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Los Santos County Sheriff

Los Santos County Sheriff's Department

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Declan    13

"I was working Twin Towers Correctional Facility on the P.M. shift. Generally, when I came to work I would meet with the other young, equally impressionable, jail deputies. We would complain, moan and cry "will we ever get to go to patrol". After all, some of us had worked there for almost a year. How much could we be expected to endure?


Most of us felt pretty macho. We wanted to go to Sandy Shores Station to "kick butt and take people to jail". We had heard all the war stories about how the Shores Training Officers treated new deputies at the station, but those stories never scared us one bit. Anyway, you knew the stories had to be overly exaggerated. No one would ever disrespect another "experienced officer” like our selves. We weren't cadets anymore. We were full-fledged peace officers."


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Tseard    30

proud of the group we have currently, good shit fellas

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