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  1. saying stuff like "they don't have to accept your backstory" is what causes cringe shit like people in little seoul going around covering up every single peice of gang graffiti they can find even though they realistically wouldn't care about that. Certain facs need to change how they RP around locals, but majority of locals rp very cringe towards gangs and act like saints and vigilantes only when it comes to gangs. As for the main post, the biggest problem is probably the fact the Watts (Rancho units) are taken up completely by rancho 13 so facs that want to rp there to follow IRL such as BHB can't establish there, I know people actively want to make gangs like PJ Watts and Grape ST but can't because those gangs entire cultures would rely on using those flats which are all taken up by 1 faction.
  2. Theyre usually pretty bad, a lot of the owners of previous fictional gangs will say they're bad too. I can recall around 6 fictional street gangs in the past year, 3 of them their owners themselves will agree with me were ass, one was shut down by admins and everyone in it forced to ck, and another is still on the server but is regarded as the worst street gang rn.
  3. everything from 18st and up should be official, apart from grove
  4. dont support, there are a lot of teens that will beat up grown men. Have you seen how a Samoan teen looks? And before you say that's a one-off and shouldnt effect the suggestion, there's literally an entire fac samoans of like 20+ people. Why should my scrawny adult character be able to beat up a buff samoan teenager? This is an RP server we dont need damage modifiers to tell people how to RP. + I myself used to drag grown men out of cars with my friends when i was 14 in Bosnia, should I get ajailed in real life for un-rp? This suggestion is ridiculous.
  5. Exactly this. Nobody here is giving actual suggestions or ideas they're just mindlessly arguing and saying "continuity mangement should cover this". What specifically do you want them to say?
  6. Cons: My characters asshole reeks of an uncontrollable stench Pros: My characters asshole reeks of an uncontrollable stench
  7. ??? Did you think this whole time that when we pay our business leases or for car leases or to purchase properties via the UCP it's OOC? What's the difference between that and this? What's the difference between me logging ig to /banktransfer one person then log off, or me just saving time and doing it from the UCP? We already pay for stuff on the ucp just let us be able to pay other people directly.
  8. much needed feature, when i want to showitem my rolex to someone to flex i have to also show them my 16 condoms, meth, gun and porn mags. +1
  9. red light district kinda already exists lol go to pink cage motel at 9pm servertime.
  10. Pathway


  11. Pathway

    Massive events

    same. only thing id say to improve is make it last longer next time it should go on for a few days not just one.
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