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  1. The car comes completely stock with less than 100 miles on the clock. Registered and two weeks of insurance remaining. $130,000 ONO (Or Nearest Offer)
  2. Jura

    Thank you 😄
  3. Completely agree. PK's greatly ruin the immersion and it causes players to not fear their characters life which is what the server is trying to portray. Although if PK's were to no longer be a thing, the CK rules may need to be revisited and reworked as it does seem like quite a few CK's happen on the server, whether they're self-inflicted or not. Not entirely sure how often they're accepted by admins though. Maybe an admin could comment, as I honestly don't know how often a CK app is accepted.
  4. What warrants the property being $45,000 above the market price exactly. I see nothing unique within the house that justifies the price, unless it's not shown in the pictures.
  5. El Burro Autos are currently looking for novice and experienced mechanics to work for our garage. What we offer: A good commission based pay. Free training to further your skills. Helpful and Friendly staff. A chance to progress further up the career path. What we require: A basic understanding of cars. A full San Andreas Driving License. An interest in learning new skills and progressing further. Hard work and commitment. The job type is full time and we also offer part time vacancies for those which are fresh out of school or still studying. If you're interested please contact us on Facebrowser, or send an e-mail to [email protected] ((Forum PM)).
  6. Jura

    Sold! ((L & A, please))
  7. Jura

    Dewbauchee Rapid GT Well maintained and barely used Dewbauchee Rapid GT which is the hard top variant. 138 miles on the clock with an aftermarket transmission already installed and tuned. The rest of the car is stock. Standard locks and alarms, insurance runs out in 25 days. £165,000
  8. Jura

    Cars, ingame brands/names. Everything else I'm fine using or seeing people say the IRL counterparts.
  9. Jura

    what version did you download?
  10. Jura

    I don't think there is a playerbase for it, and by that I mean people willing to RP as teachers etc... seeing how hard it is to find waiters, waitresses and cooks. People want fast and easy money, which is why clubs work and more than likely why there are so many, because it's easy to find the staff to do those jobs.
  11. Jura

    Basically just follow the list downwards, and they near enough change the same thing. Except the last one in Menyoo isn't available in GTA W.
  12. Jura

    23/01/2020 Updated with new mapping. Small two floor house.
  13. Jura

    I would advise doing it one by one. As I have noticed in the past that if you try to carry let's say 10 standard notes and name them all at once, and apply the content it sometimes won't always work. So take the blank notes out one by one. Long process, but avoids any possible problems.