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  1. Full name: Anthony Gorham Signature: Anthony Gorham Comment: localz only
  2. i feel like certain people have this kind of stigma against legal RPers where they see them as a very stereotypical mallrat, who can and will report you after PKing you with their PF gun. that's why some illegal/gang RPers might not want to interact with civ RPers, myself included at times. (to be honest, you can tell who's a mallrat and who isn't, based on their looks and name.)
  3. dont forget that snus fucks your dentals up and increases chance to get mouth cancer
  4. y'alll EARNED official................ keep it up
  5. nicotine&caffeine. caffeine's not that bad. i can manage a couple of days without it, but nicotine's something i can't function without for more than a day. used to smoke a lot of cigarettes when i was younger. moved to snus, then fell back into cigarettes. used to have 2 bags of snus in my upper lip n smoke a cigarette at the same time. NEVER smoke. even if you're offered a free cig by ur friend. not worth it.
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