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  1. New rule: If you and your homies rob a fishing boat, you must then RP eating all the fish. Failure to RP being bloated or sick from eating so much fish will result in a verbal warning or a 15 minute ajail with the message [How you like your sushi, cuh?]
  2. The Sandy/Paleto Community as a whole. Feels refreshing after majority of in-game server time being spent in Los Santos to see a bunch of different characers.
  3. Username: DeesWhat4a4a Comment: Fake news. I have not ever seen this bag guy and i have lived out in the country all my life.
  4. Buying the Sabre Turbo. Contacted via email. (DM'd phone number).
  5. Username: TryToTakeThe2nd Comment: I remember seeing him sitting in a Hellion when I was out by the coast in the country! He drove off when me and my friends tried to approach him. I don't have any pictures though.
  6. Personally, I do not agree with this. While a phone could get smuggled in, who is to watch and see how these items get smuggled into prison? As of now, the prison system doesn't temporarily hold player inventory and PD doesn't take phones away for the fact that /confiscate deletes the item and that it'd be finicky to arrange giving back a phone when that player gets out of prison unless a script is put in place for prisoner's inventories to be temporarily stored elsewhere until their release; to sum this up, who is going to make sure that smuggling gets RP'd properly and who will enforce it? Who is to say that people will RP smuggling something in when there are no guards online to watch them and thus give them free reign to do whatever RP they wish to do? I see it being a messy slope until there is more to the prison system than what we currently have. Though I do agree with what Fergie said earlier, the wall phones could be a thing- get a phone call a day sort of thing but then again there are different levels of security in prison and depending on the security determines if the prisoners will even get access to those sort of phones. Example being a minimum-security prison which is, as the name states, a minimum-security prison that is meant for non-violent prisoners and aims to reintroduce prisoners back into society as reformed individuals as opposed to something such as Close-Security or Maximum Security (both are different levels but both severely limit what prisoners are allowed to do). Either way, anything that goes outside the prison is monitored; phone calls, letters, even sometimes visitors that are leaving just to maintain the security of the prison. tl;dr I think we should hold off on smuggling until the prison system gets more fleshed out and will be more optimized to deal with RP such as smuggling things in. Right now, every prisoner (as far as I know), regardless of the severity of the crime(s) they've committed, are lumped together. I.E. town drunk Gary in prison for public intoxication and assault being in the same prison with gang banging Steve who is in jail for multiple murder charges, so even something such as a wall phone might have to wait until we get a prison system that is not as barebones as what we currently have.
  7. As the title says, I am looking for a trailer that someone is willing to let go of. Not wanting some trailer on the outside, luxurious apartment studio on the inside. Budget is fifty-thousand dollars, open to negotiation/payment plan. If you are interested, email me ((Forum PM me)) and we'll arrange for a meet-up. I'll disclose my phone number over email rather than post it on this listing.
  8. Short description: As the title says, when using a P2G phone it should deduct from your bank account and not the wallet. Detailed description: For players that don't carry money or much money on them that use Pay-2-Go phones, this is an issue that arises when using P2G phones. It deducts from the wallet currently and will actually send your wallet into the negatives. I.E, sending a message when you have $0, it'll make you carry -$10 instead so the next time you draw money from an ATM, you have to account for the missing money. This doesn't really make sense that it takes money from the wallet, which is assumed to be physical bills that a real person can hold. When it hits the negatives, it is like having a void in the wallet that will just suck money when you use an electronic device and doesn't fit quite well immersively nor does it work mechanically. The reason it doesn't work mechanically is that if you are in the negatives, you cannot enter a building that doesn't have an entry fee because (from my knowledge) the script has the minimum amount of money the player must carry be $0, so if a player has -$10, that player does not meet the minimum $0 and will be denied entry. The easy fix is to just deduct the money from the bank account rather than the wallet and if the bank doesn't meet the required amount for the call/text, either let the bank go into debt with the negative money or deny the call/text. Commands to add: I just felt the urge to add this suggestion after sending a message on a P2G phone. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It will improve the immersive nature of not having a void suck money out of your wallet physically for sending a message/making a call and won't let players enter the negatives in terms of money that they are carrying on them, which allows them to enter buildings that don't have entry fees. Additional information: None that I can think of.
  9. Didn't really perceive "you shop at a leather shop?" as an insult, especially given what Ricardo said last.
  10. -Snip- I ended up unplugging my PC and plugging it back in and that fixed it.
  11. "Well... I guess I had the bills coming- But that doesn't matter. I'm excited to see what the future holds." - Isabella Hernendez
  12. Meanwhile in Ricardo Rodriguez's life... "What did I do to deserve a life like this? I've lost my parents, my friends, now my legs... When will God be happy?" - Ricardo Rodriguez
  13. "Dying doesn't scare me... It is what comes after that scares me..." - Isabella Hernendez
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