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  1. As someone who's never set foot in sheriffs, but merely observing from the LSPD side of the fence. I actually feel for my brethren in tan. Personally I've had plenty of very interesting talks with current (Read: Former) Executive staff. People who I don't particularly hang out with on the daily, and have differences of opinion with. But that made the conversations we struck up all the more interesting. Doing so, I learned these were people who actually put in monumental amounts of effort for the betterment of the faction. Red in particular has been serving as bouncing board for myself in terms of idea's and initiatives for mutual cooperation between LEO factions. I've seen him deal with so much stuff, different every time I talk to 'm to the point where I genuinly found myself wondering where he found the energy to keep up with it. And he's just one person among many who share the effort & dedication put in. Seeing those people thrown out all the way to the bottom end of the totem pole without as much as an acknowledgement of services rendered, or anything akin to that. I wholeheartedly understand the slap in the face many feel. To me, this seems like another example of an over-the-top-nuclear solution to a problem that required precision. The use of the proverbial hacksaw opposed to the scalpel. Leaving the faction that was moving forward one step at a time, thrown back miles down the road. I'm rather disappointed at yet another example of intervention from the highest branches of admins without any form of clarification, general adres to the public or transparency in general. Leaving me genuinly wondering if this was truly intended with the betterment of the faction, or if this was a biased intervention based on hearsay. I urge those with facts to come forward and actually explain to the rest of the community what happened, what warranted such draconian actions.. To go as far as uproot an entire executive staff team.. In closing, I feel sorry for the people in the SD who are going through this, and feeling completely demotivated and mistreated. And I hope some much needed clarification gets released to the public.
  2. How the turns have tabled. If I remember correctly, originally the concept was for sheriffs to become a pre-dominantly "Corrections" based faction. A secondary law enforcement faction that would shoulder the responsibilities of courtroom security & services, jail staffing & corrections as a whole. Their expanse to do the complete opposite of that and become, as others mentioned, an alternative version of the LSPD was never part of the deal.. But that's a topic for another day. And for better or for worse, agree or disagree, this is how things turned out, and are unlikely to change. My humble opinion. The main issues I hear as a cop-rper from the jail rp-ers. Is 1) Lack of RP / non existant RP in the regular jail cells where people were held for less than an hour. -> Somewhat adressed these days as vast majority of misdemeanors go above that. 2) Lack of staffing on behalf of the sheriffs, who evolved from custody focused to patrol focus. -> A problem that is much harder to fix. In order to have healthy jail/prison RP, you need to have an active inmate population aswell as an active correctional officer/deputy population. And whilst it's perfectly possible for every regular joe to knock on SD's door and work as a custody deputy as part of their civilian employment section, it's not really that active. Despite being there for quite some time. One creative way I thought about somewhat alleviating this, is to allow LSPD officers to volunteer at the prison and augment custody deputies. Necessary policies, procedures and everything would obviously need to be worked out and a framework erected for it. But it's a viable way to include the other major LEO faction. And provide another somewhat steady pool of capable people. Creating another faction purely focused on corrections won't necessarily solve the manpower issue. Prison guard RP is pretty niché. Not alot of people want to spend their time sitting in a prison environment. As much as I'd love for there to be an actual prison faction, it won't solve problems and won't really validate the time & effort being put in to establish it in the first place. Same goes with bolingbroke. I understand the idea of "Hey, this building looks somewhat closely like Twin Towers Correctional. Lets use this one." It just.. Doesn't provide the same aesthetic appeal as bolingbroke does. in GTA SA, you actually had a prison vibe if you went to Green Haven Correctional on RCRP, or LSP on LSRP. You don't really get that with twin towers. I support the move from main everyday prison activities and housing to bolingbroke. It just makes far more sense to use it. People use the "But it's a state prison, not a county jail" card. But lets remind ourselves this is still a game, and we've made plenty of concessions in other area's that differ from real life. I feel this one should be no different. And if you look at it more closely, Majority of the people getting arrested are getting arrested for one (Usually more than one) felony/felonies. People that would usually go straight to state prison anyway. Plus there's no reason one section of the prison couldn't function as med-sec county jail, and another as high-sec state prison.
  3. Every time I get to the intersection of carson & davis, I have to do a D&D diceroll to see if the server CTD's me or not.
  4. Can tell you already, from PD's side nobody's enforcing this. Or atleast should be enforcing this. When I was in traffic I noticed they were out of sync, verified with an admin and from then on the whole lights thing got dropped & people were told not to enforce it untill it was fixed. That was months ago.. Odds are if you're getting stoped for stuff nowadays, 9/10 times is cause they snapped you up by your buttcheeks on radar.
  5. Last time I reached out to my local representative with a fully laid out action plan regarding penal code changes that made sense, had written narratives and source material to go with was 6 months ago, maybe 8. I've yet to hear a response.
  6. You are right, lets dispense with the shit flinging. I have a natural reaction to dish out what I receive. For better or for worse I guess.. I'm not contesting you on the fact we have the tools. Ask anyone and they'll gladly tell you they'd want to deal with everything going on in an IC fashion. The problem is we CAN'T utilize them to their full effect. Because the #1 reaction always comes in the form of "But.. But that'll disrupt our roleplay." The reason people are getting fed up and bringing it to the forums from an LEO side, is because the latest incident last night was the proverbial drop, in a long long line of constant shootings that ended up being pointless. That end in bickering from both sides, and PD's left to just stand there. Waiting till it gets resolved. Which last time I was in one, last week, took 30-45 minutes. Repeat that for several days a week, every week. I apologize for generalizing the Illegal RP community, I'm usually far more composed. I've had great interactions with people, I go out of my way to make things as realistic as possible for them, and generally try to make people have a good and enjoyable experience. And I believe I'm doing so correctly, evident by the fact that 9/10 times I get a PM or a /B message thanking me & the people I was with for making stuff an enjoyable experience. When I get those messages, It tells me I'm actually contributing to providing a fun experience for people and it helps me to keep going. And that's honestly been my drive for 2 years. But again. Look at it from my perspective, when lately all you respond to, is streets littered with bodies. Getting shit on for what you're doing in a video game on an OOC level (Yes, people are that petty). And some nights are spent by you standing by a scene with an admin on it. Often for pro-longed periods of time. To top it all off, the IC programs and projects pursued before were shut down by LFM/IFM. Leaving us unable to actually deal with the problems we face today on an IC level. We get subjected to the worst kinds of behavior on a repeated basis. It makes people cynical, and that cultivates an us-vs-them mentality. Something has to change. Either start taking OOC measures to curb this level of sheer mayhem, or start giving us free reign to take IC measures and combat the problems that way. As we were intended to do all along.
  7. If 90% of the illegal roleplayers I run into care more about DM video's, hoarding enough guns to outfit a rebel army, and who's primary recreational activity is loot corpses in the immediate aftermath of a shooting. Then I'm going to go out on a limb and say they don't care about my attempts to "Create quality roleplay". I'll go ahead & reverse uno you, most illegal RPers have an us vs them mindset. One's been receiving nerf after nerf and kept quiet yet disgruntled about it. The other's been having free reign to blockwipe whoever they want, whenever they want, with nothing in terms of repercussions stemming forth from it both on an IC & OOC level. I'll let you figure out which is which.
  8. And you think open warfare in the streets, shooting innocent civilians and police officers alike ISN'T akin to domestic terrorism? If you think think the above mentioned is okay, you're part of the problem. With respect.
  9. The video demonstrates the level of response that'd be needed to curb the current level of mayhem. I'm glad you liked the movie, I did aswell. But the fact of the matter remains. Shootouts with police is one thing. Active ambushes on police responses with military grade firepower on a consistent basis? That's another thing entirely compared to "A shootout with police" Ambushing a special weapons team convoy enroute to A PRISON.. That's another thing entirely compared to "A shootout with police". Nobody in their right mind does this. Nobody in their right mind would be doing this, not even the street gangs in LA are this dumb. If you take the current level of fuckery, and put it in a realistic environment ANYWHERE in the continental united states? You'd no longer have police patroling the streets. You'd have federalized national guardsman walk around. You'd have armored MRAP's patroling the streets instead of cop cars. The problem being brought forth here, is the fact that it's growing and growing and growing to a point where it's in the process of growing beyond any form of reasonable IC control. And any IC attempts to fight it and being blocked on an OOC level on varying levels. That's the problem.
  10. https://streamable.com/ie5fwu Couldn't agree more.
  11. I am wholeheartedly for letting PD & SD take care of stuff completely IC. But it's the admins/LFM/IFM and majority of the community that actively oppose and break down any form of doing so. From my point of view anyway. No disrespect intended. Back when all this started, many many moons ago, PD started with more presence due to one of their own being downed. Response? Whole lot of caterwauling and tears immediately saying PD's response is over the top, disrupting roleplay and play 2 win. Fast-forward a week later? Exact opposite response: "Police don't respond to my calls anymore :sadface: " If the powers that be one day would show up and go "Alright, Metropolitan, SEB & judiciary, you have free reign to take all the IC measures you need to contain, and god willing, lower this amount of mayhem. And actually restore some semblence of order." I actually believe they could pull it off, despite it having gone on for so long, and spiraled this much out of control.
  12. https://streamable.com/v4fjj3 This is crazy bobs level of roleplay here. A prisoner transport to the towers being ambushed not once, not twice, but three times? Open warfare against City Police & County sheriffs deputies? The amount of guns owned per person is astronomical, everyone has acces to Carbine Mk2's. .50 cal deagles, draco's, uzi's, you name it. Everyone has atleast a crate under their beds. People roleplay with 0 regard of their own safety or more importantly, with 0 regard of consequences. People shoot at cops, get caught. Go to prison, spend about a minute in jail, CK and back to killin'. That's a mentality issue. There's people I know who value their character and haven't namechanged in years. And then there's people who CK every few weeks. The admin team, with respect, have zero teeth and the perm-ban for being an absolute shitlord is the exception rather than the rule. We've been in a downward spiral ever since. And from my humble point of view, neither LFM or IFM is doing anything about it. A year or so ago we joked about in PD how the violence and sheer fucking viciousness of stuff encountered was gonna be cyberpunk levels or Judge Dredd in a few years time. And here we are, not even a year later and we've litterally reached insurgency levels of violence & mayhem. Whilst at the same time being told "Don't you dare take all of this IC and ruin all of these model roleplayers their fun. You just sit there, be good paper targets and be quiet." No more. Something HAS to change.
  13. Paypal dono's apparently give an error for me 😞
  14. 1) PD cannot force CK someone, more often than not. There is an admin speccing the entire scenario, and if they see 5-10 cops aiming guns at one dude. And that dude then pulls out a gun, then yes. They'll get CK'd by the admin. Alternatively, PD can ask for the person to be CK'd if they post proof the abovementioned scenario happened. 2) Because police aren't meant to run away from danger in the first place. It's literally what you sign up for. That being said, plenty of pursuits get terminated if it's not worth it. Plenty of variables comes into play which I won't elaborate on or I'd be here all day. But know stuff gets terminated. Usually once identification has been confirmed, easier and safer to terminate & cut warrants and let the warrant teams find em a few days down the line. 3) As someone mentioned before. I've actually seen alot of cops CK in all sorts of situations. S.W.A.T in particular has had noticeable moments where they had CK's during particularly violent raids or confrontations. Trust me when I say nobody is immune to CK's. Not you, not PD, not SD, nobody. Hope that helped.
  15. Yes to both. The mall, whilst nice in concept and original in idea didn't really add much value. The housing projects would actually contribute
  16. Name : European Association for Cancer Research Description of the charity's activities : The EACR is a professional membership association and global community for those working and studying in cancer research, with more than 10,000 members worldwide. Our mission is “The advancement of cancer research for the public benefit: from basic research to prevention, treatment and care.” Why should we choose this charity? Had a lot of friends succumb to cancer in my life. Major breakthroughs have been made in recent years, and I firmly believe funding the science that goes into researching and understanding this disease and it's ability to lead to more efficient / effective treatment. Charity website : https://www.eacr.org/ Charity contact email : [email protected] (EACR Communications and Marketing Manager) Remember that the charity must be based in European Union or have a subsidiary registered in it.
  17. Don't know what faction that is, I'd gladly know. Cause mad respect to them.
  18. Yes, park rangers are necessary in my eyes. BUT.. In all honesty, they came about rather abruptly, might just be me as "Lowly player" but I digress. Park rangers should definitely be a thing, but in my eyes not have an entire faction dedicated to do just that. Make them a subsidiary of some kind to the sheriffs office. Park rangers recently went from 100 plus employees to down about 60-ish. Personally? I'd love to see them as part of a greater organization, in my eyes they'd be a perfect sub-division of wat could be State patrol / State Police.
  19. It was previously removed due to the fact the tree's clipped into the interiors of houses. Causing the unintended side-effect of turning into a rather nice looking fallout-esque vibe. Fact checking before preaching wouldn't go amiss. 🙂 If you want to continue this enjoyable back & forth, reach out privately, as I'd prefer to keep things on-topic. Danke schön
  20. We've concluded nothing, only you did. Works just fine for me. Works just fine for everyone else I hang with. :shrug: just like the first time around. Infact, this is the first time it's actually being tested during peak times, so how you already concluded it was "Awful" when it was only active for a few hours at most the last time around, is beyond me. I'm positive the problems lay with the user, and not the map mod. I'm running a GTX 1070 and have 60-70-90 FPS everywhere I go.
  21. No issues to report whatsoever. Drove around the map, never go below 60 FPS, stable at 60-70. I used to use NVE, untill I came to the realization that IT was causing majority of the issues. Stop using NVE. Plenty of people the past 7 pages telling you it's not optimized for Rage, which is finnicky as it is.
  22. Oh you usually don't. But when you deal with 5-10 tony Soprano's each day, for several days a week. it wears people down. Considerably.
  23. Can't do anything or you'll be labeled as a P2W Robocop on an OOC level. There are people that go "Why aren't the police more present, and why don't they do this, or this, or that" And those same people go "Why is the police responding with 10 cars to this, why are they so agressive, Superiority complex much, Your life is pathetic." When you're in an environment where it's "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't," There's not alot you can do. DasFroggy explained it perfectly a few posts up.
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