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  1. Line


    If we're being told to RP the cold temperature weather by staff we might as well get the snow to go along with it.
  2. Line

    The O'Neill Mob

    Yee... Can't wait to see some good ol boy country in the county ....haw
  3. Just as I thought county life was dying, the LIGHT is brought upon us! Excited to see it.
  4. Is there a way to get involved from a civilian character perspective? ^
  5. Renting in the US involves paying upfront with either a deposit, first and last month's rent, or both. I don't see why this is a concern as it's simple to do with the tools provided with this update. Outside of capitalizing on a player's in game activity, is there any benefit to renting hourly vs weekly?
  6. Roleplaying in the open door parlors leads to a lot of "/b I was wondering why you were naked" stops. Much support
  7. Is this just goods vs services? Goods (jewlery, art, pawnshops) = no script bonus Services (gyms, massage parlor, nail salon) = script bonus? Seems right to me.
  8. ((simple craigslist ad)) Username: SOLA Email: [email protected] Looking to purchase a Nagasaki Buzzard.
  9. For Sale: 1033 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard (2 bed, 1 bath, 3 garage). Starting bid: $75,000((Market Price)) Buyout: $190,000 Feel free to reach me at 8864869 or Email ((Forum Post)) (())
  10. Western Gargoyle Selling a Western Gargoyle, hill climbing bike with hopefully enough traction for the weather. Buyout $105,000 Starting bid: $75,000 24 hour timer will start once first bid is placed. The vehicle will be sold for either the buyout price or the highest price bid at the end of the 24 hour period from the first bid. (())
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