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  1. Credits to our very own @Jokigo for this amazing promotional video. Added to the front page.
  2. Yeah, definitely. Especially now that everybody's calling in to PHMC when they have a patient coming in, it really clogs up departmental. I'd rather only see the messages I need to.
  3. Hey, I posted these before but they weren't added to the list. Just normal, lore-friendly trucks that would be great additions. Vapid Sandking XL Stock Brute Yosemite Bravado Bison Dually Crew Cab Vapid Sadler Dually Classic Vapid Executioner Vapid Sandking Utility
  4. Sorry, last post didn't save the hyperlinks. Vapid Sandking XL Stock Brute Yosemite Bravado Bison Bually Crew Cab Vapid Sadler Dually Classic Vapid Executioner Vapid Sandking Utility
  5. Hey, I absolutely love the selection you've got here but I've got a few more trucks here that I think would be excellent additions to the list. They're all lore-friendly and just add more variation in the types of trucks we have because we're hurting for truck variation. Vapid Sandking XL Stock Brute Yosemite Bravado Bison Bually Crew Cab Vapid Sadler Dually Classic Vapid Executioner Vapid Sandking Utility
  6. And why the hell does it also include stupid stuff like flashlights, hammers, wrenches, and even my damn parachute? One of my trucks is RPly a work truck so I keep tools in it. This is just becoming more of a pain in the ass, than anything. If we're mad about people storing shit in their cars then lower the inventory space on them, but this is just ridiculous.
  7. No, I agree with this. I think it's stupid to force people to store their weapons in a house because if you're offline, you can't defend your property. That is extremely unfair, too. Realistically, anyone breaking into my house would be getting shot; but if I'm offline, there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Let people store weapons in their cars.
  8. Yeah, absolutely. We're doing our best right now in the LSFD to find workarounds for the current script but it's difficult. We're scriptly limited from expanding because of the limitations. I know the server has to load all of the faction garages but I don't think it be adding too many more. PD and SD shouldn't need more than 4-5 apiece. Right now we're needing more in FD because we're wanting to expand but this is making it complicated.
  9. Hard to argue against it, absolutely.
  10. I have to agree with Taylor, it doesn't take into account people who want to RP parking in a garage or have IC ways to protect their vehicles. I've jacked cars quite a bit too and like he said, there's plenty of opportunities. It's also very likely that I would hear someone breaking into my car outside, especially if it has alarms.
  11. That actually worked. I was under the impression that you had to have a save file there. I backed up and deleted the entire profile minus my settings and it worked. Thank you! Thank you for your willingness to help. This can be closed.
  12. Hey, so I've been having this problem for awhile where I can't enter any LS Customs interior, as well as several others like the scrap yard warehouse. Most people just tell me to try using different save games so I downloaded 3 different 100 percent save game files, deleted all of my other save games, make sure they loaded in correctly and all that stuff and I still can't get it to work. I don't think it's the save game that's causing it and I could really use some advice.
  13. Update, so I installed a friend's DLC package and now I crash right as I'm about to spawn. I can get to the character menu where I select where to spawn, but as soon as I begin to spawn it crashes. Doesn't matter which character I use or where I spawn, that's where it crashes.
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