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  1. ima be straight with u nobody cares some italian guy gave u 100 weed, or a PF combat pistol with 10 ammo nobodys gonna metagame that shit, stop censoring every detail of ur screenshots.
  2. i assume u made this cause of ULSA lmao. Fac chat can be annoying asf in that faction cause theyre saying Lol about something happening in a specific place to a fac of like 50+ people who don't know wtf they're talking about, but most other factions use fchat appropiately so no need to punish us all for it. Most the time in ULSA i saw them turning off the fac chat completely, or u can just do /toggle f to turn it off from ur side
  3. needed, ighouls is a good but things like gang hats are essential to gang rp
  4. Hiring FEMALE Actresses and also Video Editors, click HERE to apply. Also click HERE to order our new videos, including "Coked up Whore fucked Outdoors [HARDCORE]"
  5. unironically a good guide, gta w strippers just do an anim on a stage and get paid 15k an hour
  6. To celebrate 50 videos sold, ALL videos will be 25% off this weekend, order at a discounted price while you can! Click below! Order Video
  7. Yea how will shell companies, money laundering, ect work. The way this is described in the dev update seems kinda simplified to me, it's kinda described as "If u use cash u get away, if u use bank u go jail".
  8. But the claim that it needs to be blocked OOCly to protect kids is bullshit, i've seen two people under 15 on discord servers admit to ERPing, unless Nervous starts asking for peoples passports before they can use ERP anims then it's not protecting shit. You can say you don't like it but to say it's wrong because kids will see it is a bad take.
  9. Bro the fuck are u actually talking about there's literally an entire animation section for sex anims and you're complaining about what people type on facebrowser. Any underage person that plays this can just do /anim and see a range of anims for sucking and riding meat, and I don't doubt some of the people in the messages you senty are underage themselves. Unless ERP is banned entirely (which will obviously never happen) then this suggestion does nothing to protect children as u claim because with or without facebrowser there'll be people under-age erping.
  10. Username: DaBaby2006 Comment: Nigga say "We be beating down your block till we nut nigga" ???? And why he moaning throughout the song. sus asf
  11. Username: DaBabyFan2021 Comment: music aint for everyone ghee
  12. Username: CøreAtown_bKully Comment: niggas is net bangers stop the typing and pKut in work. A-town ms-K town
  13. Most likely possible to add since u can pay for leases/properties via ucp without being IG. Would make it easier to run a business without having to go ingame just to pay employees then log, support
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