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  2. Short description: Add, if there is any, graffiti animations. Detailed description: I recently came across this video on youtube about the monkey mosaic's on GTA 5, now if you find them all it'll trigger a random event where you'll see a dude spraying graffiti on a wall. My idea was to implement it, if possible into the server so it adds a new thing to roleplay. Commands to add: Maybe something like /graffiti that'll pop up a menu which makes you able to write something that'll be sprayed onto the wall. ( It was done on Los Santos RolePlay, no idea if it can work on GTAW. Items to add: Spraycan. How would your suggestion improve the server? It adds something new for people to roleplay for both people that want to roleplay something illegal but not drastically illegal and it would add a variation of roleplay for the law enforcement instead of just the same old stuff. Additional information: The video I was talking about: Click me.
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    kaulo skeer
  4. I rate this, I need that blaguers in my life
  5. too?? this the first one who can get them although the other guy gave bella the naughty look but that dont count tbh
  6. Not my car but deserves a spot nonetheless.
  7. Made after the GT3-RS.
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