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  1. (( He means to say they are projects. Look it up. It's a bit weird with the house system but most people tend to treat them as projects as well in the area, but IC that would mean they were government owned so I get why it's confusing. ))
  2. "VEGGY BEEF" - BEEF WITHOUT MURDER The next day Eddie informs Cristian about what happened, a heated discussion follows:
  3. Yeah I think if I would ask them in /b they'd be okay with me not roleplaying that. However that just makes the whole situation just even more awkward for me.
  4. Completely agree. I'm here escaping from this corona virus mess and then some player ruins my RP experience by making it an IC thing too, even though the server clearly isn't ready. Curfew would be really shitty and RPing a lockdown ain't fun either. Exactly, I've come across so many people RPing that schools for example are closed because of the threat, thus being free and having a mini vacation. This is part of a lockdown and they're basically forcing me to RP along so my char isn't able to go to school either. It resulsts in some really awkward roleplay situations. Grey area's are never a good thing, either allow it or don't.
  5. Triple-J


    The one in Rancho, works just like any apartment that can be rented for a long time, based on the house system. It's not exactly a motel. I would RP it as an apartment complex. Isn't that what the game suggestion thread is for though? Suggesting new concepts/ideas so they can be added to the gamemode? Besides that, who is we? You mean admins/management? Even though there are no firm plans bringing I'd like to know more about what's being discussed. You already brought up "how much it would realistically cost" and "how much they'd make in return" those are some really good topics to discuss in this thread and actually make this possible right? Besides the erpers that'd probably enjoy this (Yeah I get we don't want to promote that) I do believe a lot of IG homeless people will enjoy this feature. A hotel often also has rooms available for businesses, like a room where they can discuss and present ideas. You could even use the cinema script to create like a beamer presentation. I think some business owners would appreciate this idea as well. Besides that hotel rooms are used to make transactions, or simply for people who travel for example if my character were to travel from Rancho to Sandy for a bit. They could even go in hiding like that. I'm all for it, as you can see there's tons of scenarios that a hotel could provide alongside RP jobs. And indeed it doesn't have to be added right away (I'd rather see some improvements on illegal RP first) but I hope this gets looked at.
  6. Alcohol should definitely not be forgotten in the drugs revamp. Currently you're so quick to sober up and I've never had a drunk effect happen to me, is there actually one? Like a visible screen effect taking place when drinking too much? Is there even a drugs revamp coming? I know that crack, cocaïne weed thread exists, but I haven't really seen a word about a drugs revamp being worked on at the moment. All I heard is that suppliers now are able to rename drugs. So you can rename cocain to LSD, but there's no effects changing or anything. All effects should last longer and most definitely psychadelic drugs for players who wish to enjoy the actual effects. As well as for the addiction system I'm actually RPing an adict on an alt. RP wise that's no problem of course but it's actually hard to maintain addiction level 5+ because it goes down so fast.
  7. Well if that's true then I don't see how you spend 10-16k on fuel per week. Lately I've been RPing a lot and I don't even spend more than 500 bucks on fuel a month.. Plus you're working that whole time right? Don't you get like 5k an hour? I think this is rather a business problem than a fuel system problem. If trucking is too expensive because of fuel, the wages should be higher or the service needs to be more expensive or the products you get and deliver need a bigger marge.
  8. Alcohol yes, however I think the screen effect doesn't match reality all too well with cocaine or weed. Even if you'd be high as hell weed would only slower your reaction and make things slightly faded like alcohol. However I've been hammering on this for a long time I wish that psychadelic drugs such as shrooms, LSD, 2CB, and so on would have screen effects with a duration of at least 30 minutes. This counts for meth and heroin as well, but the screen effect should be less stronger and maybe only if you consume 2 in a short time.
  9. Triple-J

    Player Kill

    You're talking about the realistic portrayal of la eme and portrayal of fear for them. THAT is NOT on topic. This is about finding GTA world's defenition of a PK and asking 1. why it's not in the rules? 2. How are admins expected to maintain such reports about PK without having a rule/guideline? Also please read: Let me remind everyone that this is not about CK wars that's off topic. It's about the defenition of a PK in gta world, and PK wars is on topic, thanks.
  10. Triple-J

    Player Kill

    I'm going to keep it short as this is a topic for another thread and not based on the discussion of the defenition of a playerkill. But this isn't LA however. Yes factions are based upon the real world, but it's a fictional city with fictional factions. Just because the MM is one of the most powerful gangs in most states and cities in the US, it doesn't mean it has to be here. There are certain area's, states or cities where other gangs or some mafia would hold more power. There's a reason NF held way more power in northern cali. Again it's a fictional area, anything can happen based upon IC actions. If you'd want that you'd have to find a server that portrays 1:1 with Los Angeles. If for some reason a mafia faction (russian mafia, italian mafia or maybe even the new eurasian faction) would grow very powerful ICly. In your case they would be forced to still obey MM. Because MM is so powerful IRL? On topic: My "But is it though" ? Is mainly aimed towards management. As how can something be? How can a player be punished if there's not an actual rule or defenition written down. That's my main issue regarding the whole PK discussion. People have different perceptions, even admins.
  11. In my opinion fuel usage could be increased even more drasticly. With the old system you could easily drive around the LS map for like 3-5 times before having an empty tank. Performing a driveby with 10 % ??? Oh no problem it, after an hour it'll only be on 9 % It actually creates RP and gets the economy flowing (are Gas stations part of the closed economy though? Do either players own them or the gov?) Also do muscle cars, SUVs, chopper bikes have an increased fuel usage compared to sedans, small 2door cars and normal bikes?
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