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  1. PapaBruh

    Gravedweller average IQ plummets
  2. PapaBruh

    1. There's been nothing NSFW 2. Get back to work!
  3. PapaBruh

    Sweet place.
  4. I believe you should have a CK enforced if you die after initiating conflict with a weapon. The amount of times I’ve seen people abuse that fact that other players just aren’t paying attention, or are typing, or in animations - where they have no real risk in dying except item losses. It’d make people far less confident in resorting to murder, because they’d stand to lose their entire character. It’d protect those being attacked from unwarranted character kills (robberies, poor reasoning, accidents).
  5. PapaBruh

    End of the road
  6. PapaBruh

    I mean, I almost self-CK’d my character drunk driving back from a bar. It’d almost be worth making a suggestion - adding random movements to driving/delays to keyboard inputs when drunk.
  7. PapaBruh

    It’s the inside of his eyelids.
  8. PapaBruh

    Sal’s View Of Recent Events R.I.P. Bro
  9. PapaBruh

    This is great, can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before! Could I get a fresh Discord invite?
  10. PapaBruh

    [BUYING] Property in Paleto Bay All offers considered. Contact via email at: ((Discord - Bruh#0153)) or ((Forum PM))
  11. PapaBruh

    [LOOKING FOR] Funeral Services I need a funeral director to help arrange a service and burial, please contact me ASAP with any info. Contact info Will ****** Phone: 91781582 Email: ((Discord - Bruh#0153 or Forum PM))
  12. PapaBruh

  13. PapaBruh

    However, the IG dem/rep parties are no more legitimate than any other party other than the fact they chose an existing name before anyone else could. If anything, it’d be better to not allow existing parties, imo