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  1. By using the logic employed by admins in respect to robbery, only a maximum of 800 - 900 people in the entire state of San Andreas even get to see these advertisements. That's equivalent to someone going around and placing flyers into letterboxes or under doors to advertise their services. I personally am not a fan of prostitution RP, but these advertisements are hardly invasive at all, assuming we apply logic consistently to all illegal endeavors.
  2. Unless there was some unique twist to put on these stories, they actually always got the least number of views. Another black male shot by police was...well...just another black male shot by police. Just like another criminal caught at the end of a high speed pursuit. Crime writing also requires more than just showing up on the scene, more often than not (especially in Davis/Rancho) witnesses were not forthcoming and police and deputies would just adhere to protocol and refer me to their media liaison office. That requires a written request for disclosure of information. I'm not saying it's impossible, just that it isn't as simple as it seems to be sure that whatever is being reported is accurate information. One thing we did do to get around that was to do a "happening now" feed on LSNN's Facebrowser (I see some people have already suggested promoting FB more), and we would upload imagery from the crime scene along with whatever information we had been given. It's a way to keep LSNN on the top of the feed. That way if a story also developed, additional information could be obtained to inform a later article.
  3. Actually, I do have a question. I hear about IFM. And I hear about LFM. Does LFM represent the voices of those of us who choose to RP purely civilian characters? From the original post, it seems that the admin approach was advocated for by IFM. Have civilian RPers had the chance to put their concerns directly to the admins? Do we even have someone doing that on our behalf? I mean, there's some massive logical inconsistencies in the admins' approach which @DLimit has pointed out. The admins should address this, and should really explain to the entire community why some aspects of RP get a seeming free pass from realism, while other aspects don't.
  4. They also won't answer your questions to them about how far the admin position on location should be expanded, because their arguments can be boiled down to one simple phrase: "Rules for thee, but not for me."
  5. Yep, but there's a few increasingly shrill voices here - one of whom seems kind of unhinged tbh - that can't (or won't) understand that. I'd like to keep playing my character who doesn't have a gun. I'll try to continue to do that because my character has no real motive or desire to own a gun. She deliberately moved her business out of Los Santos to the country to avoid the high crime rates. But if people no longer have to care about location of a crime, all of the forum topics telling us civilian RPers why we shouldn't own guns, why we should interact more with illegal RPers, why we should get out and walk around...well. Just stop making them.
  6. **A student moderator reads the posts and shakes his head. A button is pressed and the comments are deleted.**
  7. What it said on the box: What I got when I opened it:
  8. If admins now don't care that a city area is populated, please also inform property management to be ready to accept, without question, my application to move into any house I want. As a civilian RPer, I also should be allowed to disregard population.
  9. Comments are enabled. ((The comments section is heavily moderated. Swearing, racist, sexist and homophobic language are automatically filtered and removed, hateful comments are filtered by moderators.)) ____________ Username: Comment:
  10. This is also part of the reason I left. Properly RPd investigative journalism is very time consuming. Interviews, research, reaching out to corroborating witnesses, written requests for information from within the government body/organization, establishing the provenance of any evidence you obtain, speaking to LSNN's legal department about the article before it goes to print, seeking official comment, writing it, editing it, seeking comment from your editor, and re-editing.... When you're too cozy to a department, it makes it difficult for LSNN's journalists to commit IC to unbiased investigative reporting of that department. It also means OOC that I'd have serious second thoughts about even commencing the effort if there was a real risk - after I'd done everything right - that the article was going to be kept back from print just to preserve relationships. Sure, preservation of those relationships is fun "backroom deals" RP for LSNN management and the department liaisons, but it's potentially chilling RP for the journalists putting in the hours to write your articles. My experience was before @YB was there, though. It might have changed. 🙂 The only other suggestion I'd make is that, if you haven't already, you really need to set up quality control in your editorial division. "Groove Street" should never have gotten through. Aside from that, I like the level of activity you all now have.
  11. I know little about illegal RP, so I can't say which I prefer? I don't have the excitement of shooting someone, selling drugs, getting into fights, tagging something, arguing with people, getting into car chases, robbing someone... But I do have the time to maintain a consistent life routine, and from that foundation I can branch out into more creative things. Including developing my character's beliefs and spirituality. I respectfully disagree with this. Researching, setting up, and running a legitimate business, employing staff, finding ways to keep your staff engaged, finding ways to keep yourself interested, finding ways to improve RP within and outside the business; I suspect this takes as much planning as most illegal things do.
  12. Username: Greyfeather Comment: I still don't understand what's happening! Doux is dating....Whoux?
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