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  1. Tell em to report it. If it’s in the penal code it’s IC. It’s definitely realistic and you’d win the report.
  2. yes, so often that i stopped caring. no and don’t just go on the assumption that i’m lying because i support someone who isn’t in the wrong. said person has been tracked and killed, ck’d for that matter by pd due to this website. it’s a 100% ic deal and situations like this where people say something (in support for your case) get absolutely shut down, stop responding because the amount of answers against them, and take it to forums where they know they’ll be able to receive more answers of people who just want to see other mallrats menyoo’s with no realism of the dark side of facebook, instagram, or snapchat. it really shows how people on this server either are 100% mallrats or 100% criminals and assume that the other side is wrong no matter what. not all criminals are evil, not all civilians are perfect. moral of this: it’s ic and it’s been dealt with icly. (excuse the caps i was on my phone.)
  3. 3 ck’s in 9 days?? damn, but good luck bros.
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