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  1. Screen's brighter than my future, damn.
  2. With those shorts, the only crimes Mark is committing are fashion crimes.
  3. Solid as always. Loving what I am seeing here.
  4. Send the man to the Doc, c'mon.
  5. In terms of vehicles; I tend to keep my vehicle value only a fraction of what my residential/business properties are worth. My current net worth is around 1.7mil and I have around 350k in private vehicles. I feel that this is a decent split at 20% value. In terms of vehicle, the only reservation I have in terms of vehicles is the absolute overcrowding of high-end/sport vehicles for no reason.
  6. I want to preface this by saying that I totally agree with Copa Cabana here, there's a big lack of realism in terms of the execution of roleplay concepts, there are also a lot of outdated practices being executed, like 80s and 90s style extortions, outdated schemes and inaccurate faction concepts. All of this makes very little sense in this day and age. Organized crime groups should be fearing law enforcement right now, but they are not. And I will give you an insight from an organized crime RPer why that is the case: I personally feel that roleplaying organized crime, at this time, is a walk in the park, because there is a lack of legal scrutiny. As it stands right now, organized crime is very incautious about their dealings, this would result in exposure to possible wires, bugs and other means of surveillance. Which are clearly not in place, sadly. The amount of times that I have seen other RPers and factions expose themselves in an unsafe environment is insane. Entire factions would be dismantled within the a matter of days, had this been a real life situation with reputable organized crime groups in a city like Los Angeles.
  7. Looking good, posting to follow.
  8. Auction closes tonight at 9PM. (( @Brad Grant @Luke_Shiels @Bagacius ))
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