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  1. Considering I saw an /attributes that said "Loves making youtube vids." the other day, full support.
  2. 1000000000 Percent Agree, if it cannot be tied down to an actual person in any way shape or form? Don't let them, absolutely 0 leads to follow, happened to me whilst I was investigating a crime, rental poofs and it's gone, cannot get prints off of the non-existent vehicle, can't call an actual company to see who the vehicle belongs to. Nada.
  3. OneEightSeven


    I still write /q every now and again and think why it ain't working.
  4. 2003 San Andreas Boulevard - Floor 5, Room 2 Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, San Andreas Current Bid: 200,000 @markec
  5. I don't think you understand how often it happens and how many scenes we attend at the same time for this to happen, we're not the LAPD, we don't have the manpower to pull every faggio and Blista Compact over and charge them for obstruction. Especially when people do it for the purpose of provoking PD, or them thinking they can get away with it as we're pre-occupied. A TC in an intersection requires a minimum of 4 cruisers, that's a minimum of 4 officers, who's going to pull them over?
  6. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna stop for coooneees or engines. 🚒
  7. Not on here they dont, shooting at a club? Let's keep partying or better yet let's just watch the guy die outside and look at him.
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