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  1. Forced hostile interactions. It makes me cringe, every time. You spill a drink? Prepare to get beaten up. Get called a name? Prepared to get beaten up. The escalation goes as follows: Tiny inconvenience > Brawl > Loses Brawl > Murder.
  2. Indians, South East Asian population, Polynesian people and native American people. I'd love to see more Polynesian people, I was briefly playing one a couple of months ago and it surprised me how little people know about them. I was having to explain a lot of her culture to people ICly, just because people didn't know what it was. Very interesting!
  3. That's not an awful idea! I quite like that! So, the /vest models are submitted by each MC and are actually wearable over a lot of hoodies and larger non t-shirt clothes. So, it could definitely be do-able. To have these generalized unofficial MC vests just to supplement /do and a player's own attributes for the specific MC patch.
  4. I somewhat agree with this remark, however I can see arguments on the flipside of your's. There's a limit to how much modded content can be on the server before it becomes an issue. Causes unnecessary lag, texture loss, etc. So, not every mod can be on the server, which is damaging to gang roleplay. A huge identifier for gang roleplay is the clothing rival gangs wear. I would love to see a lot more of this clothing on the server. I don't even do gang roleplay, but it would be great to see it. I also, don't agree with the checkerboard creations of floating limbs. My next issue with what you've said. Motorcycle clubs rely HEAVILY on client side mods to roleplay their vests, visually. Before anyone tries to say "Well /vest exists." It does exist, but only two MCs currently have access to it (Vagos and Mongols) and soon Los Desalmados will too. So, sure, their mods are being added to the server. However, it is a slow incremental process, once the motorcycle clubs have proven that they have longevity on the server and up-hold a high roleplay standard. Meanwhile, there are other MCs on the server, which want to have their vests in the game. Both of these sorts of factions almost require their mods in the game for the visuals of their screenshots, in addition to the active roleplay on the server.
  5. Wremlish

    Niche RP

    I think these are two pretty great points, additionally I'd say that roleplay that revolves around more passive social interaction; clubs, bars, roleplaying in closed interiors. Hell, even just driving around and talking. Comes a lot more easier to most players, because although the vast majority of characters on the server aren't self-inserts. There are absolutely elements of a player's real-life personality and interests in their characters. So, at times it is just simply easier to do these more passive forms of roleplay, then engaging in niche roleplay; roleplay that might be out of a person's real-life wheelhouse and knowledge base. Resulting in the niche roleplay being avoided. You will encounter player's judging the roleplay as being "mallratty" and so long, as the roleplay you are doing is of a good quality. Just keep doing what you're doing and progressing the niche you want to accomplish. If someone is really that caught-up in judging your niche as being mallrat roleplay, then let them. Clearly you're doing something correct and noticeable enough to get under their skin. It would be nice to see player's try to tackle more niche avenues of roleplay. When creating niche roleplay it's important to remember that it isn't consistent. The majority of niche roleplay isn't going to be backed by any script, meaning you're going to end-up with less people being interested in the roleplay on some days, compared to other days. That's a big challenge player's creating the roleplay will face. But, it's important to remember that the slow days won't always happen and there will be days where the roleplay is healthy and active. Niche roleplay can become quite exhausting to force yourself to do, as the person creating it. As TinyPotato explained pretty well, it can become pretty boring doing it on your own, or even in the same small groups. It's okay to take a break from your niche roleplay and let it fade out for sometime, just to revive it again. If the niche exists, people will be interested in it at some point or another. You will experience player's joining and leaving, very frequently and eventually your niche probably will die out. It's a harsh reality, but it's just how niche roleplay works, in any roleplay community, not just GTAW. That's why it's important to interact with these niches while they exist (if you're interested in it, of course).
  6. Let's not mix-up civilian roleplay as roleplay that is immediately roleplay of lower quality or roleplay that can be seen as being "mallrat" adjacent. Saying civilian roleplay is low quality in general terms is a gross misconception and to be honest, a little silly. All roleplayers do civilian roleplay. You can be the biggest kingpin out there, but when you're going to your local bar alongside Stacey Staceyinson, the pink haired Kawaii driver. You're doing the exact same roleplay as that roleplayer, you are... doing civilian roleplay. I completely understand what you're referring to as civilian roleplay. You mean legal roleplayers either in or not in a legal faction. Typically these characters encounter a large amount of wealth through script jobs and more often than not, do not know or will not roleplay their assets realistically. Often roleplaying their $20,000 earned from their mechanic job that day, literally as them earning $20,000. When that $20,000 should be more realistically roleplayed as something closer to $200. But, because of the way they poorly roleplay the portrayal of assets, it bleeds through the rest of their roleplay. There's one very simple piece of action you can make about this. File a roleplay quality management report, especially if you think they're a repeat offender. Returning back to the term "civilian roleplay" in regards to legal faction roleplayers. As previously mentioned throughout this thread, legal factions often have a very high bar for entry, however and I have seen this first-hand. Once you've broken past that bar for entry and after the farming of a few tasty weekly script pay checks, there is a tendency to see a good chunk, but not the majority by any means. Of player's quality of portrayal when it comes to assets and their overall portrayal suffering, as such. You can absolutely have a nice car if you're a fresh Police newbie (or any rank). But, the way you're roleplaying that car needs to be approached from a realistic standpoint. I.E. Maybe the car is from a dealership and is heavily used, cosmetically and maybe, even performance-wise isn't doing the greatest, or something similar. One layer of assistance we get when encountering player's in legal factions is the ability to report offenders to their legal faction itself and have an investigation done into them. I know, it can be seen as 'snakey'. But, if you're genuinely concerned by someone's portrayal in a faction, it's at your discretion to go ahead and bring this up to the faction. One genuine cause for lower-quality (or what might be perceived as lower-quality) "civilian roleplay" is: legal roleplay is always going to be "noob friendly" where illegal faction-based roleplay is not and I'm going to explain this. Boris Borisikanova a third generation Russian, just joined the server, he's never roleplayed before, but has watched a lot of streamers or YouTube videos on roleplay and wants to give it a shot. He probably wants to roleplay a criminal character, but doesn't understand how to get into that sort of roleplay, especially with the high learning curve this server has. You need to learn rules, commands and just norms of the server and how it works. Before you can really start to get into a flow of roleplay. So, as a result he will roleplay a grey character, balancing between illegal and legal roleplay. Then, somewhere down the line he'll hear about insert legal faction of choice here by an IC friend and be ushered into that sort of roleplay. Where as, it is a lot more unlikely (but not impossible) that he will be ushered into an illegal faction or group, just due to the unconscious walls illegal groups appear to have from outsiders at times. Boris' roleplay is going to be viewed as lower-quality by some, due to the fact he's probably been seen roleplaying around a few various groups, had a few jobs IC and is not finally in a faction. This isn't a portrayal issue, it's very realistic for people to test the waters of multiple career paths and such, but instead, this sort of exploration of the server is his unconscious way of learning how the server operates. We almost all when through this phase when we made our first character(s), unless you're entering the server with established OOC friends, you have to go through this learning process. I'm someone that does pretty much exclusively factionless legal roleplay. Sure, my character's interact around criminals, but that doesn't mean they're criminally aligned by any means, nor does it mean they hold any loyalty to the criminal organizations that their friends are affiliated with. Some people don't like that and think legal roleplayers should stick to legal groups and illegal to illegal groups. But, that's just not how real people work in the real-world. No one is exclusively illegal or legal in real-life, as people we often dip and slide under certain laws and rules to make them fit our life at that time. Doesn't necessarily make someone a criminal or illegal, just makes them human and as such, that's how I roleplay my legal characters. Last thing I want to touch on is mallratty roleplay. I see this time and time again in discussions, in Discords, on the forums and even people I know in my DMs. There seems to be this assumption by illegal roleplayers, that only legal roleplayers can be mallrats. Which is not the case at all. I have seen countless members of various factions be that OC, MC, gang or any other type of illegal group. Doing "mallrat roleplay" and what I mean by mallrat roleplay, is poorly portrayed assets, often owning multiple expensive properties, vehicles and sometimes businesses, without the correct character development and portrayal. As well as, business or more specifically, club / bar hopping and just hanging around, not particularly adding or creating any roleplay. These characters have no outward goal or desire to progress. In short: they're roleplaying their second life. Then these illegal roleplayers justify the fact they are roleplaying all of these assets by claiming, it's them storing their dirty and illegally obtained money in physical assets, so that it does not seem as suspicious. When in-reality they just want to have a nice car or property. In follow-up from a few of my points. I very frequently see illegal faction roleplayers literally only roleplay around their illegal faction, with the only goal and their character's personality being their illegal faction. This is extremely concerning to me, because more often than not, these characters are irresponsive to roleplay of outside groups. Sometimes forcing hostile interaction, but that's not the topic we're talking about here.
  7. It's an actual thing in real-life gang roleplay, as long as a player isn't directly referencing or referring to Covid-19 I don't really see the issue with them using this mask. These masks are known for being cheap, they have been used in real-life low-end gang roleplay for years, way before Covid-19 was a thing. In all countries pretty much, not just Asian countries, European, America, all over. As soon as a player roleplays anything referencing to Covid-19 directly and is wearing this mask. Then I would say you can have cause for concern.
  8. Wremlish

    Habbo RP

    I had a Nora, yeah!
  9. Wremlish

    Habbo RP

    Yes. Moblife and Mafia RP. That's where it was! I found a YouTube video the other day with one of my characters in it.
  10. The ability to use components in a residential property or something similar. So that we can make food and drink items. This obviously isn't an essential feature by any means. It just adds a little bit of immersion to the roleplay of cooking meals, etc. This is a feature that has been sought after for quite some years now and it would be great to finally see something implemented. Plus the ability to separate skin complexion / tone from the parent face selected.
  11. I'm not going to comment on the LEO side of this discussion because I have never and currently don't play one! But, the voiding of scenes is done way too frequently in-general. I personally am of the mindset to never void situations, unless there's blatant rule breaking and the roleplay gets ruled on by an Admin through a report or other means. So, it's very frustrating to me when people void roleplay. I've experienced it countless times myself, where someone doesn't like the outcome of the roleplay that's happened to their character, so they void it. Which is obviously just breaching common courtesy and power gaming at that point. Just because you don't like the outcome of the roleplay situation, doesn't necessarily mean you need to roleplay the outcome as being this negative life altering event (within reason, of course, please don't brush off near death experiences like a robot). Also, it's fun to roleplay losing. You don't always have to win. Personally, I believe there needs to be an adaption made to the current In Game Rules list. There's no written stance on when it is deemed acceptable to void roleplay and when it is not, currently the rules list only mentions it once, under Rule 1, Common Courtesy: "failing to roleplay a car crash, unless it was clearly caused due to desync (contact an admin through /report if you wish for a crash to be voided)". Because, there's no clear cut written rule or stance on the voiding of roleplay in the rules. I believe some players take it into their hands too frequently to just void roleplay they don't like. Be that with or without second party agreement. I don't think voiding needs to be a strict rule, but an adaption to the Common Courtesy rule and expanded on in a little more detail.
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