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  1. rams

    LS Eurasian OC

  2. Whilst I don't particularly understand why mention of the Floyd incident is prohibited, I've seen the people doing a good workaround of referencing the person who was shot dead last night in-game instead. It's a fair substitute.
  3. To add to this, are there two Twin Towers Correctional Facilities in our universe?
  4. I always assumed that San Andreas takes the role of California in our universe the same way that Liberty City takes the place of New York City and Vice City takes the place of the City of Miami. Why would San Andreas and California both exist with exactly the same famous places and agencies? Does the LASD exist alongside the LSSD? Does the LAPD exist alongside the LSPD? Does the Del Perro Pier exist whilst being exactly the same as Santa Monica Pier? Does Rockford Hills exist whilst being exactly the same as Beverly Hills?
  5. Hey. I play a character in the Sheriff's Department— now whilst I don't want to give any opinion on the ruling of the report I'd just like to chime in on this. Whilst yes you should only use deadly force to neutralise someone's who's fleeing as specified under Tennessee v. Garner, a deputy's interpretation of this in a situation is completely down to them on an IC level. Miller's shooting was unjustified considering they shot and killed an unarmed fleeing suspect, but I'd just like to say that we have Internal Affairs to rule upon these shootings (as we've done in the past). Each use of force has a report on lssd.gta.world in our section and they're all reviewed for either commendation or scrutiny from IA. You can actually read over some of them that our Information Bureau has released for public viewing here. Here's some readings on LASD's gangs: LASD 'Lynwood Vikings' (Paul Tanaka was a member and later served as Undersheriff) LASD Deputy Gangs (General) LASD OSS' Jump Out Boys You can read these and see that on numerous accounts membership into one of these deputy gangs are only achievable by a break of policy, being involved in a shooting or even, in some cases, having killed a suspect. The LASD is rife with corruption and whilst for Miller to kill an unarmed person over a vehicle collision is a bit of a stretch, it's not in the realms of being implausible— I know he's been RPing his character around the idea of a corrupt compass to accredit actions like what happened.
  6. Yeah. I liked the old size.
  7. Nice of you to take the time to write this, but it's a little... redundant and inaccurate?
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