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  1. My condolences. Rest in peace.

  2. +1 bring them to the server already please, no reason for gun suppliers to not supply weapon attachments.
  3. Best trucking company in the server. Amazing people and a lovely community.
  4. I really hope they outdo themselves with the story just like they did with Red Dead Redemption 2, but then again... Hope can lead to being disappointed in these current years of gaming. With Dan Houser having left Rockstar, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for now on who's gonna take his spot as the writer for the trilogy. All I ask for is a gritty, dark crime story like GTA IV. Niko's story and development, the depressing, violent atmosphere Liberty City gave out in that game, the darker, greyish color scheme the city had... It was perfect. GTA V story was a bit meh for my taste, it was too much sunshine and unicorns, but I'll admit it had it's moments.
  5. homies racing on known racetracks once again? less gooooo
  6. VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: This Sentinel Classic is in good conditions, barely used with very low mileage for an 80's German automotive icon. This Sentinel Classic is registered and insured, fitted with all available performance extras from factory and also comes equipped with a spoiler, custom exhaust and custom rims. If interested, please send a message through my forum PMs. OOC STATS: START BID: $80,000 BUYOUT: $90,000
  7. 1 Tug Street - Floor 3, Room 8. Market Price: $115,000 Furniture price: $64,196 Description: An overall cozy, modern apartment located next to the beach with a funky feel to it. The property has got around 300 furnitures on it. Property gallery: Click here. Starting bid: $185,000 Buyout: $200,000.
  8. Annis is not only Mazda but Nissan as well
  9. Short description: Adding the Tahoma, one of various well-known, nostalgic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas classics, this time returning in HD as an 80's 4-door sedan for Grand Theft Auto V. Detailed description: The Tahoma has been brought back to life, based off the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera '82. This mod also comes with a beater variant of the car, perfect for portraying low-class characters living in poor neighborhoods as well, to add to the wide list of car variety the server currently has. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/classique-tahoma-add-on How would your suggestion improve the server?: More car variety and options to choose from in GTA: World. More classics being brought back to the HD era. Additional information:
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