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Maybe Magpie

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  1. See title. Preferably with performance parts and/or security parts, cosmetic modifications acceptable but not necessary. Insurance and registration a bonus, but not required either. Please post pictures of your offered vehicles. Call or text 65925259.
  2. Maybe Magpie

    personally i'm pretty tired of casual slur usage and shit like that myself. just my two cents.
  3. Maybe Magpie

    Indeed. If the modders work to similar performance standards as rockstar - which a lot do, ESPECIALLY vanillaworks - there's basically no performance hit, it just takes up a little more hard drive space. The base game is 60 gigs, a couple more can't kill things if it gives a huge amount of extra variety.
  4. Maybe Magpie

    YEET. Grats Ike!
  5. Maybe Magpie

    Yes. By the time we're ready to implement mods, once we've fixed all the major bugs, THEN we'll think about putting mods on I have been told, and by that point 0.4 will likely be out already (at least I'd be surprised if it took that long, considering there's a fair amount of bugs the team's working on). If memory serves Nervous said he's focusing on getting everything working again first before adding new stuff.
  6. Maybe Magpie

    Definitely seconding this, Vanillaworks Extended and the other packs in this post are pretty frickin' good.
  7. Maybe Magpie

    I agree that having LS and LA exist in parallel is kind of silly. LS is the GTA version of LA. There's no LA in GTAland. It's Los Santos. It makes no sense to when SA is meant to be SoCal with the serial numbers filed off, and it slots into the same rough location. Note that this is an opinion and not official policy or anything, I speak for myself only here.
  8. Maybe Magpie

    I support both IVPack and VW Extended (the latter of which has liveries, norrig!)
  9. Maybe Magpie

    I think that it should be toggleable auto-done, because most people do it by reflex in real life instead of having to manually type out a command EVERY time they want to get in and out of the vehicle. If you leave seatbelting disabled, then that's your problem when the cops find you, but let's be real it's a reflex and should be assumed to be the default state, not the other way around (IMO).
  10. Maybe Magpie

    I look forward to seein' where this goes.
  11. Maybe Magpie

    Locking and archiving as requested.
  12. Maybe Magpie

    Thanks. :>
  13. Maybe Magpie

    Agreed with this entirely. I had donator status ingame for a bit but not on the forum as a friend (shoutout to Serenity) paid for it so I could have more props and a numberchange if I needed it. Walkstyle can give a huge bonus to the sense of personality to a character model that can seriously help with the vibe you're going for, and with a minimum of resources used and effort expended. IMO walkstyles should, at the very least, stick if you set it but your donator runs out. If you wanna change it again, donate later I guess, but ideally they'd be free. A suggestion for an alternative to walkstyles as a bonus feature: Custom ringtones upoadable via the UCP. Maximum 8-10 seconds MP3 file, looping when your phone rings, but only you can hear it because hearing phones go off constantly in a bar would be annoying. In any case, I think that'd be fun and flavorful to have. Is this possible via CEF?
  14. Maybe Magpie

    Thank you :>