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  1. Hi! Sorry for not responding. I am available now and all the vehicles, which are not striked, can be purchased by simply leaving a text wit your wished car along your personal data.
  2. Both available. Send me a text in private when you can be reached.
  3. Willard Faction Custom has been sold. Some of the prices has been upgraded.
  4. Yep. I will contact all of you today, after 2 PM. @XiKBN @SteveHastingson @dionkoffie
  5. Leave me a text with your personal details, such as phone number and name.
  6. it is. I will reach your number as soon as possible. Unfortunately, no.
  7. Hi, I am writing this by my experience of a car salesman (being some who actually roleplayed that). For about two months my company led the field of used cars, with more than 80 vehicles in stock and all I can say is that my daily profit was somewhere between 20 and 50k. I reached 100k maybe one or two times. Autopia became famous because the prices were right, which I can not tell about almost all the other dealerships. I do not believe the administrators should not accept lease requests as long as the application is good enough. What I believe is that if dealerships want a balanced market, they have to ask for similar and normal prices. For example, look at the prices you (the author) offered for some vehicles. Also, you offered me 7k for a vehicle you could easily sell for 15k. You lowballed a lot of people, so I just don't believe you're the right man to speak about this subject. Anyway, I don't want to offend anyone, so I'll just keep this on topic. In my opinion, people should think twice at how valuable their cars are. Then, the dealerships should offer a right, fair price for a vehicle and then sell it for a standard price instead of overpricing a vehicle. These two simple and easy steps would balance the used cars field and would reduce the inflation. Another important point you have to think about is how much someone wants for a vehicle. People are settling up the market, then the dealership follow. Look how valuable Dubsta Sport and Rebla became only because people asked for too much.
  8. Starting price here!
  9. I reached you through PM regarding the Speedo Express.
  10. Leave a PM with your personal data along the time we can settle up a meeting. CHEAP CARS: Radius: Stock, 20 miles. 13,000$ Asbo: Stock, 100 miles. 13,000$ Rancher XL: Stock, 10 miles. 13,000$ Asterope: Stock, 70 miles. 15,000$ Asterope: Stock, 3 miles. 17,000$ TRUCKS: Rebel Rusty: Stock, 45 miles. 16,000$ Sadler Retro Sport LWB(7th): Stock, 130 miles. 35,000$ Sadler Retro Sport SWB (6th): Engine, Transmission, Turbo, 250 miles. 33,000$ UTILITIES: Victor Taxi: Stock, 25 miles. 33,000$ Speedo Express: Brakes, Suspension, Transmission, Turbo, 70 miles. 55,000$ Bowboy Burrito (4th): Stock, 100 miles. 55,000$ SEDANS: Stanier 2nd Gen.: Stock, 60 miles. 38,000$ Torrence: Engine, Transmission, 490 miles. 50,000$ Schafter: Stock, 10 miles. 78,000$ MUSCLES: Faction Custom: Stock, 450 miles. 25,000$ Ruiner: Brakes, Engine, Suspenssion, Transmision, 360 miles. 43,000$ Dominator: Engine, 355 miles. 53,000$ *Insurance sttatus: expired *Prices ARE NOT negociable.
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