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  1. Appreciate the support!
  2. The goal of this thread is to showcase the daily roleplay of the Operation Safe Streets Bureau on its mission to provide quality police roleplay to the server. We aim to provide an environment conducive to fun and immersive roleplay suited for the illegal roleplay community. We are not here to shut down factions, police the server, or anything of the sort, but instead provide the community with unique and enjoyable experiences pertinent to investigative roleplay. Should you have any questions or concerns, please send a message to @Timid. We're always receptive to respectful feedbac
  3. Timid


    Our IRL counterparts being the LAPD and LASD definitely do assist in investigations into organized crime. They’d be involved in task forces composed of agencies on local, state, and federal levels. The scale of this isn’t really possible to emulate on here hence it’s handled by our fictional departments. Small local agencies like the Little Rock PD wouldn’t deal with it though, yes.
  4. Timid


    I definitely don’t recall saying an entirely new faction or DAI would take away from my roleplay nor am I trying to keep my apples in one basket. You’re putting words in my mouth. May I ask if you’ve had any experience doing investigative roleplay to say these investigations are easy? All I’m saying here is that I don’t believe another investigative body is viable, incl. DAI. There is room to build atop what’s already constructed before considering such an idea. I understand your viewpoint that there should be more investigation across the server, however I ask you understand mine a
  5. Timid


    Nobody is afraid of you taking our jobs away and it does come down to the logistics, maintenance, etc of large (~30 members and counting) investigative bodies like the LSSD’s Detective Bureau that result in minimal investigations currently seeing public view. I just ask that those suggesting another investigative body be made understand what goes into the operations of one. If people want to assist in investigations, they should look at joining either the LSSD or LSPD in doing so. Build upon what’s already there instead of creating something new. The mention of an imbalance with corr
  6. Timid


    The people who make these suggestions have no idea what goes into building and maintaining an investigative body as well as building a successful investigation in the long-term. There’s no need for another investigative body. I can only speak from my position in the LSSD’s Detective Bureau, but we’ve grown tenfold over the course of recent months. We are still developing and laying the foundation for long-term success. This is a process that takes months and starting another investigative body would not help more investigations occur. I understand the frustration from an outsider perspective r
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