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  1. Homie trinna get a function poppin off pt.II Roddy came outside to niggas trippin / Back in the buick your hood is fueding the beef is bubbling
  2. Hanging w/ the homies from the Straw. The homie trinna get a function popping off pt.I
  3. Getting a ride from the homie from sixties. The dangers of working in the city of Davis.
  4. Post fight w/ Harmonie. Rodrick wraps up the toxic game he was running on Raejeanne
  5. Dusty & Javier Keenon dishing out free toxic game pt.III. Animosity between Raejeanne & Rodrick Running to Raejeanne's aid after Harmonie threatens her life. Squabble between Harmonie & Raejeanne
  6. Waiting to get called in for work / Rodrick talking about last night.
  7. Mr. Woo trying to open up the store.
  8. Keenon dishing out free toxic game Pt.II / Post car argument.
  9. Rodrick tells Keenon about Harmonie Pt.II / Keenon dishes out free toxic game
  10. Keenon gets out of Y.A. / Rodrick tells his brother about Harmonie.
  11. Local hood rapper "Tweezie" / One of Keenon's hoochie momma's pulls up.
  12. Taking his bicycle back from his classmate's backyard to get to work / Mr Woo can't open up the resturant.
  13. Job hunting Pt. III
  14. Wid the homie after school. Job hunting Pt.II