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  1. Jura

    I've always noticed stutters around PD and FD due to the mods and such.
  2. Jura

    Would that also include life guards using /create scene to say which flag would be displayed in regards to if the ocean is safe or not for swimming?
  3. It’s okay. But also a major FPS hog with the ENB.
  4. Jura

    Will try and get individual pics of the retro sadlers for you soon, unless someone else wants to handle that
  5. Jura

    Припрема Miloje and Vartolomej meet to discuss about a new issue that has risen and needs immediate action.
  6. Sorry this has been sold. ((L&A))
  7. Jura

  8. Jura

    Car has been sold. ((L&A))
  9. Jura

    100% or just allow people to map stuff on the character that has slots
  10. Jura

    [4SALE] Ubermacht Oracle XS I am selling a Ubermacht Oracle XS. Dark Blue metallic paintjob, aftermarket rims. Everything else is completely stock. Insurance just expired but it's a cheap runner. (Pictured car is not the car for sale) Asking Price: $40,000 (Willing to accept sensible offers)
  11. Jura

  12. Jura

    Any chance this timer could be added soon?
  13. Bid noted and leading.
  14. FOR SALE 108 Playa Vista Floor 4, Room 3 Spacious top floor apartment at the Playa Vista complex, which is located in the area of Pacific Bluffs. The apartment comes with two bedrooms, the master has a walk in closet along with an en-suite bathroom with a large bathtub and walk in shower. Just over $7,000 has been spent to convert the downstairs room into a second bedroom. Ample parking space to the side of the building and friendly neighbours aplenty. Safe and secure with an amazing view all within walking distance of the beach. Market Price: $300,000 Starting Bid: $225,000 (I reserve the right to end this auction at any point without choosing a bidder, no current buyout price.)