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  1. ☠️☠️ y’all comin hard with it. Keep this shit goin boys
  2. Once Upon A Time in Vinewood.
  3. This will hurt some feelings, but I’ll say it anyway. Federal Government relies on a lot of eye witness testimonies and a bunch of things in a court case against major organisations that simply cannot be portrayed on an RP server realistically. That’s an entirely different rabbit hole. But we could get past that somehow. The bigger issue is what’s expected of a a federal agent. Federal agents are usually seasoned police officers, lawyers, prosecutors, basically very intelligent people but also very knowledgeable on the law and their role and what they can and cannot do. That doesn’t fit with the servers current quality of LEOS. the vast majority of the current servers law enforcement do not qualify to be a cop with their unprofessionalism, misunderstanding of the law, and terrible enforcement of it and illegal RPers are victims of that enough. Getting illegally searched for not wearing a motorcycle helmets a classic. You wanna give those muppets the power of federal agencies? No thank you. most people on this server who go down the LEO route do not have the capability for portraying a realistic Fed. Now. I’m not opposed to LFM doing what IFM do. Which, if I haven’t misunderstood, is rping the “higher echelon” shall we say. IFM for example rp Cartel bosses or whatever for scenarios. I’m not opposed to legal faction management portraying federal officers in charge of using federal law and delegating through local police under a task force and overseeing that and making sure it’s done correctly. I am however directly opposed to the general player base being given access to Federal Agencies as an RP avenue.
  4. Basically what’s already been said but tl;dr Rico does nothing to stop the big organisations most people rp as concepts from existing. Just incarcertates some members of it. Maybe a figurehead if you’re lucky. A lot of Rico charges actually end up getting dropped too irl from my understanding and just the pure pettiness of some of the charges that’s exposed when it comes through the court system. A common example being Doc Cavazos getting charged with being privy to a chop shop because he bought into a chroming business and an undercover gave him a part to chrome that was stolen so he got roped into it as a main conspirator of the operation. Cops are hesitant to use it now and it takes a lot of legwork to make sure the charges are worth the tax payers money before going forward. Most illegal factions on this servers worst crime is killing another gang member or dealing drugs. Cops only care about one of those (the drugs) irl let’s be real. secondly. We had this on LSRP back in the day. It just lead to factions having a shelf life: at two years you knew PD or SD would have just enough on you by now to shut you down and then sure enough one day the cars would swarm in and everyone in the faction would get a nice hefty jail sentence that basically made the character unplayable. Didn’t matter how smart you played it or how little or how much crime you did. Magically in 2 years the go ahead would be given. Rico’s an ass system for an rp server. Just accept it for what it is, enjoy it and keep trucking along.
  5. @honey.doesnt get enough love for the amount of work she puts into IFM and modding. Hands down one of the hardest working staff members. We see you 🙌🏻
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