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    Gaming, technology, and jokes.

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  1. ArminHammer831

    "Well... I guess I had the bills coming- But that doesn't matter. I'm excited to see what the future holds." - Isabella Hernendez
  2. ArminHammer831

    Meanwhile in Ricardo Rodriguez's life... "What did I do to deserve a life like this? I've lost my parents, my friends, now my legs... When will God be happy?" - Ricardo Rodriguez
  3. ArminHammer831

    "Dying doesn't scare me... It is what comes after that scares me..." - Isabella Hernendez
  4. ArminHammer831

    "Why does everyone I get close to just leave..? Nate, Skinny, dad... Everyone here just wishes I was gone. Maybe I am that unlikeable." - Ricardo "Ricky" Rodriguez A.K.A Edgy Teen.
  5. ArminHammer831

    "Speedy was like a big brother to me... Why couldn't you just listen..?" - Isabella Hernendez.
  6. ArminHammer831

    -snip- @Groz nice "another day in Jamestown" pic. Should share it B)
  7. ArminHammer831

    "Why can't I be as confident to others as I am on beats...?" -Ricardo "Ricky" Rodriguez
  8. ArminHammer831

    "Just another chica that doesn't know the city..." ((First time actually using photoshop. I know it's bad.))
  9. ArminHammer831

    Nice screens from last night @Caracosa.
  10. ArminHammer831

    Well, I think the new ad system got put in place.
  11. ArminHammer831

    With Rukka even going as far as to go into global OOC to tell Galaxy to stop posting ads, I think it shows that there has to be some form of change to the ad system. While I do not have a screenshot, there were roughly 10+ minutes of nothing but Galaxy ads being pushed out until Rukka stepped in.
  12. ArminHammer831

    Another night with the vatos on the block.
  13. ArminHammer831

    It would be very annoying to see the same ads pop up in the box above the mini-map over and over again, so I would like that option to hide ads that I do not want to see (that and it gets annoying to try to get an ad in when 2+ people are putting out ads for one place to skip the timer). But I do like the overall UI redesign and I am a big fan of it!
  14. ArminHammer831

    I think I made this point with the metallurgist job changes. I already put some limitations in with one of my comments to act as a restriction for stealing keys (pretty much meaning you cannot steal keys without good reason) and if they do get stolen then you can ICly deal with the issue by getting new locks from the metallurgist job.
  15. ArminHammer831

    Much agreed. This is doing nothing but causing confusion for players and can actually lead to some thinking that perhaps some of the admins are biased on who they punish.