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  1. Name: ChunkyWunky12 Comment: bruh u'd be sitting in ur mudhut buttfucking ur own family to continue ur bloodline if white ppl didnt step in. get the fuck off the internet"
  2. You need to stop speaking like Balthazar the Rogue Elf, I barely understood anything from that wall of text.
  3. So you're saying if someone can't peform an ollie they will most likely get stabbed?
  4. Pretty much this. From what I have seen, most of the criminal roleplayers are stuck in the 90s or something and resolve to such tactics whilst they forget it's 2020. The age of cellphone surveillance where one wrong move at the wrong time can end up bringing down heaps of trouble.
  5. User: GuineaMenace Comment: gotta love ol' philly. strange hes looking young tho
  6. Only more chaos in this case.
  7. User: FuckOffUKBottomText Comment: To all the unamerican fucks out there supporting a party full of pedophiles, go back to Europe.
  8. Name: NotAgain Comment: These mall cops need to fuck off and stop reading too much Tom Clancy books or some shit. Out here, LARPing as Splinter Cell guard NPCs or some shit.
  9. Don't really need this, just need to keep an eye out on chain robbers out there robbing people every 10 minutes after each hit.
  10. dude u need to stop trying so hard with the bait LMFAO
  11. Powerful thread.. thank you for sharing!!!
  12. While this is correct about extortion, here comes another question: Why would a mafia based in Vinewood come down to a 24/7 in a poorer neighborhood such as Vespucci where they pretty much won't fufill their end of the bargain about protection and only go there to obviously bully the store clerks for easy pickings?
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