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  1. since ped skins are confirmed to be coming back, maybe we can start thinking of a system that allows players to upload custom peds and ped components to a website where server modders can test and eventually add them to the game? so for example a player could create a new shirt or face variation for a ped, upload it to the UCP where a modder can then download, test and add it to the server. over time we'd build up a large repertoire for ped customization and factions/civilians could have their own uniquely identifiable skins. hell, you could even monetize this. for $100 a player could submit their own ped or ped variations and have it unique to them if developers/modders deem it realistic enough.
  2. fivem has pretty decent support for red dead i think? looking through their forums it seems they have some robust servers up already but i doubt thats a feasible option
  3. nothing much else to say, shrinking the images all the way 2 nothing sucks
  4. quickdate was created to combat explicit content on face but did it actually solve anything? no. why? because its lifeless and void of community. shitposting != wanting to go ig and erp somebody the way you solve this is by making an alternative social media platform. cook up a twitter clone or something and present it to users as a site which has lax moderation. let gang members do their shit on it, let shitposters shitpost and let thots post their lewds. bcs like it or not the demographics listed rn arent a minority and you're never going to get rid of them unless a valid alternative is offered i think other than illegal material sites should focus on self moderation and separatism rather than manual subjective enforcement. make it so you can only see content of people you follow, add things like NFSW tags so things get blurred unless safe search is disabled etc
  5. i think thats the point brozzer. yes, a lot of factions police themselves... and guess what? they're still shit. so why are they given exclusivity to discussions that will have consequences on everyone else? having the existing community decide on representatives will just push the popular people in bad factions to the top
  6. currently there's 10 animations. 8 of them have the exact same structure which consists of 3 separate animations. gta world only uses 1 of them (idle_a) my suggestion is for the other 2 animation clips to be added (enter and exit). this would result in nearly 30 gsign animations and allow for a big expansion of my modpack which would be v beneficial for illegal rp. the server would also get my permission to use this pack and the epidemic of rawr xd animations by bangers would b over
  7. the ability to create custom animations have just arrived so this can be done in a way that looks dope
  8. yeeee that hairstyle was the only unkempt one people ever used
  9. https://www.youtube.com/c/Tobiidk/videos
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