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  1. Craft


    Dumb question are you running all programs as admin? I.E. having params to start steam and gtav as admin to include ragemp?
  2. Going off this also. You're forcing people to go to the same clubs over and over again. With the current system "friends" can go to one club one night and another the next night. It allows for an immersive experience in game.
  3. That still didn't answer how it's ruining nightlife RP other than the amount of people in the club. When you get large amounts of players in one location roleplay becomes watered down and hard to manage for most players.
  4. How exactly does it ruin night life RP? I'm a supporter of what @celestialrage stated how IRL there are multiple clubs open. Some with different genres and so on. With the server population getting such a large amount of players 800+, I'd be weary trying to shove a large amount of people in there.
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