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  1. 12.500, take it or leave it! I'll insure it for one day as a statement of my kindness.
  2. Looking to sell these three classic vehicles. They are all stock, and some have some body modifications and custom plates. Michelli GT - Stock, low mileage, plate 'PIRELLI'. Asking 75.000$ Issi Classic - Mr Bean car, stock, low mileage, plate 'BEAN'. Asking 58.000$ Brioso 300 Rally Model - Stock, exterior modifications, low mileage. Asking 15.000$ Interested in any model? Respond below or call me on 287-004-23.
  3. I have to withdraw my offer, I have found a different house during this auction. Apologies!
  4. Looking to sell my Cheetah Classic. The vehicle has run around 1000 miles, and is currently uninsured. It features a performance package and tier four anti-theft security, which features a remote tracker and allows you to switch off the engine remotely. The vehicle has been looked after well, and features its original beige-leather interior. Asking price is 485.000. Contact: PH- 287-004-23 or [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  5. I'd like to put in an offer for 1.050.000 dollars.
  6. These same type of empty spots also exist in Mirror Park and Sandy Shores, could possibly do the same there!
  7. I think a good first step would be to ban the concept of vacation homes in this area. It is essentially just an excuse to hog up a SECOND house for your character, while also limiting someone else's options of getting their FIRST house in the area they actually roleplay in. Vacation homes are nothing but a liability to the entire community, especially considering they're unused 90% of the time or just get flipped for insane profits (or the same insane price they got it for in the first place).
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