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  1. Jura

    Offering $65,000 for the Hellion.
  2. Jura

    $140,000 here.
  3. Jura

    I'm not sure but I think only @Nervous deals with the FaceBrowser side of things, there may be some other admins that help out but I'm not 100% sure. Might have to wait until he returns and has more free time. Sorry bud.
  4. Jura

    Does the button say Verified or Request? If it says Request, I believe an admin on the site needs to verify the page. If it says Verified, your page should have the tick, so you may need to contact an admin regarding this if it doesn't show.
  5. Jura

    Go to the page you wish to verify, then click on the edit button, under the first tab where it shows the page name, at the bottom should be an area to get the verification tick.
  6. Jura

    Do you mean your business page?
  7. What was the original market price for this property?
  8. Something definitely needs to change, I had my business script implemented yesterday and within 20 minutes I was -$20,000 in debt and had all kinds of trucks just rushing from the depot to my business, crashing into lamp posts, and just generally parking like idiots. There's a lack of businesses to deliver to for a reason, it's simply killing businesses off and putting them into loads of debt. Which in return when new businesses are implemented with the script automatically set up so it's accepting deliveries at $500 per crate, it instantly puts them in debt. Ideally people need to stop using this new trucking system like the old one and actually role play to a decent standard.
  9. Jura

    do you have any pictures at all?
  10. Character name: Conall McCarthy UCP name: shaun (Discord name?): shaun#0001 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 4727 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor for a Business
  11. Jura

    Redux is nice, and I like that it doesn't remove clouds like NVR seems to do. But the issue with Redux is that "apparently" all of the content is stolen without any credit to the previous creators. Also your game will be much darker.
  12. Jura

    I did think about it, but seeing as all the players are capable of speaking English on an English speaking server, it's not exactly needed. Why divide the community to certain sub-forums when people are fine talking to one another in English?
  13. Jura

    So you want sub-forums for which nationalities? Also what is the need for these nationality sub-forums?
  14. Jura

    Because that requires admins/mods to know that language so they can make sure that people aren't shit talking or breaking any forum rules.
  15. Well if admins are saying we can't RP a Jester as a Supra then so be it. Use the brands that the game has already, no need to bring IRL brands into the server. With that being said, the phone names would need to be changed to more lore-friendly versions. It shouldn't be, phones are IRL versions but cars shouldn't be etc. Either or, not both.