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GTAW : New infrastructure & better sync/ping

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Nervous    2336

I've finally been able to catch some sleep since the attacks started yesterday.

Following our record of 613 players online, an unknown competitor has been carrying massive attacks over all our servers : from website, forums, facebrowser to our gameserver.


During the initial hours, I deployed everything I could to mitigate the attack but our measures did not properly work with our game server, as it was hosted under Windows. We used to be under Linux with GTMP but switched to Windows for RageMP as the bridge wasn't properly working on Linux.


It tooks few hours of work to adapt the gamemode to Linux, and I purchased new servers during the night (thanks OVH for being responsive at 3:30am). I installed the server during the night and prepared all the files for the migration.

In the early morning, the migration was performed in less than 15 minutes and the server was back online.


Following the migration, none of the attacks have been successful. Everything has been mitigated. You'll find below the graph of the past 6 hours attacks, as you can see the attacker keeps increasing the attacks but nothing works so far:



So, let's see the positive side of these chaotic past 24 hours : We've moved to RageMP linux bridge and a very powerful server to handle these attacks. What does it mean?

  • Vehicle sync has been drastically improved, you can do the test with a friend and get on a bike to drive around, you'll notice that there isn't any weird behavior of the bikes anymore even with 450 players online.
  • All small delays that could sometimes happen have been removed : all functions are now instant.
  • Character loading after a crash is also almost instant and without lags : more than 500 players can now reconnect immediately.
  • Property loading is also almost instant.
  • Your ping with the server should be improved.


It'll allow me to remove some very strict optimizations I had to make and which brought us some crashes, allowing the server to be more stable in the days to come. In the end, this change is for the better and I thank you all for being so supportive with me since yesterday. The amount of messages I received to help me fight this was incredible, and you guys are awesome!


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Nervous    2336
Posted (edited)

I also want to thank Eclipse, ls-rp.es, and RageMP for their incredible support these past 24 hours. They brought me a lot of help when needed.

Edited by Nervous
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F0r3sT    3


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Chief    86

Can confirm my ping went down. Small change but still went from a 115 down to 103.

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Sebz    6

good, keep martin at home sipping his onion soup, keep us going strong big nervous

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