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  1. i appreciate the people who ram into me and just drive off. thank you for not making me rp car crash
  2. Kucheras


    You don’t need to be in an illegal faction to use or rent a chop shop from someone. Rp getting connections to one. If civilians were allowed to own chop shops, Cat Girl Cafe employees would be stealing your car for money. The owner of the garage can also give you keys to the garage and you can do pretty much everything on your own. you are also able to set up schemes that allow you to get car parts without a chop shop. You’re saying civilian half illegal people are likely to steal cars for money. How would they own an entire garage with tools and machinery or be able to afford it if they’re scrapping for cash? And if you’re a well of business man who CAN, doesn’t make sense to start scrapping your own cars. It isn’t gatekeeping, it just makes sense to reward official factions in such a way. Why can only cops use vests when I can just put them on?” Why do I get scripted kicked out of a cop car when I drive? You wouldn’t say that cops are gatekeeping driving cars, that’s just how it is. 90% of the time, the actual owner of the chop shop doesn’t even go in there. It’s a huge part of certain factions to create roleplay and give tasks to do for lower rank members
  3. I don’t even know who U r learn to take a loss
  4. Sick vid don’t forget to type ur injuries
  5. Last one is the fourth guy I killed pov 💯💯
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