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[Saints News] Ezra Writes: Behind FaceBrowser's Harassment: A Male's Perspective

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Sammy    56


In a prior article release, FaceBrowser’s administration and community were discussed by multiple women, whom shared their opinion on the harassment received from various users and the site’s lack of administration. To offer an unbiased opinion, I have asked men about their perspective and opinions on the site’s matter, and harassment that they have received. Similarly doing so by questioning individuals that were previously accused, and ‘controversial figures’ about their association with FaceBrower’s system. This article’s primary focus is on alternative views, whilst remaining similar to the article classified as ‘Behind FaceBrowser’s Harassment: A Female’s Perspective,’ which addressed the site’s utilisation and the defamation that occurs on the site.


With likeness to the previous article posted, four men’s perspectives are going to be investigated, to contrast against the prior article’s participants. The participants include Keinan Walker, Dean Bell, Keith and lastly, Rot Garden. The site was deemed as being ‘merciless, lacking administration’ and other labels in the earlier article; however, in this investigation, we seek out opinions to counteract the bias and to inquire whether FaceBrowser's services need to adapt to the users or the users need to adapt to the platform. 


Photo Credit: Kaylee Keeton

Firstly, we identify Keinan Walker’s opinions and perspective against the allegations in the prior post, stating the harassment received on his part and creating an equalised story between the two articles. Posting regulated opinionated posts, Keinan’s a spoke-person for his views, and has a fighting-spirit and a misunderstood friendliness. As of right now, Keinan has a part-time job, and vocalises his perspective on the alleged harassment he has said to have given to multiple women across the site.

Q: Firstly, in our prior article, there were allegations that you harassed the women who participated in the article, do you believe for this to be true? How would you describe the situation from your perspective?


A: ‘It's so easy to play victim and get all the sympathy and attention. But there's always two sides of a coin. You simply can't judge a situation and come to a conclusion before you've heard and seen both sides of the story. Nobody wants to 'harass' people for the fun of it, it's not like I wake up and suddenly go "lemme harass a bitch today", no, that's not how it happens. From what I've seen during my few months on Facebrowser, nobody gets harassed unless they're straight up asking for it.’ Keinan states, continuing his paragraph shortly after.


He adds, ‘In my case, which I may add is a case being used by a bunch of women to victimize themselves and get people like me banned, it all started with a woman named Sara. I'll be short and straightforward. Sara and I met, became friends quickly due to her extremely friendly nature, things escalate, she admits she has a 'crush' on me, but I ask for time because I know she'd been sleeping with multiple guys. Sara one day breaks down and cries after being abandoned by her friends, I help her out, talk her out of it, lift her up and get her going. She promises to change and find better friends, but I see her go back to the same old people and fuck herself up. She fucked the same guys who'd been using her, got played, called all men pigs and turned lesbian. I felt like she was being stupid. This pushed me away from her. We'd been barely talking ever since.’


‘One day I post a meme about the LGBT. We ALL know memes are never meant to be taken seriously. Sara takes it personally, attacks me in the comments, following which I get annoyed and shit kicks off. Sara thought it'd be funny to capture slick, thoroughly cut-out screenshots of some of the messages I had sent her back when I tried to be nice to her so I could get her out of that dark place she was in, and posted them all over the social media site for everyone to see. How FUCKED up is that? You help someone who's been acting depressed, only for them to screenshot your messages and show them to the public to laugh at a month later? This fucked me up and I started exposing all of Sara's messages that she'd sent to me, which eventually shut her up. If anything, I should be the one bitching about being harassed because the shit she started with me was so uncalled for.’


‘When you shit on someone who's literally saved your fucking life, you can't expect them to be quiet. People didn't find Isabella's activities cool, they started sending me material that I could use to 'expose' Isabella. I received messages of her agreeing to do questionable things for likes, as well as her nudes. Of course, I warned her I'd have to take the extreme step if she doesn't stay out of mine and Sara's dumb fight, but she once again asks me to fuck off, following which I release all her personal things as a proper response. I feel like what I did was justified, and it was all started by the same women who claim to be 'harassed'.’


‘They both tried to get more women involved in the argument which was originally meant to be between just me and Sara and eventually die out. A few more women joined, tried having a go at me every opportunity they get, but I wouldn't back off. If I hadn't 'exposed' them, they would've kept going and going. My response was necessary, I had no option but to defend myself that way. So, there you go. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet without looking at both sides of the story. My response ended the situation, forcing them to delete whatever they'd posted about me, following which I deleted everything I posted about them. Now that I've narrated the whole thing, I actually find it so funny when they complain about being depressed and harassed... like they had every chance not to bring it upon themselves, it's like you play with fire then cry when it burns you, simply put.’ Keinan’s sentence emphasises on the importance of furthering questioning, and seeking the opinions of both perspectives, and how men are often targeted without receiving similar emotional support that women receive.


Q: Have you been harassed on FaceBrowser’s services? And if so, has FaceBrowser’s support been limited?


A: ‘I would say I've been harassed by the two ladies I just spoke about earlier. I mean you give them a helping hand, be there for them and shit, they accept the help, rise up, only to make a fucking mockery out of it. I've never done anything to deserve harassment, which is why I've never (the above case being an exception) been genuinely harassed by anybody on the site, or in real life. Even if I were harassed, I'd respond back with equal or more harassment, but that's just me. FaceBrowser's doing it right. They shouldn't get involved in people's personal feuds. The only thing they should be handling is illegal content. Apart from that, you just reap what you sow. Can’t handle harassment? Don't give people a reason to harass you.’


Q: How would you describe FaceBrowser’s services and community? Should FaceBrowser aim to improve these qualities?


A: ‘The site, as well as the community are both completely normal, just like any social media site should be. Just because a few people want to make it look like the whole thing revolves around them doesn't mean it actually does. Admins of a social media site are not meant to involve themselves in personal feuds between site users, because they're nobody to judge and generally have better, more important things to do. Facebrowser is perfect as it is.’


Q: How would you describe your online persona, and do you have any final words to be included into the article? 


A: ‘I personally prefer to keep my circle small. If I have say, three or four friends in my circle that's pretty much all I need. I don't care about the rest. I work part-time and do spend a bit of my spare time on Facebrowser, where I post my thoughts, opinions and a meme or two occasionally. As I've mentioned before, memes are memes and if it offends you, then you should probably take a break from social media, or just avoid/block me if that sounds like a better option. If you're going to start genuinely fighting me or arguing with me over a fucking joke, you're just asking for more. I'm not going to change myself because Karen who is supposedly 'depressed' and 'harassed' lacks basic sense of humour. I've never actually made enemies on the site, nor do I ever plan to. Whatever I post, I do it in good will, to either state my opinions or to just make people laugh, and never to make enemies and find 'harassment opportunities'. In the end, I'll just remind y'all again that nobody's going to harass you until you force them to. Don't bring it upon yourself if it's something you can't handle. Oh, and stop seeking attention with that self-diagnosed 'depression', focus on the positive things in life. You're not depressed, you're just upset. Accept the fact that the world doesn't revolve around you, embrace it. Stop victimising yourself to be at the centre of everything. Trust me you'll love your life a lot more.’


Photo Credit: Dean Bell

Secondly, Dean Bell’s viewpoint is explored with the harassment he has received for being apart of the LGBT-community, emphasising on the potential chastising that can occur against individuals that associate themselves with said community. Known as an activist, Dean Bell’s statuses are often those of social justice, and humour. Previously associated with ‘Baby, Bell & Jameson, P.C.’ Bell’s is now partaking in cases that revolve around his own law-firm, known as ‘Bell Law.’

Q: Have you been harassed on FaceBrowser’s services and if so, how did the harassment occur?


A: ‘I have been harassed on Facebrowser, I posted on a picture of an individual being beaten up by a bunch of hoodlums, for over a week they have tried to get my location and threaten me, leave me alone!’


Q: Earlier in our discussion, you mentioned that you were targeted for your sexuality. Has FaceBrowser provided support to you throughout the harassment?


A: ‘I did not report the harassment, the individual called me a “faggot”, due to my prior relations with Derek Freelander. I am sure if I did put in a report, they would help me, however.’


Q: How do you view FaceBrowser’s community and services?


A: ‘I don’t know where all of the Nazis came from, but all and all… I am sick of the people who fight over Facebrowser… grow up kids! Just be Dean Bell, cool, awesome and respectable.’


Q: How do you think FaceBrowser could improve their services?


A: ‘I think FaceBrowser is as good as it is going to get, I like it a lot!’


Q: How would you describe your online persona, and do you have any final words to be included into the article?


A: ‘I would consider myself an intellectual revered by all lower IQ males, I am basically somebody that every man in Los Santos wants to be.’ This article-writer has to admit that Dean's confidence and perspective is interesting, to say the least! 


Photo Credit: Keith

With a self-described ‘troll’ish and laid back’ personality, Keith’s good-humoured personality is often seen around the in Dazed Depot's store working as an affiliate, selling the newfound company’s well-reviewed and legalised products as a Sales Associate. Furthermore, Keith’s regularly posted modelling-based photographs can be seen across his FaceBrowser, and other social media platforms.


Q: Have you experienced harassment on FaceBrowser’s services? Have you perceived harassment on FaceBrowser’s services and if so, why do you believe the reason it is that it occurred?


A: ‘I've never experienced harassment and probably never will. A lot of harassment has happened on this website and it's mainly towards females, for some reason. There's no actual 'main' reason as to why that happens, in my opinion. People are just be jealous or hate the person because of what they've done to each other.’


Q: How do you view FaceBrowser’s community and administration?


A: ‘FaceBrowser's administration? Who? Never seen any administrative work being done and I probably never will. This site's administration has been non-existent since the early days of the website, they've honestly done nothing. The community's a rollercoaster really, it's mostly accepting and friendly if you don't act like a total idiot. There are a few bad people out of all the good ones, though they can be easily avoided after you block them on the website.’


Q: How do you perceive FaceBrowser’s actions against ‘hate-posts’? How do you believe that FaceBrowser could improve its services?


A: ‘More administration, really. While people have a freedom of speech, they should be mindful of others. Racism and anti-Semitism of any kind should be deleted, it only breeds hate between the parties involved in certain conflicts.’


Q: How would you describe your online persona, and do you have any final words to be included into the article?


A: ‘I would definitely consider my persona as being more troll'ish and laid back, I like to have fun on the internet. I like to think that people do not take me seriously on the internet, I at least hope they do not.’


Photo Credit: Rot Garden

Lastly, an affiliate to Sevencz is interviewed, known as their alias ‘Rot Garden.’ Rot Garden’s persona is fiery, entertaining, and welcoming. Although subtle with his answers, Rot Garden’s answers specify on FaceBrowser’s community being welcoming, and humorous to others across the site’s platform. Additionally, Rot Garden subtly answers the rumours associated with his character, and is the last participant included in the article.

Q: Have you personally experienced harassment on FaceBrowser’s services? If so, how did it occur and did FaceBrowser’s services compensate against the targeted posts?


A: ‘Yes, I'm actually being harassed by a band of rogue feminist who are either trying to fuck me, or fuck my friends.. Sevencz.’


Q: How do you perceive FaceBrowser’s community and have you witnessed indirect and or direct harassment that could have been avoided?


A: ‘FaceBrowser's community is honestly hilarious as fuck and the best people I've ever encountered in my life. I love you guys.’


Q: How do you believe that FaceBrowser could improve their services?


A: ‘FaceBrowser’s service is great, just stop verifying these people that don't do a damn thing.’


Q: How do you feel about FaceBrowser’s associated pages spreading rumours about you? Whether that may be falsified or truthful.


A: ‘A lot of it was true, that is all.’


Q: How would you describe your online persona, and do you have any final words to be included into the article?


A: ‘I am Rot Garden, the Sevencz gang-gang leader in training. Final words? When life has you down remember truck nuts, let them drag, let them spark. Follow me on FaceBrowser, Rot Garden.’

In contrast to the female’s perspective and initial response to FaceBrowser’s platform – the men associated in the article expressed a more so positive opinion to FaceBrowser’s services, despite some being harassed personally. The secondary article varies with the prior article, explaining a male’s perspective and detailing on four male perspectives on FaceBrowser’s platform and the harassment they have received, or lack of harassment received on the website. To the viewer reading, who’s opinion do you align with more? The women’s perspective or the male’s perspective? What are your personalised beliefs on FaceBrowser’s services and or administration? And lastly, do you the reader, believe that the individuals being harassed are justified in being harassed? - EZRA


Edited by Sammy
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Devil    0

Username: freespirit47

Comment: keinan is a cry baby, i want bell's babies, keith is lying cuz im harassing his ass right now and leave my boi rot garden alone smh

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IrCam    8

Username: 12bucklemyshoe

Comment: Another great article, but...Who the f*** is Keith and why is such an unknown person even featured? Next time please select people who've had more of an impact in the social media community like you did with the females. 

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shrike.    10

Username: MissAnneTropi123

Comment: Vapid. If I needed any reason to dismiss a male perspective, you have just delivered it in a tidy package. These articles attempt to justify radically inappropriate behaviors through exposition on some basis it'll open people's eyes to understanding on both sides when all it really does is promote the legalization of euthanasia. And who the fuck is Keith? 

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Sammy    56

Username: MsEzra

Comment: Note taken, however, I wanted to include more narrative other than individual's who have had 'impact.' In the earlier article, that was not intended. The women I inquired had more prevalence in the community and personal experience with the article's inquiries, similar to the male perspective's content - I asked those who I thought would fit into the narrative of the piece. However, I'm open to critiques! That's also fair, Luca - I delivered both articles in an unbiased way, and you're free to have your opinion on which side you are more aligned toward.

Edited by Sammy

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pogoyo    95

Username: FiveGuysLibertarian


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Omerta    204

Username: inuyashalover 

Comment: Fuck Keinan Walker

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