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  1. Tips the scale to much towards legal factions. Good idea on paper wouldn't work in practice.
  2. Craft


    Dumb question are you running all programs as admin? I.E. having params to start steam and gtav as admin to include ragemp?
  3. Agreed, not to mention if implemented it would have to be heavily restricted with the total number of cameras. Everywhere on earth doesn't have a speed camera.
  4. What rainbow said. You have to incorporate everything together. If you add a command that essentially makes you robotic you lose value in roleplay situations. Clearly if you roleplay an athletic 25 year old you can do a large amount more than some 67 year old grandpa.
  5. I'm sure it's been mentioned but im in the mindset of removing the need for someone to pump it at the pumps and just keep the 24/7's as general stores. If someone wants to RP not having their on them to pay at the pumps then let them walk inside and RP with the store clerk. With that being said though I do think there are bigger issues then someone pumping some gas for money.
  6. Going off this also. You're forcing people to go to the same clubs over and over again. With the current system "friends" can go to one club one night and another the next night. It allows for an immersive experience in game.
  7. That still didn't answer how it's ruining nightlife RP other than the amount of people in the club. When you get large amounts of players in one location roleplay becomes watered down and hard to manage for most players.
  8. How exactly does it ruin night life RP? I'm a supporter of what @celestialrage stated how IRL there are multiple clubs open. Some with different genres and so on. With the server population getting such a large amount of players 800+, I'd be weary trying to shove a large amount of people in there.
  9. I agree with the statement here, I like the speed suggestion also, since drinking normally slows cognitive ability hence the "gravity" effect.
  10. Normally my area will auction em off if they are totaled in a crash or if they hit about 175-200K miles. (Unless they are an impala we keep those badboys)
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