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  1. People did use them before covid due to the pollution in urban cities. At least where I live they did (1M+ people living in it.)
  2. Reason why my friend quit being active on the government. He found out that people were okay with playing dumb puppets IC, so it ruined the purpose and investment of his character being a politician.
  3. I'm very sure RPQM took it into consideration and dealt with the 20 year old supercar pink hair "asian accent" driver.
  4. I'm exactly 100% in agreement with this. If any community manages to raise a server with a proper economy, it already has won the race for me, and that is only 1 aspect of a server's composition. The whole idea of having it "easy" to work for 2 weeks, and never need to work again for as long as you play is a really turn off to me, because it murders the gray area of the server demographics.
  5. I think we will absolutely see a decline in playerbase, but I am very not sure how big it will be. EDIT: Either way, I am glad I was part of those nights in summer 2021 with 900+ players daily.
  6. Romanian gypsies. Big fan of their music and culture but I think they are not represented enough.
  7. I'd love to have that, instead of 4 new LSPD cars, 2 SD trucks, and 1 new quad for lifeguards & park rangers
  8. I’d rather go down with them than CK the people I shake hands with & call my friend.
  9. More houses is always better. Makes it easier to purchase one for everybody on the game due to increased supply & decreased demand.
  10. The sun goes down way too late in game. We are in November so the day should be shorter.
  11. What's up with the daytime & weather? The sunset is way off in accordance to California weather, and so is the lack of precipitation.
  12. I am sorry, I have my eyes on another lucrative investment so I would like to retire my bid. Apologies for the inconvenience and good luck!
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