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  1. and yet staff doesn't care when you report them back because you can't take an L LOL
  2. Good illegal RPers are rarely IG or quit already...
  3. Davis RPers frequently CK on their own, OCGs/Mobster only CK if they have to because they got faction CK'd and legal characters get CK'd very rarely.
  4. IFM already said they are reworking drugs bro... stop crying on forums. Also, no one uses cocaine anymore because it gives you 3hp per each gram!
  5. Most of them are newer players who are not in a faction, there are some reports that include unofficial faction members and I very rarely see experienced members of illegal RP community that's in "good" or official factions on the report section
  6. Not true at all, drug hp was rarely seen before the start of 2022. If you look at any DM video from mid to late 2021 you'll see that people very rarely had drug hp when they are getting shot. Even "known" or "good" DMers rarely had it and 2021 saw A LOT more shootings in Davis.
  7. If you keep dying while having a rifle and armor already idk what to tell you bro..
  8. Why would you know that Tammm huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?
  9. You invite people you enjoy RPing with into your faction, similar to how legal players stick to the same OOC circles.
  10. People should try out illegal RP! It's much easier to talk your way out of situations when you understand it!
  11. This is different bro, if he drove away after they ran up he wouldn't get CK'd. https://streamable.com/2w6wcg Not CK'd https://streamable.com/to75cz Not CK'd https://streamable.com/di4gtv Not CK'd either
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