Like we have /togr, /togdep, so on and so forth. /togf would have the same functionality as /toggle faction or /chat faction, but it'd just be shorter and easier to write. Relevant Commands/Items Adding a /togf command and giving it the same functionality as "/toggle faction" & "/chat faction" respectively. How will it benefit the server? As I'm sure some of the streamers in this server can confirm, especially those within official factions (legal and illegal respectively), it's currently a bit of a hassle to toggle your faction chat off, especially with the lengthy command you'd have to write.. Adding /togr would just add a lot of ease to toggling faction. /f for most factions is privileged and has to be toggled for streams (and blurred for clips). Adding a /togf command just makes it easier to toggle it on the fly, particularly for people that have to have it off. Adding this would allow for more flexible toggling on the fly.
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