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Found 7 results

  1. Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly? Experience a life in the sky with qualified instructors and an amazing training program with Blaine Aviation. Be apart of a life changing experience! Become a pilot now! ANYONE CAN BE A PILOT Blaine Aviation is here to help anyone become a pilot, whether it is to start an aviation career or just to start a fancy new hobby. Our team of flight instructors will take you from the first step and teach you everything you need in order to become a pilot. We offer you the opportunity to become a certified pilot by going through our training program of three lessons and exam. We possess a large fleet of aircraft which it is at your disposal throughout your training period, as well as after your graduation from our program as each of the aircraft is available for rent. We value the safety of our personnel and customers, and as such, we make sure that our aircraft constantly go through maintenance and we can guarantee that all of our equipment is 100% operative. Why choose Blaine Aviation? Our training program allows you to start flying from Lesson #1! You don't pay to be a passenger, you pay to become a pilot, and with our program and licensed instructors, you'll be in capable hands at all times during your adventure towards becoming a certified pilot! Not all students are the same, some learn faster, and some require more practice. We are here to go by your pace in order to make sure that you'll gladuate from our program as a capable pilot. Find us on Facebrowser! On our official page you'll find information about our flight schoolIf you want to obtain a pilot license, get in contact with us and we'll guide you through the entire process. Blaine Aviation Flight School is capable of certifying pilots for both airplanes and helicopters. ((Join Blaine Aviation's Discord channel as well for various information you may find useful and such.)) Apply now Fill up our form and send it, we'll contact you as soon as possible so we can begin our adventure together! What do we offer in Blaine Aviation? We offer a variety of services depending on your needs, whether you want to become a pilot, or just go on a fun flight. Learn to fly with us: Sign up for our flight school and start flying today! Get full guidance from our instructors on your path to becoming a pilot. We offer a simple training program which involves three lessons and a final exam. By the time you've finished our training program you'll be a capable pilot! Have fun with us: Looking to go on a fun flight? Seeking to explore the views that San Andreas's got to offer? You're at the right place to enjoy a lifetime experience, rent one of our aircrafts. Pilot for one day: Are you still wondering if this is what you want? You're at the right place! Get behind the controls of a real plane or helicopter! Get the feeling of how it is to fly! OUR FLEET JoBuilt MAMMATUS The JoBuilt Mammatus is Blaine Aviation's first choice of aircraft that they've purchased and are utilizing at the current time in order to teach new students how to fly. The company owns 2 Mammatus aircraft that are flown on daily basis. The aircraft is also available for rent by interested pilots. Nagasaki BUZZARD The Nagasaki Buzzard is one of the three chosen models that Blaine Aviation currently utilizes for the purposes of teaching new students into operating helicopters. The company currently owns 3 Nagasaki Buzzards, all of which are often seen in the sky over Sandy Shores. The aircraft is also available for rent by interested pilots. Sparrow The Sparrow is one of the recent purchases made by Blaine Aviation. The aircraft is currently utilized in teaching specific aspects of the rotercraft training program and has a limited use at the time being. The company owns only one aircraft of this model, but this does not make the usage of it any less fun. The helicopter is light and very manouverable and is always a good bet if you wish to have fun. The aircraft is also available for rent by interested pilots. Buckingham Maverick The Buckingham Maverick is our newest purchase in Blaine Aviation and it is our favorite among helicopters. Blaine Aviation obtained two Mavericks recently after launching their newest teaching program for students who are employed by the Fire, Sheriff's, and Police Departments and wish to become pilots.
  2. Maibatsu Frogger Spectacular piece of aircraft engineering. Asking for $650,000.
  3. I'm looking to buy any of the following rotorcraft: Maverick Frogger Swift SuperVolito Volatus Please reach out to me below or shoot me a text! - #9107718
  4. Short description: Change helicopter handling, remove the aggressive snapback effect, make them way smoother and pleasant to control, less arcade-ish. Detailed description: There is a mod that changes the handling for the "main" helicopters, removing the aggressive snapback whenever you dive your helicopter's tip for only a degree or so, making it next to impossible to have a smooth flight experience in a helicopter. Furthermore, it removes the arcade turbulences that do not provide any realism but rather only pain. Finally, it adjusts the helicopters' speeds to a more realistic one aswell, without making them unplayable. Commands to add: None. Items to add: https://fr.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/helicopter-handling-777 (Check EDIT) How would your suggestion improve the server? Now, I'm not some flight-simulator extremist thinking we should have a whole MFS2020 in GTA:W to make flying impossible, I only think this addition would improve any flight experience in a great way, at the moment while flying a helicopter is shit-easy, this mods makes it only a little bit harder, but way more pleasant to use as it's not like you're fighting against your own helicopter to even fly it forward. Additional information: EDIT: Some players pointed out that while making flying more realistic, this mod actually made it less playable for LEO players that need to fly aggressively at certain speeds, e.g. during chases. I found another mod that only gets rid of the pitch stabilization, or that tones it down depending on the version you use. A mild pitch stabilization can be way better than the current, which is an aggressive, horrible snapback whenever you tilt your nose forward even slightly. This mod could be a great alternative to the first one mentioned above, addressing the snapback concern without changing neither the sensitivity nor thespeed, still allowing for aggressive flying as addressed below. Link to that second mod is added underneath. https://fr.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/better-helicopter-handling
  5. ((simple craigslist ad)) Username: SOLA Email: [email protected] Looking to purchase a Nagasaki Buzzard.
  6. Short description: Re-introduce the ability to rappel out of a helicopter as a passenger. Detailed description: On GTMP, the Los Santos Fire Department, and most likely the Police Department also, had the ability to rappel out of a helicopter while it was hovering. I never got the chance to experience this myself in GTMP, but I know it's a feature of the game already in both GTA Online and SinglePlayer. So with a little bit of effort it could probably be transferred over to RageMP - if Rage 0.3's notorious desync isn't an issue. Rappelling would be one thing. But what about hoisting back into the helicopter? If it would be possible to type /hoist and be pulled back into the helicopter, with a patient or other important person, this would complete the process. But I'm not sure how possible this would be - so lets focus on rappelling down first? Commands to add: /rappel /hoist Items to add: Rope/line object - this is already in /roadblock How would your suggestion improve the server? It would be a highly useful script to add back into the server, as ourselves in the Fire Department carry out Air Rescue several times a month, usually from Mount Chiliad or the Pacific Ocean - but we often have to non-RPishly jump out from heights, and often awkwardly teleport which requires an admin and ruins the immersion. For Police Department, it allows them to deploy SWAT ontop of buildings for breaching and hostage rescue situation. If placed correctly by the pilot, it could be used to rappel onto building ledges. It should be available to anyone who operates an aircraft - whether it be Fire Department, Police, Energy Companies, Security/Private Military, Adventure Businesses (Like LS Adventures) or just someone who's quite wealthy (and possibly a criminal) who wants to have plenty of fun. A group of criminals rappelling down to rob a bank? Or is that too GTA Online? Up to you! #YearOfIllegalRP Additional information: I know things like this aren't a priority at the moment, but nothing ever is if it doesn't get suggested. There will always be a backlog of suggestions and development that is bigger than any Dev team could clear. As Devs have said before, may as well suggest it and then it can be worked on the future. Especially before I forget the suggestion again! ? Discuss below. Below is the only image I've found when rappelling was available to the LSFD in GTMP:
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