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  1. Jura

    This has indeed been sold. I am the current owner.
  2. Jura

    Thank you! 😄
  3. Jura

    Another WIP
  4. Jura

    Is it just one floor or both?
  5. Jura

    Yeah.... I'm at a loss unless there's a dummy's guide to do this.
  6. Jura

    Teach me your ways daddy!
  7. Jura

    @Firesky Do you know if there's a way to install clouds that will work with NVR and the Rage client at all?
  8. Jura

    Sold. ((L&A please))
  9. Jura

    If I'm not in town, would you mind holding it until we can arrange a meet?
  10. Jura

    When would you be free to conduct the sale?
  11. Jura

    In that case I offer you $110,000.
  12. Jura

    Benefactor XLS.
  13. Jura

    Would you be willing to accept a trade?
  14. Jura

    Selling the car due to no longer needing it. The car has been kept in pristine condition, and has yet to have it's first check up. Performance package has been installed, along with Black Rims. Windows are tinted. Obviously registered and only recently insured last week. I'm asking for $135,000 ONO (Or Nearest Offer).
  15. Jura

    Thanks! 😄