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  1. This is a great guide overall, and this section has helped me to at least know where to start researching what my character would need for her 4x4 vehicle. Thank you.
  2. I understand. This is not something I do. Face tattoos? "Whuttup shawty?" "Digits?" "Where is owner of business?" N will interact with these people, but she's simply playing the odds based on her time working in Davis and other experiences. I suspect there's a few other civilian characters playing those very same odds.
  3. That's a good definition. But let's also apply it in the context of something you said earlier, and also from one civilian roleplayer's perspective. Because "natural" goes both ways. Earlier you said you wished that more civilians would RP with illegal RPers. I agree with that. But, since our characters are meant to develop and learn, the experiences our characters have will determine their subsequent behaviour. My question to you is this: why would a civilian character easily interact with the very same type of character who they've been robbed by multiple
  4. Thanks to the people who replied to my question - I didn't know about the three strikes approach. But I did know that IFM does get rid of bad illegal factions, I've seen it happen a few times. The very simple point I was making about impact was that illegal RPers really do have the upper hand against a person who isn't playing a gun owning Jane Wick type character. It's about domination of RP and game experience, I've experienced one situation in this game where the actions of one illegal RPer took over my game-play for about two weeks, even having people in his faction RPly (not
  5. I'm not going to engage in the debate I'm seeing here, I've RPd with excellent criminal RPers and not so good ones - some of the not so good ones are now banned from the server, so maybe there's something to that. But, your comment stood out to me. I know you can't give out names, but for people like me who only RP civilian characters, I'm really interested to know how this works. Are punishments handed out? How widely are issues discussed - by this I mean is it limited to specific incidents, or are there themes discussed and agreed on? For example, I've seen less South City RPers
  6. Username: Animal Ark Gang Comment: This is a really well written article, by the way! The author quite obviously took the time to properly research and consider the law and the problems now being experienced in the area.
  7. Username: Animal Ark Gang Comment: Animal Ark is currently caring for a female fawn and male coyote pup; both were rescued by Dr. McKay and brought in by him to the clinic. Both had serious gunshot wounds and required surgical intervention. We really look forward to continuing our relationship with Dr. McKay. Good luck to all the ethical hunters. And for the small minority of unethical ones please, before you next hunt, understand the impact that a careless action can have on a living creature.
  8. Comments are enabled. ((The comments section is heavily moderated. Swearing, racist, sexist and homophobic language are automatically filtered and removed, hateful comments are filtered by moderators.)) ____________ Username: Comment:
  9. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13
  10. Okay, so I won't lie and say that I'm much of a fan of the new menu/UI for clothing stores - mainly because the current lag is killing it for a few of us during peak hours - but I'm going to give two positives to the developers, that I think should be highlighted: 1. The button that lets me make my character stretch so that I can check that the torso is right, is just a great idea. Yes, I know I could already /anim for this, but a button I can click on, that is in the torso part of the menu already, is just an excellent little convenience. 2. I now no longer so easily m
  11. The game is effectively unplayable right now.
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