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  1. But bro it wouldnt be fun if the civvies fought back in a harsh enviorment!!!! On a serious note though, I understand why the rules are in place because if they weren't, we'd have everyone knowing Krav Maga trying to disarm the robbers, so there needs to be a bit of balance if there is a fighting chance.
  2. Literally, there's like only a handful who can actually roleplay properly.
  3. Cant be worse than Coke or Demons
  4. And this, is why aliens will never visit our planet or better yet, we will never reach world peace.
  5. The scene is utterly ridiculous. Trayquandus clearly showed little to no fear in the situation involving half the PD and SD, proceeding to call them "mallrats" in /b after being gunned down is lack of courtesy as it is. Not to mention Trayquandus' friend Keondale running up to the scene to loot his heavy pistol being surrounded by countless LEOs is truly unacceptable and a shocking display of low quality roleplay unfit for the server. Permanently banned. Apply to [insert name here] after 2 months
  6. Can't wait for people to use "it's the wild west bro lmao" excuse when the big iron is required instead of roleplaying psychopathic characters in turn of modern settings.
  7. please go outside and touch grass, this is very worrying
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