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Found 2 results

  1. | This thread follows the development of Maxim Ukhov. | Max Maxim Ukhov was born in the USA in 1993, with Russian parents who immigrated to the USA because of the economical situation that was in Russia in the 90's which a decent amount of Russians immigrate to America, Maxim had a rough childhood living with a low-medium class family and he didn't have any brothers to depend on, he wasn't the best in his school of course. That's why he quit education after finishing highschool, his parents wasn't satisfied about that because they wanted him to live a secure life but he did what he wanted anyway. | Early life Maxim didn't know exactly what to do after quitting his education, so he started working part-time jobs. From working at a 24/7 to working as a mechanic, he experienced it all and he didn't like any of those jobs, he kept moving from a job to another until he met some local drug dealer he used to see in the neighborhood he lived in, he somehow became friends with the guy and he started looking up to him after seeing the lifestyle he's living, at those times Maxim was still living with his parents and he was twenty years old back at the time, that guy who he became friends with wasn't just some random dealer... He was affiliated with a gang and that's something that Maxim figured out after he started working under him, Maxim started learning how the drug business works quickly. You can tell that he's a fast learner when he made more than five hundred bucks at his first days working under that guy who made him leave the part-time job he was working, Maxim's parents started to notice that there's something wrong with their son, but Maxim didn't tell them about his new life as a low-level drug dealer and he decided to keep that a secret from them. Maxim started to grow in that line of business after he started getting his own supply, but he still kept his respect for the guy who got him into all of that, Maxim gained a lot of experience and he adapted to it, but he didn't care about police and he didn't see that he was attracting attention which is not good for business. His poor parents didn't see it coming when they heard that their son got arrested for drug possession, Maxim got caught with an ounce of cocaine after he dealt with the wrong person who was actually a DEA agent, Maxim was stupid because he offered the guy drugs by himself. Maxim got jailed for three years and he didn't snitch, his mother cried her heart out on him, his father was sad and mad at the same time, he didn't visit him and he forbade his mother from doing so. That made Maxim regretful for losing his family, he had a hard time in his first year at the prison as he started getting into fights, he lost some and he won some until he settled down, but he didn't drop the soap though. | Freedom and limitations Maxim got released from prison at the age of 25, he wanted to act a model citizen and decided not to fall into trouble again, he's now living an ordinary boring life and he's working in a mask shop in Vespucci, he wanted to see his parents after he got out but he found that their apartment is empty and he doesn't know where to find them, he asked his neighbors but they said that they have no idea where they've gone. Max lost hope in reuniting with his family again and he decided to live on his own, Maxim drinks every day but he's not an alcoholic though. He's now 28 years old and living the same life but that might come to a change after that he found out that there are more Russians in town.
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