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  1. SEB @SEBLSSD · May 25 #LSSD SEB SWAT operation in Rockford Hills re. a hostage situation has concluded. One suspect in custody, hostage safe. Gun recovered. Richman St reopened. Neighborhood safe.
  2. SEB @SEBLSSD · May 25 #LSSD SEB SWAT operation in La Mesa for the search of a manslaughter suspect has concluded. Suspect in custody, gun recovered. Power St reopened. Neighborhood safe.
  3. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Apr 07 The #LSSD Class 478 dedicated their "colors run" earlier today in the Vespucci area to Sergeant Brad Pulento. Sergeant Pulento, 37, succumbed to a series of gunshot wounds sustained during the evening of Sunday, April 4th, 2021, when he was involved in a foot pursuit on a Varrio Rancho 13 gang member in the area of Jamestown Street and Dutch London Street in the City of Davis.
  4. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Mar 26 #LSSD SEB SWAT operation in Vinewood Hills at the termination of a pursuit has concluded. Suspect in custody. Marlowe Dr reopened. Neighborhood safe.
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