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  1. it's clear PG if you pull a gun with one aimed to ur head, that's not my opinion it's a literal rule, which is why it can result in a CK. If someone tries mug you without a gun and you somehow end up pulling a gun on them and they pull theres, u can also CK them. This isn't some one-sided thing. because they're not the ones that PGed? Get mugged = You survive, other person now risks prison time. Pull a gun with a gun aimed to your head like john wick = you risk losing your character, as you should, they shouldn't risk losing their character because of your powergame. I'm unsure what exactly you're advocating for, that this isn't considered PG anymore? Or that you can PG by pulling your gun, and then CK them? Why would you be able to CK them if you're the one that pulled your gun, I'm really not understanding. You're trying to frame this as if you are garunteed a CK if you get robbed. Just don't play to win or powergame and your chance of being CKed drops to 0, this isn't my opinion, it's server rules. I don't think you're lumping me into the problem group, I don't do mugging rp. Ive been on the server 2 years and every single time i've tried to RP mugging someone they stopped responding /me's, heavily stalled, tried to shoot back like john wick even though they had a gun to their chest, or straight up just disconnected. I don't like making reports on people so, I just stopped doing that kind of RP. There's problems on the legal rp side of this too, and it's not a small minority. Even if you're trying to rp robbing jewellery or something that isn't that expensive of an asset, people will play to win so much not to take an L that it makes it painfully un-fun to rp. I agree with some of the stuff you're saying, but you seem to have the wrong attitude about this. If you get caught alone and don't pull your gun, then someone puts a gun to your head, why wouldn't you just give up your stuff? If you're gonna shoot, do it before someone has a gun to your face, then you don't get CKed for powergame. There's several ways to avoid being mugged, and several ways to avoid powergaming, you're making it seem like there's no way to avoid a CK and that it's unfair when it's not, we all have to follow the exact same rules.
  2. u realise ck is only a risk if u pg and pull a gun while one is aimed at u, which should happen since ur taking a risk that could be avoided because u want to save an asset. The same exact thing happens to crim rpers if they do this with PD. Not only is this false because PD can CK you, it's also false because you go to prison for days if not weeks on end, and even permenantly if it's not your first time because of the 30 point system. We don't need more restrictions for illegal rp, it's fair as it is. Being CKed if you PG is a blanket rule for everyone it's not a rule that only legal rpers being robbed have to follow.
  3. cant speak for poker but, for blackjack that definently 100% is the case
  4. literally never once seen any casino blackjacker do any kind of /me, not even a copy pasted one lmao
  5. facts its just people standing in silence playing a script to grind money and complaining in /b when u take too long to ready up since ur actually rping
  6. Liam "Li" Shen - Circa 2020 - Cantonese business man and part-time #?$*&±!
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