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  1. Most people think that roleplay is black or white, legal or illegal but forget the grey middle. What exactly defines an illegal character and therefor a criminal? A billy badass that sells drugs and has killed 10 people? Not only those. Those people make up 1% of the population in real life. Doing any illegal act makes you a criminal. Smoke weed? Youre a criminal. Prostitute yourself? You are a criminal. Steal a chocolate bar from the grocery store? Youve just committed a crime and youre a criminal. Do those types get to be in the illegal rp discussion group or do only
  2. No, because those are in-game events and characters, and they actually know how to separate them from real life.
  3. We banned IRL faceclaims and pictures, so why stop there? Because as mentioned from the LSRP post, it was banned because people were using it as an excuse to mess around, like coughing on each other etc. People on Facebrowser are using this whole George Floyd thing as an excuse to be toxic and go out on a witch hunt, and some even using the site to spread NOTHING BUT posts about Black Lives Matter. How in any way does that contribute to the events that happen in game? How is anything they're saying IC, how is it roleplaying? We could & should have a B
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