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Found 7 results

  1. A modern and large apartment for sale in West Vinewood. The apartment is in new condition and has never been rented, balcony facing east towards Downtown Vinewood. Market Price: $115,000 Furniture Price: $87,061 Starting Bid: $250,000 Buyout: $450,000 Pictures: OOC stats:
  2. Sold 239 Spanish Avenue, West Vinewood Spacious apartment located on Spanish Avenue, West Vinewood. Has balcony access, a spacious open living layout and two bedrooms. The apartment comes fully furnished, including mattresses. Perfect apartment for a group of students or a new couple. Market Price: $90,000 ((Furniture Price: $52,187)) Buyout: $320,000 Bid Format: Name: Email: Phone (Optional): Bid: Photographs:
  3. Small apartment in West Vinewood for sale! Starting Bid: $150,000 Buyout: $235,000 Bid Increase: $5,000 Additional infos: Market Price: $75,000 Renovation Cost: $12,759 Property Alarm: Wiwang Auction ending on 24/JAN/2021, 8PM ((Server Time)). Current Bid: $170,000.
  4. 205 Meteor Street. Stand alone apartment in Meteor Complex. Fully renovated. Market Price: 75,000$ Furniture Price: 45,000$ Starting Bid Price: 225,000$ Buy-Out Price: 330.000$ Phone Number: 38182508 E-Mail: [email protected]
  5. "Your new home at the top of West Vinewood" 222 Spanish Avenue Market Price: $115,000 Furniture Price: $85,895 Maximum Bid: $430,895 Starting Bid: $250,000 Listing Information: 1 Bedroom with King-Sized Mattress, Walk-In Closet, & Home Theater System Full-size Kitchen featuring: Refrigerator/Freezer, Dual Ovens, Four Stove-tops, & Dishwasher Living Room featuring a 70 inch Flatscreen Television & Surround-Sound System Bathroom equipped with a Walk-In Shower & Bathtub, Clothes Washer & Dryer, as well as a Wall-mounted 31-inch Flatscreen beside the Bathtub. Parking for 4+ Vehicles Direct Vent Fireplace System Home Office with Dual-Monitor Configuration Located at the top of the complex, resulting in an unparalleled view of West Vinewood & Rockford Hills Auction Information: Private Bids made via email or phone will be ignored Personal Tours & Viewings Available on request Bids & Buyout Offers will take precedence over viewing requests The auction will end once the maximum legal offer(or buyout) has been made or until the seller receives a bid they deem satisfactory Living Room & Kitchen Gallery: Bathroom Gallery: Bedroom Gallery: Exterior Gallery:
  6. I inherited this place from my parents , it was a holiday home at first but now it's a permanent residence for me. Though I haven't used it for a year since I was traveling America, but now I'm back, and there's a spare room available for someone to use. Description Entire ground floor apartment with open planned kitchen and living room. Private lot parking on the front side and in the alleyway facing the door. Modern aesthetic home design. High end security system. Keypad electric lock entry and exterior CCTV installed. Animal/pet friendly household. Looking mainly for long term tenants though short term tenants are welcome! Rent Price: $150 Rent Status: Available Contact me for viewings or questions at: Call/SMS #6661 Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Facebrowser: Haven't gotten around to it yet~ ? About me My name is Valentin Andrieux, I was born in Metz, France. I'm twenty-two and I only recently came to America just over a year ago. I enjoy playing my guitar, I have a passion for cars though I ride my bike around the city more than I drive. Playing videogames, music..just a lot of things but those are the main things. Most distinct feature about me is my tattooed eyes, which my friends and family in France call me 'Fantôme' or 'Ghost' in English. Being technically still new to the city means I don't know anybody, so I mainly spend my time at home. What kind of person I'm looking for? Not too sure what kind of person I'm looking for as a flat mate, someone who doesn't mind me playing guitar inside from time to time to practice. The more important thing for me is someone who has patience enough to talk to someone who's first language isn't English. (I write better than I speak.) Bonus points if you teach me alittle~ ? Someone who would like to hang out with a strange looking person from time to time.
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