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  1. Right so then just go and train at your local gun range and then acquire a PF and possibly a CCW in the future to defend yourself? No one goes around buying illegal firearms to defend themselves, unless they're criminals of course. If you seriously think that "my life is in danger, I better acquire a gun to defend myself" isn't enough motivation and good reasoning for someone to get a gun then idk lmfao It's like...Dude, if I know that statistically my chance of being robbed while on the job is high then you better BELIEVE I'll be getting a gun especially in a country where it's easily obtainable and allowed (legally). And why's keeping a gun in your house dangerous??? People want to defend their property? You keep mentioning kids and family a lot yet you forget that there's no bigger motivation for someone to get a gun than getting one to defend their home from intruders. Don't see how keeping guns in your house isn't safe lol, think the opposite makes more sense You only mention illegally obtaining a gun, what about legally? Is that unsafe too?
  2. Looking to buy a Lampadati Komoda, preferably with aftermarket upgrades. Money isn't a problem.
  3. User: AccelR8R.OpeR8R Comment: yeahyehayehayehayheyah okay communist, fuckin cold war all over again
  4. Looking to buy a ZR-380, preferably completely decked out with performance upgrades. Budget is 200,000$. Either hit me up on 9136480 or shoot me an email at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  5. Bro the fucking effort you put into these pictures is insane, they're beautiful. Volk definitely looks like a well thought out and unique character. Do you mind me asking what graphic mods are you using? It looks stunning.
  6. 'Ey. I'm looking to buy a house somewhere in Mirror Park. No specific requirements. My budget is 200,000$ Email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM)).
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