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  1. San Andreas Roleplay. Spawned in and the ballas recruited me at the newbie spawn.
  2. How else will they give their ooc friends houses with guns in?
  3. Prostitution roleplay, is something that if done right, adds something to the server and the underworld. Prostitution is one of the worlds oldest professions after all, though many of the reasons people get into prostitution roleplay in my experience of roleplaying illegally is flawed. OOC gratification / ic assets rather than development and the correct portrayal. There are many factors that drive people into one the streets prostitution, such as drug-addiction, mental health issues, lack of any other outcomes and even human trafficking / slavery. It's important things like these are portrayed tastefully and realistically. People who get into such RP with the intention of getting rich and NCing should be dealt with accordingly.
  4. That 2014-2016 era of LSRP was fucking golden. RIP LS.
  5. Because everyone else has to go through this stage.
  6. I suppose the problem there is that the lockpick costs a rather extortionate fee that not everyone is able to afford. Guns aren't really stashed in cars like they were on LS over here, so there should be some alternatives explored IMO. A market on lockpicks seems absurd and something that'll be looked back at with scorn later on in the life of this community.
  7. Ones faction should encourage new players to stay away from such activities in early days of their development rather than their being some set in the stone rule that hinders what actions characters can and can not take. People who are using burner accounts solely to rob and DM should be punished separately. This rule only serves to make people AFK on the account they want to DM on for an extra ten hours or whatever.
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