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  1. Behind the Diagnosis... Schizophrenia Miia Novak, Psy.D Schizophrenia is a scary, daunting word. When we hear it, most people immediately fall onto the assumption of a sufferer having lost their marbles. However, that is not the case. When it comes to schizophrenia, there is a lot of misconceptions about what it truly is. It is a scary and frightening condition in its own right, as it can manifest and develop equally amongst men and women. About 1 in 100 people will have one episode of schizophrenia, with two thirds of these developing further episodes at some point. At least 26 million people worldwide are living with schizophrenia, 2.6 million being Americans, according to the World Health Organization - with many more indirectly affected by it. In this series, I’m going to be divulging into the inner workings of various mental conditions that are very much present in everyday life. We’ll be looking into the mind of those affected by such conditions, as well as the treatments available today with the wonders of modern medicine, therapy and support. We’ll also be debunking the myths and misconceptions behind these disorders, which negatively impact the support people suffering from these conditions get, affecting their path to helping combat their condition, or cause them to not seek support at all. This week, Behind the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia. The Symptoms of Schizophrenia. When it comes to symptoms of schizophrenia, there is actually quite a few. Schizophrenia changes how a person thinks and behaves. The condition may develop slowly. The first signs can be hard to identify as they often develop during the teenage years. With young people, some symptoms can be mistaken for normal adolescent behavior. For example, becoming socially withdrawn and unresponsive or changes in sleeping patterns. Many believe it is just one ‘symptom’ with underlying behaviors. This is simply not true. As a matter of fact, in the world of psychiatry, it is accepted there is actually and called Positive and Negative symptoms of schizophrenia. One might ask, how could there possibly be a positive and negative to such a condition? Well, it basically means what you would see in a normal person, would be considered abnormal. It breaks it down, and groups the symptoms to make it easier to understand the inner workings behind schizophrenia on a simpler level. So, what would these positive and negative symptoms look like? Well, for starters; Hallucinations are positive. Hallucinations are when you see, smell, hear, taste or even feel things that do not exist. The most common being the hearing of voices. For a person experiencing a schizophrenic episode, these hallucinations can and are very real to the person. Even though the people around them can’t hear, or experience the same sensation, the person affected takes it as fact. Psychiatrists and mental health professionals have done research into the hallucination factor. Brain-scanning shows there is a change in the speech area in that sector of our brain to those hearing voices for example. The brain mistakes the thoughts for real voices, as if they truly are hearing voices as fact. Often enough, it is not always experienced as a ‘one on one’ talk so to say - the voices can originate from different places, for example the television or car radio. Some people describe the voices they hear as friendly or even pleasant, however more often they’re rude, critical and abusive to others. Hallucinations like this also factor into the next symptom; Delusions are positive. By definition, a delusion is a belief held with a very strong conviction despite contradicting reality, even if this belief is based on strange or unrealistic views. It can affect the way a person suffering from schizophrenia behaves. Delusions can also begin suddenly, or develop over weeks, months or even years. Schizophrenics may develop a delusion to explain the hallucination they are experiencing. For example, one might describe their actions of hearing voices as someone trying to monitor them, such as the police or media. They may experience a paranoid delusion, one where they believe they are being harassed or persecuted over their choices. May believe they are being followed during their daily life, or being plotted against which often tends to be a family member or friend. Other such delusions might be believing the media, newspapers and TV are relaying and communicating messages to you personally. These delusions are present in a lot of cases of schizophrenia, however many do say it is not as prevalent to them personally, like the extreme cases provided above. Changes in behavior and thoughts This is another ‘positive’ symptom that’s listed. What this means is, a person’s behavior may become more disorganized and unpredictable in what they do. Their appearance may seem unusual to others they come across. People with schizophrenia may also behave inappropriately to their surroundings, they become agitated or shout or swear for no apparent reason. May also believe that their thoughts are not their own, or being controlled by someone else, or even disappearing as if someone removed a certain thought from their mind. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia often appear several years before the first acute episode. Normally psychiatrists and mental health professionals call this the ‘prodromal period’ of schizophrenia. These symptoms usually appear to gradually and slowly get worse as time progresses. This might include the person becoming more socially withdrawn, lose interest in appearance or personal hygiene. However, these symptoms can be very difficult to tell if they are related to the development of schizophrenia, it could possibly be caused by something else. Other symptoms that people living with the condition they said affected them was the likes of losing interest in activities and life itself, like forming relationships. This could also contribute to another condition known as depression which is why it can be hard to tell. Lack of concentration and changes to their sleeping patterns is another. Such symptoms can and do lead to problems with friends and family. It can be mistaken for deliberate rudeness, for instance. The First Episode When dealing with schizophrenia, what often follows at some point in the condition’s lifetime is psychosis. When it’s time comes around, the very first episode of acute psychosis can be extremely difficult to cope with - for the person who is affected with the condition and for their family and friends. It’s frightening for those exposed to it, and can last for several weeks. People often have episodes of schizophrenia when their symptoms are severe. This is acute schizophrenia. They can then go through periods with few or no symptoms. Thoughts can still be confused or muddled. Even when there are no obvious external symptoms. Drastic changes in their behavior can occur, becoming extremely upset, anxious, angry or confused with those around them. They may grow wary and suspicious of friends and family. They may not think they need help, or find it very hard to persuade them to visit a professional. Losing touch with reality is a big symptom in an episode of psychosis. Disturbed thoughts become the forefront of psychosis, they may believe an organization or someone is out to get them. This ties in with the delusions spoken about earlier, however more rampant during an episode. Misconceptions about schizophrenia When it comes to the topic of schizophrenia, there is quite a lot of misinformation regarding it. It’s more misinformed than any other mental health condition out there. A diagnosis of schizophrenia does not mean the person affected has a ‘split personality’ or mean that the person will be calm for one minute, and out of control the next. That is not what schizophrenia as a whole does. It often gets confused with psychopathic tendencies, or bi-polar disorder. Stories, movies and other forms of media often tend to present people with schizophrenia as dangerous and unhinged, even though most people diagnosed with the condition do not commit any violent crimes. Another misconception is that those affected upon who hear voices are dangerous and tell the person to commit a violent crime. This is not the case, in fact the voices are more likely to suggest they harm themselves than someone else and actually do have a choice in what the voices say to them. Another misconception being that schizophrenia only involves delusions and hallucinations. This is incorrect. Psychosis is unusual and frightening, and its popular culture in media so it naturally associates schizophrenia with delusions and hallucinations more than any other symptom. This causes the misinformation with the positive and negative symptoms. Another big myth and misconception is that schizophrenia cannot be treated. Again, untrue. In older movies, or older generations in general, people suffering from the condition were taken away to institutions and left there for the rest of their lives in isolation. This obviously caused the condition to worsen and made people believe it was lost hope. It was often seen as receiving a life sentence in prison. Although it’s true it cannot be cured, it can be successfully treated with rehabilitation, psycho-social therapies and medication. Proper treatment however requires the person to come to terms with the condition, and seek the help they need, Institutions are there to help one another, not lock them away like the olden times. With the proper treatment from said professionals and institutions.. People with schizophrenia can start being themselves again and become completely healthy. Getting Help If you or someone you know and care for, are experiencing the symptoms of schizophrenia - you may wish to contact your GP or reach out to psychiatric professionals who can steer the affected in the right direction. If you do not feel comfortable approaching it that way, speaking to social services or a local community health team can also support you. As you need urgent support, or feel like harming yourself or anyone else for that matter, head to the nearest hospital emergency department, or dial 911. As scary as the condition might sound, getting the help you or someone you know, needs, is the first step to overcoming it. Next week, Behind the Diagnosis will focus on the topic of Borderline Personality Disorder Saints News
  2. DRESS TO IMPRESS Nightwear This content is unsuitable for people under the age of 18. BY LOLA MENDOZA Good day, readers! It has been a while since the last publish of our celebrated fashion blog. As our sincerest apology, we aim to provide a more frequent flow of these blogs for Saints News, which will relatively soon include a male model as well. In that regard, "Dress to Impress" is also satisfied to announce that our little sanctuary now has two new model additions, Jade & Geo. If there ever was a cloud of mystery behind what "Dress to Impress" really is, we'd like to unravel that enigma now. The primary intentions behind these informative blogs are self-explanatory. To provide innovative and convenient solutions when it comes to your dressing strains. Majority of the clothing pieces we combine are already fairly accessible within the clothing stores across Los Santos. As it stands behind every article, our disclaimers also state that under no circumstances do we take any claim to be all-knowledgable when it comes to fashion. Open criticism and suggestions will naturally always be dearly embraced for our blogs to improve! To return on the main subject of the blog. Today's fashion cover will give lingerie a focus, particularly how to return that notorious confidence back in the bedroom. When your first thought regarding these provocative wears lingers within your mind, the majority of the crowd automatically assumes that it has something to do with lust and sexiness. While it stands that these wears are out there to satisfy your partner, it also exists for the ladies who want to please themselves. A hope to return the resolution back and present the lingerie style under a different light. Embrace the liberty a modern society provides, experiment and find joy in the unknown. You can always toy around with your lingerie sets. Be playful one week, and domineering the other. Set up your own environment and live in a fantasy of your own, stress-free. Additionally, we'd like to give our own input when it comes to usual do's and don'ts when it comes to how you wear your lingerie. Tips: Buy it cheap. If the situation comes down to it, your partner is likely is going to rip it right off of you, so it’s not like you need anything elaborate. Don’t inform your partner that you bought lingerie. Maintain that element of surprise. If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, you can get babydoll lingerie that covers the area. The point of wearing lingerie is to look sexy, but you won’t look sexy if you’re uncomfortable. Wear heels. If you’re going to go through the trouble of wearing lingerie, you might as well slip into some sexy shoes to complete the look. You don’t have to start off by wearing garter belts and nipple tassels. You can wear a lacy nightgown and it’ll make your partner equally as entertained. Take pictures in your lingerie to feel like you got your money’s worth. You know what color you look best in, but you can never go wrong with black or red. If you think the outfit is missing a little something, add a necklace (or a collar). Put your lingerie underneath your clothes and then wait until you’re out in public to let your partner know it’s hidden there. Finding out will be an instant turn-on, especially when you’re surrounded by other people. Or, if you don’t want to wear an entire outfit under your regular outfit, wear crotchless panties with a skirt instead. It’ll have the same effect. If you’re brave, you can steal an idea from the movies and wear a trench coat over your lingerie. Show up at your partner’s house wearing it, and then drop it as soon as you get inside. Today's presentation will excitedly feature our new model, Jade! She was more than happy to co-operate and for that, we express our eternal gratitude for this amazing team-efficiency that we had during the photo session. You'll be seeing her in our future blogs too, as one of the leading models for "Dress to Impress". MODEL: Jade PHOTOGRAPHER: Lola DISCLAIMER As it stands, tastes can be disputed, and I certainly do not claim to be all-knowledgable when it comes to fashion. My aim here was to provide a swift and easy solution to those that cannot seem to trigger their fashion senses. For deeper research, I strongly advise that you check actual modeling and fashion websites. Stay tuned for more stories, and as always, contact Saints so that we can broadcast them! MORE FROM SAINTS The State of the City DJ Egorka - Interview 'Rascal' & The Internal Audit SAINTS NEWS #ForSaintsBySaints
  3. The Importance Of Prioritizing Mental Health Miia R. Novak, Psy.D When we work on improving our wellbeing, we often focus on cleaning up our eating habits or getting into shape. However, improving how we think or feel is just as important as working on our bodies, so it's important to start thinking about the different ways we can prioritize our mental health. Everyone says they’d like to take care of their wellbeing, but often forget that their mental health is also an important factor in reaching it. We put such high importance on excellent physical health, so why do we not do the same when it comes to mental health? It’s no secret that there is a stigma against mental health. Sometimes it’s easier to sweep problems under the rug rather than facing them head-on. Sometimes people feel ashamed to speak to someone. In the long run, though, that does nothing but cause more pain. For us to perform at our best, to be the person we want to be, we have to understand that taking care of ourselves mentally is a must. Allowing room in our lives for self-care, relaxation and self-forgiveness means that you can avoid the mental burnout that comes with life and its harshness it can throw at you. In this article, we’re going to explore the different aspects one could and should follow when it comes to their mental health. Tips on how to help prioritize and guide the stressors of everyday life and strengthening your mental health along the way. First and foremost, Accept that it is OK with not being OK. One crucial step towards prioritizing and taking care of your mental health is to understand that it is okay to not be okay. In today’s day and age, we all know how easy it is to have any negative thoughts and feelings shoved to the back of our minds and try to distract ourselves in order not to think about them. We need to realize that it is perfectly okay to feel upset or sad or anxious and that it is perfectly okay to talk about it with someone. No one expects you to be happy at all times; it is certainly unrealistic to even fathom that. We all have bad days. So get the help and finding someone to talk to about it does not mean there is something wrong with you. It is a step that is above and beyond, a huge leap towards making things okay again. Be aware of that little voice inside you; does it work for or against you. An important aspect of taking care of your mental health is to reconsider the way you talk to yourself - your inner voice. Everyone you know, at work, school or the coffee shop all have this voice in their head with which they converse. You talk to yourself nearly all the time. Unfortunately, for some, that voice can be negative. If that voice of yours is the case, it has a very harmful effect on how you process and on your mental health in general. Take for instance if you were to seek out a friend for advice. It would be shocking if your friend turned around and blamed you for all your problems. You’d have none of it. Somehow though, if that voice in your head said so, most find it acceptable. So by merely noticing that little voice, and changing those words to positivity - it can make a massive leap towards improving your mental health. Understand that being able to say ‘No’ can be a good thing. Most stress in life comes from one’s urge to take on tasks they cannot juggle effectively, creating this stressful feeling we’ve all endured at one point in our life. Saying no to something can feel like you’re letting someone down, but that simple word can make a huge difference if you feel like stress is a core problem. Saying no can be especially hard for those who want to help or love to be needed, but in the long run, it is a good way to reduce that stress in your life. Resist the urge to take on someone else’s responsibility. Make time for yourself. There is a significant importance to having ‘me’ time and engaging with it as best you can. You need to take care of yourself if you want to able able to succeed. Self-care is different for everybody. What might work great for someone may not necessarily be the best option for you. Find an activity, exercise, or game that you enjoy and that makes you feel good about yourself. Hopefully, something that provides you with some relaxation and allows you to quiet your mind. Engaging in these activities allows us to remember that life isn’t just about the daily stress and that something as small as doing so will help you in the long run. Don’t allow your schedule to kick out that self-care continuously. Life does happen and has responsibilities but that does not mean we can’t find some time out for the care we deserve. Get some sleep. We all had a moment in our lives where we’d sacrifice sleep to get work done or to spend time socializing with others. However, the lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your mental wellbeing. Research shows that if you do not get a sufficient amount of sleep that it can very well start affecting your mental wellbeing. Getting that sleep is very important. Socialize! Getting together for a few drinks with friends is another great way to strengthen your mental wellbeing. By interacting with friends, co-workers or family, it can affect our way of thinking and direct the ‘voice’ spoken about earlier. Going to the cinema, out to get coffee and food, or just relaxing at home with a few friends makes great strides and not many realize that. Speak to a professional. One of the most important things, however, is to speak to someone whom you can relay anything that you feel is wrong in your life to. Be that a psychologist, like myself, or a councilor at work. They are there to help you through any thoughts you may have on whatever it is that affects your mental wellbeing. They are trained to deal in a variety of scenarios. Do not be afraid of seeking one, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to someone for help when you might need it the most. Do not suffer in silence, speak up when you feel down. It is okay to not be okay. Let yourself be heard. Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  4. Detectives search Radley "Rascal" Morton's home for evidence of child pornography Radley "Rascal" Morton Arrested on Child Pornography Charges Detectives Currently Combing Through Evidence Ryan D Price Radley Morton, commonly known by his FaceBrowser moniker "Rascal", was arrested by LSPD officers Wednesday evening for allegedly, "trafficking child pornography in the state of San Andreas." Outside of Morton's trailer in Stab City, Police Chief Charles Hughes addressed the media. "Over the last week, the Detective Bureau's Cyber Crimes Section has been working hard on identifying and investigating key individuals involved in trafficking child pornography in the state of San Andreas. Today we are standing in front of the house of Mister Radley Morton. Mister Morton has been found to be the person behind several Facebrowser accounts, including but not limited to: Rascal, Rascai, Bird is the word, NotRascal, and Rascalification. Following our investigation into these FaceBrowser accounts, we identified him to be the source. The detectives behind me are currently checking out the house for any signs of child pornography stored inside. Mister Morton was arrested five minutes ago for his involvement in trafficking Child Pornography and should be en route to Mission Row Station as we speak. I must clarify that so far the LSPD has only found mister Morton peddling his wares. We have not found any actual child pornography, which is the reason why we're currently searching his domicile." Police, at the time of this article's writing, are currently combing through evidence taken from Morton's trailer in search of evidence to pin him on charges of Child Abuse and Endangerment. Each item of child pornography, if found by detectives on Morton's personal computers, would see him face a minimum of three years in prison. "If there are fifty videos, he will be charged with fifty counts.", Chief Hughes said of Morton's possible charges. When asked how LSPD became aware of Morton's acts, Hughes elaborated, "We were issued an electronic surveillance warrant which we used to breach his accounts. In his private messages, we found repeated attempts to sell child pornography to random users on Facebrowser. Mister Morton, however, did not share any over the medium. Thus we are still investigating how he delivers it to his clients." If child pornography is not found on his personal devices, Morton will still be facing charges, according to Chief Hughes, "At the moment, we are looking to charge mister Morton with Child Abuse and Endangerment, which this crime falls under. If it turns out that he does not possess said pornography, we will be seeking to charge him with different charges relevant to infringing on public decency or something of that likeness. We and the DA's office take sex offenders very seriously, as we should." This is the first operation carried out by the LSPD's new cybercrimes team. According to the Police Chief, cyber crimes will be a larger focus moving forward. "This case will be our first official one, and hopefully, our first successful one." He went on to say, regarding the unique situation modern technology puts law enforcement in, "We feel like the digital landscape is very much still the unknown, and our people working it should have as much leeway as possible." Saints News will continue to cover this story as it develops. Saints News
  5. LSPD Officers look on as LSFD units work to extinguish the fire Fire in La Mesa Arson Suspected as "FireBat" Claims Responsibility Ryan D Price Flames engulfed a small trailer on the concrete banks of the canals and sewers new Little Bighorn Avenue in La Mesa this evening. LSPD and LSFD units responded immediately, extinguishing the structure fire quickly. This comes amidst a series of arsons for which a FaceBrowser user under the moniker "FireBat" has taken responsibility. Soon after LSFD arrived on scene, FireBat posted on FaceBrowser. LSPD had a detective on the scene shortly after the fire was extinguished and are continuing to investigate the matter. If you have any information regarding this incident or any other related to this string of arsonry please contact LSPD. Saints News will continue coverage as this story progresses. Saints News
  6. Club Royale A Noble Journey Lola Mendoza Hello again, readers! Today we present to you another slice of LS nightlife. We're taking a look at Club Royale. Despite my late arrival, just from what I saw from outside of the club, I gathered that the place was packed! Parking spots were occupied throughout the entire street. Naturally, I had to park a block farther. Luckily enough there wasn't a massive line at the entrance and I managed to slide inside rather quickly. I was awestruck by the long, illuminated hall that led into the club. It certainly amplified the beginning of my journey, especially with the ongoing music that streamed through my ears. With the successful emergence from the incandescent hall, I spent a good minute or two simply observing how sizeable the club was. The bar sits in the middle of the venue, conveniently enough. There were several tables with comfortable seats on the right for those who either do not find it as appealing to shake their hips as other patrons or were merely exhausted from it. The DJ booth and the dance floor were on the left, and as expected it was filled with a joyful crowd. DJ LeChamp was in control of the symphonies. I also believe that I caught a firm glimpse of a gambling area, but I did not dare access it. The active manager of the Club was more than hospitable, as they introduced me to the VIP lounge the moment they spotted me. I graciously accepted the offer. The entrance to the VIP lounge contained a flight of stairs with a security guard protecting the path ahead. I've chosen to purposely keep the mystery behind the VIP area hidden away, but I did manage to snap a few photos of what was going on beneath it. I honestly cannot say that I was met with any unpleasantries. Everything was more or less in order. The crowd was as lively as could be and the DJ played some astonishing tunes. The setting was definitely next-level. The only critique I'd have is that the place perhaps deserved more attention, as some of the areas were rather empty. Needless to say, I'll be visiting them again - and so should you! Stay tuned for more stories, and as always, contact Saints so that we can broadcast them! More From Saints #WorldMentalHealthDay - Suicide Prevention Galaxy Nightmare AURA - Review Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  7. #WorldMentalHealthDay Suicide Prevention By Miia R. Novak, Psy.D World Mental Health Day takes place today - 10th October and this year’s theme is ‘Suicide Prevention’. Earlier this year, I wrote an article on Suicide Prevention following a devastating incident that took someone’s life (Understanding Suicide) - Today is the day incidents like that are brought to public light, and the measures to stop suicide are talked about.. Today is the day in which people should ‘go loud’, on the topic and make their voices heard. The day provides an opportunity for you to add to the wider conversation that will be occurring on social media, television and elsewhere. Remaining quiet is not the way to go. Talk about it, check in with others and look after one another. You are not alone. Suicide has a prevalent appearance in Los Santos, from friends to family to colleagues, it's likely most of us have lost someone to suicide. In the US, nearly 40,000 people die from suicide every year, being listed as the tenth leading cause of death. In the world, 800,000 lives are taken due to suicide every year. This equates to about one death every 40 seconds. Between 15-29-year-olds, suicide is listed as the second leading cause of death among that demographic. The statistics surrounding suicide as a whole are quite staggering and dangerous. The main thing with suicide is that sufferers may not speak out about what it is they are truly feeling, which makes tackling such an issue harder. If you know someone who is suffering, or if you are suffering with such thoughts yourself - be heard, reach out to someone who will listen and guide you. Psychologists like myself are here to listen, and to give our guidance on the issue at hand. There are many organisations such as the Crisis Text Line, Suicide Prevention/Stop Suicide site and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline who all deal with urgent situations like this. Shine a Light on the topic. If you do feel like there is more going on inside yours, or someone you know’s head - Remember the steps; W - watch out for signs of distress and uncharacteristic behavior A - ask “are you having suicidal thoughts?” I - it will pass – assure your loved one that, with help, their suicidal feelings will pass with time. T - talk to others, encourage the affected to seek help from a GP or health professional.
  8.  Galaxy Nightmare  Ryan D. Price Galaxy Nightclub's FaceBrowser page boasts that its management is "always setting the necessities of clients ahead of themselves". Upon hearing what happened to Lexi Miller last night at Galaxy that seems a bit hard to believe. Saints News sat down with Lexi hours after the incident to hear her story. "Once we stepped in, some guy randomly grabbed me and held me to his body in the middle of the club. I obviously shoved him off and stepped away. The only guard who was inside noticed and approached us." This sounds like effective security work until learning what happened next. "The guard literally stared at that guy trying to assault my boyfriend." As the situation got worse, the inaction of the security staff continued according to Miller. "Eventually, the guard called the other one who was checking up IDs outside. I pulled my boyfriend aside to avoid causing a scene out of it. However, the guy didn't even care about the guards and approached us to snatch my hat and insult me again. Then he simply headed outside with the rest of his crew. One of them was like 'You didn't inform us about it' while he was standing right next to us." Executive Security handles security operations at Galaxy. According to their own FaceBrowser page, the company is "a professional organization with experienced leadership and security contractors." Miller's incident comes on the heels of other controversies involving the security firm ranging from potential dishonesty pertaining to their connection with Executive Association, to blatant incompetence that cost a life. Miller says she's not angry about what happened at the club, noting that incidents like this happen all the time in Los Santos. "I'm more frustrated about the lack of management and security in that club." Saints News
  9. Broken Homes, Poverty, and Intimidation The forging of the modern-day gang member & awareness By Miia. R. Novak, Psy.D Inclusion. Nearly everyone you know seeks it. It is a natural state we are all capable of, and fall back on due to being human - the social creature. We all find that inclusion with various aspects in our lives, be it at the workplace, school or at the end of a suburban cul-du-sac with neighbors. But how does that inclusion, that need for community lead some adolescents or young adults into the life of crime? How can one find a sense of community in a gang? When we think of gangs, the conclusion nearly everyone jumps to is the gang-land violence that ensues with the title. Gang-culture rose during the eighties and nineties, which anyone who resides in Los Santos would probably be accustomed to either by tales or first hand experience. Today however, as society moves forward, so does the thinking and mentality of established gangs. However, what does remain untouched is the brutality and intimidation that has always been present in gang-culture. As with practically all cases relating to gang-culture, violence is inherent at its core. Anyone participating plays by the notion of it being fair game and feel subject to said violence. This often leads to dangerous scenarios where innocent bystanders may be killed, or injured by the violence inflicted by said gangs, regardless of being a man, woman or child. Some victims of this violence are, or were often once-rival members of an opposing gang. Violence being the central element, it often makes the situation more damaging and complex compared to other forms of violence outside of what would be considered gang-culture. As the modern-age moves forward, adapting to the new technologies forming around us is the norm - same goes for gangs. Once upon a time, gang-members used weapons such as knives, heavy duty chains or homemade crude weaponry such as deadly pipe or zip firearms. Nowadays, it’s shotguns, automatic rifles, handguns and even explosives. Their tools adapt to the changing world, but so do their prevention measures to being caught by law enforcement. In the past, clothing was in essence, the identity of that gang. Seeing as the culture surrounding gangs is built on identity and the sense of inclusion in a community - you can imagine how important the colors are for a gang. Colors like red, or blue were the identifying colors for two major gangs in Los Santos. Nowadays, while the identity still is the biggest factor in gangs - the deception measures needed to avoid law-enforcement have called for changes in how members dress and what colors they use. The use of accessories such as caps, jewelry and bandanas have diminished in an effort to thwart law-enforcement profiling and noticing them, or recognizing their affiliation. However, even with these deception measures in place, it can still be recognizable. When it comes to young teenagers or adults, what are the possible tell-tale signs that could hint to gang-involvement? Gang involvement can begin as early as elementary school. Children as young as seven or eight years of age have been recruited to work in criminal street gangs, and are often selected due to their age. This opens the path for manipulation, which many criminal gangs do attempt on young minds. Many parents are unaware that their children could be involved in gang activity. Parents and even educators should watch for signs that their children and pupils might be involved with gang activity. Typically, when it comes to younger ages the most obvious signs would be behavior changes. Many parents chalk it up to being simply a phase, however there could be more to it. In terms of early warning signs, there are a few. Not to be taken as a direct sign of it, however merely to keep awareness to the fact. Early signs could include; Experimental drug use. Truancy, or absenteeism from school. Change of friends. Rebellious behavior at school and home. Poor family bonding. Having large sums of money or new expensive items which cannot be explained. However, when it comes to direct tell-tale signs, there are a variety of factors that start showing. Such factors include; Gang graffiti in their bedroom on items such as books, posters and bedroom walls. Wearing a gang’s clothing or colors. Disclosure of gang membership. Using hand signals to communicate with "friends", other gang members. Excessive swearing or cursing. Having photos showing gang names, gang slogans, gang insignia or gang activities. Initiation activities. May carry hidden weapons. While these signs are more than likely the case that the person is involved, there are a few that may not show these signs at all. Not all gang members are obvious in their dress or manner. Asian gangs, for example, are not immediately recognizable by their attire. They often remain respectful to their peers, to authority. They maintain a respectable image, remain in school and keep their grades high. Involvement in a gang is not known until an incident happens. Gang Awareness - What consists of gang-culture as a whole Gangs typically exist in urban areas, and more recently in Blaine County areas as well. They number well over a quarter million youths throughout the West-Coast region. When it comes to Los Santos itself, their violent acts claim an average of one life a day. Due to the easily obtainable supply of firearms, this is the sad fact of the effect gang-violence has on society. This, coupled with the availability of drugs, including alcohol, leads to much of the impulsive violence that occurs. Also worth mentioning that movies, the internet, and to an extent Facebrowser - often seem to glamorize the rebellious nature and gangster lifestyle which can often lead to younger adults pursuing that type of lifestyle. Street gangs in Los Santos are described by definition under law-enforcement, as a group of individuals who may or may not claim control over a certain territory in the community and engage, either individually or collectively, in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. They do exactly that. When it comes to gang hierarchy - few gangs have some form of leadership, most do not have a formal organization however and resort their leader to the strongest or most active member. When it comes to the naming of a gang, they often take claims to a particular territory or neighborhood and directs its criminal activity towards rival gangs and the general population in the form of robberies, assaults and narcotics sales. That, in essence is the fundamental reason gangs do when they seek that need for identity, that need for community. Rather, leadership roles in street gangs are normally assumed by a member who demonstrates or asserts dominant control at a particular incident they may be involved in. With smaller gangs, however, it is more likely that a single individual will become a recognized leader. When it comes to how gangs may come up with their name - many adopt names that have significance when related to their neighborhoods (street names, hills, valleys, housing projects, etc.) Some gangs are generally further be divided into smaller groups and such. An established gang may then participate in a variety of anti-social behaviors, such as battery, sexual assault, damage to property, murder, gang wars and other criminal activity that fall under any such gang-related incident. While a gang may participate in such activity, there are various divisions in law-enforcement that are directly involved with the suppression of gang-activity and outreach. Such divisions like the Gang Impact Team of the Los Santos Police Department tend to be involved in such situations. Outreach is also another factor in which the department tries. Reaching out to try and dissuade youngsters from falling in with gangs, and ultimately helping so it won’t affect their life as a whole. Reaching out to those affected by gangs is hard, but there are people who are there to help. If you feel affected personally, try your best to distant yourself from the actions of these gangs. It will be hard, but there are support and youth groups out there that help push you in the right direction. More from Saints The Perception of Gangs Saints News
  10. President Trump Addresses the Media Outside the Whitehouse on Thursday (Leah Mills/Reuters) Commentary: Trump's Ukraine Dilemma Deepens Ryan D. Price Well, he's really gone and done it. On Thursday, President Donald Trump spoke to the media outside the White House and basically admitted to everything House Democrats hoped to prove in their impeachment inquiry. "I would say that President Zelensky, if it were me, I would recommend that they start an investigation into the Bidens." That quote came shortly after the President exclaimed, out of the blue, that China should also investigate the Bidens. It's important to note here that he at no time during his ever-familiar stream-of-consciousness ranting admitted that he himself had already put pressure on either Ukraine or China to investigate. He simply said he'd recommend they do so. However, Trump's bold attitude about this whole thing isn't surprising. House Democrats can move to impeach and bring the case before the Republican-led Senate who will not convict. With the latest Gallup poll showing 87% job approval for Trump among GOP voters, it'd be political suicide for any GOP senator to vote to convict the President. In the meantime, the entire impeachment process can be spun easily as a "witch hunt" by the Trump Administration - a tactic they're already putting to use. By spending the entirety of his first campaign and first term in office lashing out at the media, Trump's solidified among his base a complete distrust for basically any news story that doesn't come out of his mouth (or from his fingers on Twitter). What Democrats hope will shine a damaging light on alleged corruption and harm the President's reelection bid might just end up rallying the President's base more than ever. But is any of this real? Did Trump use or attempt to use his office to pressure Ukranian President Zelensky into investigating his political rival's family? A round of text messages released by the House Intelligence Committee seems to at least add a bit of credence to the notion. These texts between US diplomats aren't just bad optics. They're downright damning. Bill Taylor, the US's top diplomat in Ukraine, expressed his opinion that it was "crazy" to withhold military aid in an attempt to benefit Trump's reelection. Taylor has served under four administrations as US Ambassador to Ukraine. Gordon Sondland, who quickly replied to the text (shown in the picture above), is the US Ambassador to the European Union, and also a Trump megadonor. Sondland put more than one million dollars towards Trump's campaign in 2016 before being appointed to his current position. Particularly suspicious is his insistence that the conversation be taken offline, away from text messages. As President Trump's public persona becomes more erratic than ever in the face of an impeachment inquiry it's hard to look at the mounting evidence and not see something unsettling. The oath the President took upon inauguration was this: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." If Trump is indeed abusing the power of his office to pressure foreign leaders into helping his reelection bid, as the texts seem to show, it's hard to say he is faithfully executing the Office. MORE FROM SAINTS [Saints Radio] Missed Our Interview With Chief Hughes? [Saints News] Opinion: Is "Medicare For All" A Good Idea? [Saints News] DRESS TO IMPRESS (Night-Out Wear) Saints News
  11. YOUR GUIDE TO NIGHTWEAR EMBRACE YOUR GLAMOUR LOLA MENDOZA (Female article) "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." Hey, LS! Another day, another fashion thematic article. To continue our colorful journey through the world of fashion, Saints News resumes to pierce through your minds with inventive threads. In today's cover, we will present to you a set of diverse fashion styles that you can wear during your night-out in Los Santos. Remember that there are no boundaries that limit you on how you want to express yourself and look chic. Whether you’re headed to an RnB bar or a ’70s inspired discotheque, the exhilarating feeling of a good boogie is immeasurable. Make a statement with your glamorous display in the prosperous city of Los Santos today, thanks to Saints. The dancing podium is yours! Essentially, you want to wear something comfortable and also to feel liberating when it comes to experimenting with colors. Go wild - it is your night! Accessories like handbags, jewelry, and sunglass are valuable assets too. "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." Model: Lola Mendoza 1. THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY It's a known fact that black and subtle shades of gold are an unbeatable match. Try yourself out with the captivating swing dress. This style has a classic silhouette that is perfect for almost any body type, as it creates an illusion of an hourglass figure, even if you do not have one. 2. THE DANCING MANIAC Here we have an example of an energetic outfit choice. Comfortable to wear, refreshing to look at. It will certainly ensure that all your dancing maneuvers come to life. 3. THE ORANGE DELIGHT A leather jacket, dress top and jeans have always received a warm welcome on the partying stage. Sometimes it's all in the simplicity of things and the perfect execution. These colorful variations will certainly catch someone's glimpse. 4. THE COMMANDO Dominate with the army look on the dancing podium. Prove that you do not require a gun to be badass. 5. THE NOCTURNAL MISTRESS The night is yours, conquer it! Give this delicate wide-sleeve dress a shot! The sly dye of blue around the heel, in consolidation with the identical lipstick color or a handbag will make it an embellishing masterpiece! 6. THE OTHERWORDLY SENSATION A liberating delivery. Declare your comfort with these ambitious pieces. Another illustration of a leather jacket in impeccable combination with a crop top and a wrap skirt. The heel model is also a rare sight, something that should definitely be encouraged further on. 7. THE HOLLYHOCK Just like the flower itself, this alluring wear will convincingly attract all the curious birdies out there. Take control of the environment. Nothing can compete with a sexy corset and wide-leg trousers. 8. THE FLORAL ASCENDANCE Sprout life all around you with this slim dress! These merry colors and flowery theme will keep the spotlight upon you permanently. 9. THE PREDATOR No-one's escaping your claws tonight! Adopt this deadly appearance as your own and mark your prey, their fate is now in your hands. DISCLAIMER As it stands, tastes can be disputed, and I certainly do not claim to be all-knowledgable when it comes to fashion. My aim here was to provide a swift and easy solution to those that cannot seem to trigger their fashion senses. For deeper research, I strongly advise that you check actual modeling and fashion websites. __________ Stay tuned for more interesting articles in the future! As always, reach out to Saints News with any stories! MORE FROM SAINTS A HARMONY REVIEW Review - The Banjo String Interview with DJ AoI Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  12. Bernie Sanders, US Senator from Vermont, Presidential Candidate, and Vocal Proponent of "Medicare for All" [New York Times] Opinion: Is "Medicare for All" A Good Idea? Ryan D Price Vermont is one of the wealthiest (per capita) and smallest states in the Union. It’s also the state that Democratic Socialist darling Bernie Sanders has represented in Congress for the past twenty-eight years. In the small, wealthy state of Vermont, a bill was passed by its State Legislature in 2011. It was called H 202, or “Single-Payer and Unified Health System”. This law, which was enacted in the state, creating “Green Mountain Care”. This taxpayer-funded healthcare pool was meant to provide universal healthcare coverage for all of Vermont’s citizens. The kicker was that it was also expected to reduce healthcare costs. It all sounded wonderful. Fast forward to 2013. Under the provisions of the law, Vermont was supposed to have, by this time, figured out how to fund the thing. They hadn’t. An 11% payroll tax hike was proposed, but this was - naturally - determined to be unfair and even crippling to small businesses in the state. By 2014 the state had still not figured out how to fund the law with the $2 billion in additional state spending it required. The law was abandoned by the state. What happened? Two-thirds of Vermont’s citizens agreed that even if it meant a tax-hike, they wanted universal healthcare. The people felt ready to pay up for the collective good of their state. Reality set in though. That’s what happened. A line touted by opponents of single-payer healthcare is simple - nothing is actually free. This is important, especially today, as we hear the terms “free healthcare” and “free college” being thrown around. It’s easy to say that we can tax the rich to Hell to pay for these things. It feels good. It feels like the right thing to do. However, it’s just not how things work. A national “Medicare for all” plan, like the plans touted by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, would establish a costly and ineffective government bureaucracy overseeing all aspects of our healthcare system. Let’s take a second to think about that. The Federal Government, along with its low approval ratings and generally accepted inability to govern effectively, would be in full control of the entirety of our healthcare system. That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, and you can take a quick look at the failures of the Veteran’s Affair’s healthcare system for reference. Then comes the other issue. How do we fund this? “Medicare for all” would cost the Fed over $32 trillion in its first ten years. Let’s take a shot in the dark here. Let’s say we doubled the corporate tax rate as well as the individual income tax rate. Obviously a 100% increase in taxing would cover this, right? No. It’d fail to cover the expense of this program. These programs don’t work on the state level once the invoice hits the desk. They’re great to think about, and well-intentioned. But the reality of the situation is that they can’t feasibly be funded in the United States - whether it be at the State or Federal level - without crippling our economy. If a doubling of corporate and individual income tax - something I think most voters would not get behind - can’t cover something, then the writing is on the wall. “Medicare for all” is a dud that would never be enacted even if it passed in the house and senate and was signed into law. Just like Vermont, the cost would come in, and the plan would fail. Focusing on other common sense ways to reduce already existing healthcare costs is the way to go here - not a wholesale handover to the Federal Government with all of us expected to foot the bill. The opinions expressed in this piece do not reflect those of Saints News as a whole, but those of its author Ryan D. Price. Saints News
  13. INTERVIEW WITH DJ AOI LOLA MENDOZA Warm greetings, Los Santos! The long-awaited interview with DJ AOI is finally here. Per usual, Saints News always delivers its promises! For those who are uninformed, DJ AOI (Rina Lee) is Los Santos' resident DJ, a well-known one too! Her notable characteristics during her performances are the famous musical theme nights and fabulous cosplays that go along with it. Additionally, the music she plays portrays her excitement and commitment that she has for her audience. If you haven't had the chance to visit one of her thematic nights, now is the right time to consider it! You can also show your full support for DJ AOI by clicking on her Facebrowser profile -here-. You can check the entire interview down below, with the inclusion of DJ AOI's picture. RINA LEE (DJ AOI) ____________________ THE INTERVIEW Lola: How did it all start for you, your career as a DJ? Rina (DJ AOI): Well, it's a long story. It all started when I was fourteen. It was a bumpy road for me, as back in Seoul, where I was born and raised, I've seen the music video of my favorite band - Girls' Generation. It was called "Catch me if you can." And then, like in the cartoons, a light bulb flashed above my head and I thought "I want to be a KPop idol". So after a long debate, my parents finally agreed on it. I recorded audition tapes of me singing and dancing to this song and I got accepted by CUBE entertainment. Although the journey of becoming a KPop star is really, I dare to say, rough. There were plenty of training, dancing and singing classes. We were divided into dorms by gender, so there was no time whatsoever to meet with boys. Not even going to mention dating, because it's a big scandal automatically. I was doing good, graduating from class to class, since school was important to me. I practically lived like a robot. But things were going well for me. I was assigned for a girl group project including 3 other girls with me, I was "maknae" of the group, which means I was the youngest face and the main dancer. But during one of dance practices I did one thing I don't recommend to anyone. I jumped in the air and wanted to finish it with a split. Sounds exciting. But along with the beat of the song I've heard a cracking sound. It was my knee. I couldn't move my leg, and froze in that position. Girls and my coach immediately knew that something's wrong with me, because I didn't get up. They called for an ambulance. It turned out that I dislocated my kneecap and unfortunately, my KPop career ended with this unfortunate occurrence. After years of rehabilitation, I was still dabbling with music, recording covers on my iPhone, playing on guitar and making DJ sets. I still have everything saved on my spare hard drive. Then I came to Los Santos intending to study at ULSA. I wanted to push my musical dreams aside, to become a programmer and work for game developers, until I came to Club Fusion with my friend. And I exactly remember that DJ RoE was on decks. I was excited for this party. I loved every second of his set, then I decided to message him on FaceBrowser, letting him know that I'm a rookie artist that would look for some guidance, and maybe he would kindly help me to kickstart my DJ career. I came to the empty club, played my first ever set in front of him, his jaw dropped, and we cooperate until today. Lola: That is a touching story, Rina. I'm glad that you've shared it with us, also that you found inspiration elsewhere when you were met with difficulties in your life. Who or what was your biggest inspiration? Rina (DJ AOI): I have a lot of people who inspire me at work. First of them is John himself. He's my mentor, I treat him like my father. I know he wants the best for me and always gives me constructive criticism regarding my work whenever I ask him. Second is Kim Hyoyeon, or HYO. She belonged to Girls' Generation and started a solo career as a DJ after the band became less popular. And well, my dearest friends who always get my back. Julia, Yoona, Ari, and Chris - along with my boyfriend. Lola: How would you describe your development as an artist? Rina (DJ AOI): I can say that in my sets there's always room for improvement. After the gig, I always sit down, get my sheet mask on and think what I could've done better. Whether it's interaction with the crowd or my song choices. I never stand with my chin raised, thinking "oh yeah, I'm that bitch, no one is as good as me", because simply it's not true. We have a lot of talents in the City, and we, artists, love to cooperate and not compete with each other. Lola: What is it about DJing that makes it interesting for you? Rina (DJ AOI): That it's not boring, simple as that. Every gig is different. Different people come, every set has its main theme. I even like to push it further and even dress for an occasion, like I did with The Garden, or our themed nights at Heat, when I make an original costume idea or cosplay some of my favorite characters. So far I dressed up as Sailor Venus and Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. I don't know why, I always like to pick strong female characters I'm dressing up as, and that's what makes people excited, the fact that there's always something fresh and unexpected when I play. Lola: What was your first performance as a DJ like? Rina (DJ AOI): Oh, I remember I played really safe. Most of the songs were from known artists like The Prodigy, Scooter, and ATB. I'm not saying they were bad, per se. But I was keeping myself in my comfort zone for a long time. I was afraid that people wouldn't like me if I played harder tunes, like trance or dubstep, because it's a niche - not everyone likes this type of music. But then I talked with John and Jules (owner of Bahama Mamas). They suggested that I should experiment with my sets, play harder. Blow the roof, as people like to say it. Lola: Any particularly memorable night which you're fond of as a DJ? Rina (DJ AOI): It's definitely my debut at Heat along with John, I was so shy. I barely touched the microphone, he then nudged me lightly and told me to relax. People started chanting my name, cheering up. I even teared up a little on stage. It was just out of this world. Having chills down my spine, my friends were there and they all group hugged me, telling me how great I did that night. Lola: What's your routine before the beginning of a set? Any preparations? Rina (DJ AOI): Usually it's just a normal girl routine, I lay down in a hot tub with a face mask on, get some iced tea. Patiently watching the time, then I prepare my make up, get dressed and depart. Oh, and I always get a can of cherry cola before stepping on the stage. Lola: Can you describe your state of mind during the performance? Rina (DJ AOI): I always try to remain calm. I put my heart and soul into the gig. It's like I'm trying to tell you the story with each set, how much I love doing this for my crowd. And I think it shows with my energy. If I would be, I don't know - depressed, or allow other unpleasantries to rule over me, it wouldn't be the same. Lola: Speaking of, to continue onto your next answer. The relationship with the audience is crucial for the DJ, what is your approach to it? Rina (DJ AOI): For me, it's mandatory to cooperate with the crowd. When you just stand here, without at least bopping your head to the music you're playing, the crowd would be dead as well, and that's not the point of it. When I supervise other DJs, I always try to give them as much positive energy as possible, cheer them up, give them a piece of advice. And I can see that if people see that you're enjoying yourself, they will join you in doing the same, living their life, forgetting about problems. Lola: I witnessed several of your gigs, and I do have to say that you're astonishingly engaging with your crowd! Can you name one subgenre that you think it doesn't get the attention it deserves? Further on, do you have a favorite genre? Rina (DJ AOI): Hm, I'm comfortably introducing people and getting them familiarized with trance, although they tend to express their concerns with that particular genre of music - mostly as it's something they aren't accustomed to. And I would say that's one of my favorite genres, but I'm not generalizing. I love music, it's like a band-aid for our hearts. Because it's with us for most of our lives. Lola: Do you have any nuisances when it comes to the DJ scene? Rina (DJ AOI): Well, only one. People think that I'm a jukebox. Screaming to me to play Madonna or something. It's not that easy to alter your whole set in five seconds and play the song they want to hear. There's an app for it, it's called Spotify, or YouTube. I may do a subtle request, but only if it fits the theme. Do you imagine playing an upbeat song, and then breaking it with, I don't know, Frank Sinatra? That would completely kill the mood of the party. Lola: Precisely what I was thinking, too. Rina (DJ AOI): At least you understand, that's why I love having you on my gigs. Lola: Personal opinion on Los Santos' nightlife? Rina (DJ AOI): Hm, I think that with our current DJ staff and clubs that have been opened, I think it's the renaissance of the city's club scene. Everyone has something to represent, every gig is different, everyone gives you another experience. Lola: And lastly. Any advice for the aspiring DJs? Rina (DJ AOI): Keep on trying, don't be shy to ask the DJ a few questions after the gig if you want to become a DJ yourself. We're artists, we have to understand each other, cooperate, become friends. You want to become a DJ? Sure! Everyone is different, and that's what makes the scene exciting. We're not clones. So you can't say to yourself that you're not good enough before you even try. __________ Stay tuned for more interesting articles in the future! As always, reach out to Saints News with any stories! MORE FROM SAINTS Howling Relic: Great Chaparral Mine Shaft The Perception of Gangs DRESS TO IMPRESS (Businesswear) Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  14. Your Guide to Businesswear Learn To Look Good, And Look Professional. Lola Mendoza Good day, Los Santos! Have you ever struggled with the selection of your outfits, more so with the decision about which clothing style is the most suitable for the fitting occasion? Saints News is bringing a refreshing subject for our dear readers, one which will hopefully lighten your regular day-to-day inconveniences - a fashion blog! Today we'll be covering business attires for ladies! Soon enough we'll publish more fashion blogs for other events too (male audience included), so stay tuned! "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." Now you may wonder, what is business attire? Business attire is the clothing you wear in professional settings. You might decide how to dress depending on the type of office you work in, for an interview or for a meeting. There are varying levels of business attire ranging from “casual” to “business formal.” Based on the setting, you can decide which kind of business attire is appropriate. Our focus will remain on "business professional" and "business casual" styles, but you can find a full list of business attires down below: Casual Smart casual Business casual Business professional Business formal Gender-neutral "Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality." BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL Business professional is a traditional form of attire used in more conservative settings or companies with strict dress codes. You might wear business-professional in industries like accounting, banking, finance, government or law. Business professional clothes should be well-fitted and may be tailored to fit you specifically. Model: Lola Mendoza Photographer: Marques King BUSINESS CASUAL Business casual is a common form of dress worn in many offices. While many classic business staples are used in business casual wear, there are casual elements included like khakis. Business casual is appropriate for many interviews, client meetings, and office settings. Because it is not very casual and also not very formal, this is usually an appropriate way to dress if you’re unsure about the setting. Model: Lola Mendoza Photographer: Marques King BUSINESS ATTIRE TIPS You might use different styles of business attire for different settings or occasions. Pay attention to the dress code, if applicable. If not, look to other people’s style of dress or ask around if needed. Dressing appropriately can help you be seen as a professional employee who cares about their success in the role. DISCLAIMER As it stands, tastes can be disputed, and I certainly do not claim to be all-knowledgable when it comes to fashion. My aim here was to provide a swift and easy solution to those that cannot seem to trigger their fashion senses. For deeper research, I strongly advise that you check actual modeling and fashion websites. ___________________________________ More From Saints Body Found On Beach Onohara Murder, Yakuza & Aurora Siliciano Glow Night 19' - HEAT NIGHTCLUB Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  15.  Glow Night '19 at HEAT Nightclub Lola Mendoza Good day, readers! I'm here to present to you another adventure through the HEAT Nightclub. However, this particular voyage was on a whole different level. For those that are curious, you can check my previous tour here. Upon my entrance, I was immediately blown away by the resounding music. Before my arrival, I suffered from a minor car accident and as a result, I had constant nose bleeds. But I couldn't allow for such nuisances to stand between me and my assignment. The tunes reassuringly brought comfort back on the menu. My first check-point was the bar. I couldn't tell if I was proud or embarrassed that some of the bar-staff had started to recognize my presence, let alone refer to me by my actual name. Nonetheless, I greeted them and had a couple of drinks with my accomplice before proceeding deeper. Do note that my dancing never came to a stop. Another remarkable instance was the dress code! Everyone was colorfully radiant in their own unique way as they danced in harmony. It truly was a glowing sight to behold. By the time I reached the dance floor, DJ AOI had already decided that the warm-up round was complete and that it was now the time to get groovy. The musical theme of the night was Drum and Bass. The crowd became wild and quickly picked up the pace, everyone was jumping out of sheer excitement. DJ AOI ensured to deliver the right tracks to keep the mood on its peak level. Not to mention how engaging she consistently was with her fans, notably when she complimented their glorious moves on the dancefloor. That's my summary of this eventful night. If you haven't had the chance to pay a visit to the HEAT Nightclub, I hope that this article inspires you to do so. Their theme nights are unique and enjoyable and bring patrons a refreshing take on the nightlife scene. Spread love and party hard, folks! Saints News is also looking to schedule up a possible meeting with DJ AOI, where we'll discuss her career and her views on nightlife in Los Santos. Stay tuned! You can also show your support for the Heat Nightclub by clicking -here-. Further on, you can also follow and keep track of DJ AOI's activities -here-. More From Saints: Warehouse Review Blaine County Wildlife Preservation's Mission Hales Tales Game Review - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch Remake) Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
  16. Rave at the Warehouse Aska Redan When one hears the word "warehouse" they often expect cargo containers, boxes, and if the movies are to be taken seriously - a hot location for all manner of illegal activities, from arms deals to illegal teddy bear sweatshops. However, the Warehouse in La Mesa is one part stereotype and one part unique location. When I first stepped into the club, I had half expected it to be like many of the others. Bahama Mama's, Galaxy, and HEAT all have fairly similar DJ rotations and laid back atmospheres. They're perfect places to meet strangers, have a drink, and dance your sorrows away before Sunday morning. This was not the case with Warehouse, however. I was met with this amazingly brutal industrial themed music. Pallets, battered crates, and oil-drums were being used as tables. Old car seats and discarded couches were used for seating. Cargo containers were made into ramps and wall covers. Flashing emergency lights and traffic signals syncing to the beat of the delightfully moody and experimental DJ. This was beyond something any other club has done in my experience. For once, a place had actual style and substance to it. Warehouse is only truly rivaled by the Garden in this regard. When I entered I went up to the bar. It was well stocked and I asked for the house favorite. Not but a few minutes after ordering my drink I was given a double whiskey, neat. Nothing extraordinary but the service was top notch. I mingled with a few friends for a minute, due to how bare the club was looking. This wasn't their fault, however, as two other clubs were open that night and divided attention. The interior of the Warehouse The whole club captured me and as any reasonable writer would do, I went to find the owner. I was lead to the lovely Mrs. Steph Taskovic who was more than willing to tell me about her club (AR is Aska Redan while ST is Steph Taskovic):   AR: Whoever designed this was a genius. ST: Thanks, it was a good friend of mine, from back home in Australia. We worked on it together. AR: He has excellent taste. ST: He flew in to help, I have a specific in mind. I had planned on asking her what the inspiration and concept for the club was going to be. However, she managed to answer that well before I asked. ST: At the time there were a lot of clubs that were just, carbon copies of each other. Same look, feel, and music. I wanted to do something different. AR: You just answered a question I was about to ask.  ST: I'm also a mind reader.    Steph Taskovic, owner of the Warehouse. We continued to discuss the club at length before finally getting to the music. The DJ of the night was DJ TM, who had recently moved back to LS after some time. His music was nothing less than a much-needed reprieve from the same standard club beats. The feel was dark and brooding industrial music but interlaced with heavy synths and bass. There were even Harry Potter and some unknown video game voice lines sampled into the music - something I've never heard before in any of the clubs in Los Santos. The experience I had was world-class, and I highly recommend anyone seeking a new place to spice up their routine to visit this wonderful location in La Mesa. Saints News
  17. BLAINE COUNTY WILDLIFE PRESERVATION - INTERVIEW WITH AMI HUDSPETH BY LOLA MENDOZA "The greatness in humanity is not in being human, but being humane." Good day people of Los Santos! Yesterday I had the honors of meeting Mrs. Hudspeth in person here at Saints News. For those who are unaware, Mrs. Hudspeth and her husband, William Hudspeth, founded an environment-based, non-profitable organization that focuses on preserving our wildlife - Blaine County Wildlife Preservation. They have their Facebrowser page, for those interested to check, with additional info and tons of guidance when it comes to interacting with nature. Here's the transcript of the interview we did together yesterday, I'm certain that you're more than eager to read what Mrs. Hudspeth had to say on her behalf. "Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land." THE INTERVIEW Lola: Could you tell us of the history of Blaine County Wilderness Preservation, how was it initially founded and what were your goals? Ami: Phew... It's a long story. My mother was a veterinarian. I grew up in Paleto Bay and our house was like a barnyard. I was always surrounded by animals and nature. We all practically lived outside. It is how I initially met my husband, William. He was a Ranger for the Blaine County Sherrif's Department before they merged with the Los Santos Police Department. We actually had our first date up Mount Gordo... where we discussed our mutual love of animals and nature. I hate saying the word 'destiny', but something definitely brought us together to make BCWP happen. It's weird, you know? When we first came up with the idea, I was running a small clothing store up on the Great Northern Highway. Coincidentally, right next to my husband's business "Hang-Ten". Again, it seemed like the stars aligned and we were -forced- to meet each other. We both had dreams, we both had a passion to make a difference and now we're finally in a position to try and do something about it. Kalyani: That's a very nice story. Lola: Touching too, if I may add. How do you feel about the future of Blaine County Wilderness Preservation? Ami: Positive. We've been in discussion with Mayor Rockford and acting Chief of Police Charles Hughes. We had two meetings so far and things are progressing nicely. We have big aims and plans, but obviously there are laws in place that we need to work to work around and change before we can become exactly what we aim to be. Lola: I'm happy to hear that, Mrs. Hudspeth. Hopefully everything turns out for the better. Ami: We hope so too. Lola: When you take a look at Blaine County Wilderness today, how satisfied are you with the work you've accomplished since its foundation? Ami: Extremely satisfied, although we're dependant on Mayor Rockford and the Government in order to pursue our goals further on. Currently, we're working on relocating the animal breeding grounds across Blaine County to a more secluded area. We're expecting that project to be completed by the end of two-thousand-twenty-one. We're also opening up a new surgery and clinic center soon, where we will be able to offer free medical care to all animals in San Andreas. Whether they are domestic or wildlife. Free vaccinations, check-ups, medical care, surgery. Whatever required, we'll provide it, free of charge. We're also looking to establish laws in regards to fishing and hunting. Currently, our streams and rivers are being drained of marine life by the constant fishing that's happening. Especially around Sandy Shores. We want to enforce a catch-limit and even a licensing process. Our oceans have plenty of marine life, but towards Banham Canyon and Sandy Shores, marine life is being depleted at a rapid rate which is worrying. Same goes for hunting licenses. We're trying to get a place where we can enforce stricter hunting permits and licenses. Just last night we found a dead buck that had been shot down by a crossbow illegally. We have a lot of concerns regarding the patrolling of Blaine County currently. The LSPD, as you know, do an incredible job at keeping Los Santos safe. But their resources are stretched thin towards the county side and we want to act as a small support network up there, where we can assist the LSPD by using the off-road vehicles a helicopter that we have access to. All to keep Blaine County safe. Our main goal is to work effortlessly with Mayor Rockford to once again establish the Park Rangers. Our goal is to turn Blaine County Wilderness Preservation into the Blaine County Park Ranger Department. That would give us the legal right to detain and respond to any crime in our national parks where our jurisdiction grants us such. Mainly the mountains, forests and canyons. Where regular police activity isn't as efficient. We're also trying to set up an agreement to perform all the medical care that's necessary for the LSPD K9 Unit. Being able to respond to any situation required where one of their hounds may be injured or sick. We've already started providing check-ups for some of the dogs that they have by giving them a DHLPP vaccination. Again, we wish to make this a legal process that all pet owners in the city must abide by, so we can ensure that diseases and illnesses do not spread due to animals not being vaccinated accordingly. Lola: Humble, yet heroic and absolutely necessary act. All of it. Ami: We do not aim to be seen as heroic. We just want to spread awareness throughout the state of San Andreas and hopefully make a difference. Preserving our wildlife and natural environment so that our kids and their kids can embrace it as much as we do. Lola: I have a feeling that you're going to work wonders on the people of Los Santos with this. Ami: I hope so. We've hit a brick wall with progression at the moment. The more support we gather, the more we can attempt and convince Mayor Rockford - who, I must say, for all the negative backlash he sometimes receives, has been absolutely incredible. He understands what our goal is, but obviously, laws are in place for a reason. The more support we gain from the people of San Andreas and the more positive feedback there is, the better our chances are of bringing a designated Park Rangers team back. I'd welcome anyone to reach out to our Government and offer their support to the cause. The more people we can rally, the better our chances are at making a difference. We're all part of this State, let's preserve it as best we can. Lola: Optimistically, this interview will help bring the awareness. Ami: I hope so, I really do. My husband and I are extremely passionate about this. We do not make any profit out of it, we fund it ourselves. Lola: That is evident, Mrs. Hudspeth. Ami: People have kindly donated, but it's not a requirement. We just want to be able to help the State of San Andreas to the best of our capabilities. And we believe in ourselves and the people! We know that we can do this, we just need the tools from the Government to do it. I don't want to wake up in a world where we are surrounded by skyscrapers. We have access to one of the most beautiful countrysides in the world, right at our doorstep. If my husband and I can make a difference, we're going to try as hard as we can. Bring back the Park Rangers, put your faith in us. We will not disappoint you, that's a promise. Lola: How many people do you have on your team? Ami: Right now, there is just me and my husband. The plan is to establish a small team of five to six people, if our agreement with Mayor Rockford comes into motion. Lola: And what are the requirements for someone who potentially seeks to volunteer for Blaine County Wilderness Preservation? Ami: Currently, our volunteer program has no requirements. But if we're able to push our goals through and establish the Park Rangers as an official agency, then we will have an academy. That is already settled and in motion, we're only awaiting the Government's approval. The academy is split into two sections. First is weapons, conduct, and field safety. Second is animal welfare. There is an examination process included. Lola: What is the best approach when dealing with an aggressive, or frightened animal? Ami: The aim is to never euthanize an animal unless it's absolutely necessary. I have submitted a guide on Facebrowser for surviving a mountain lion attack. We carry legal CO2 based IM tranquilizer rifles and will always attempt to put the troubled animal to sleep, so we can transport them to safety. We do have events, however, where we may have to put an animal down. That series of events can happen for numerous reasons. An example is when we had received a call regarding a lost mountain lion in an abandoned motel, near Sandy Shores. We simply couldn't risk it for the animal to run into town. A decision was then made to euthanize it. A process that's handled via a shot through the heart with a high caliber rifle. Should you come across an aggressive animal, the best thing you can do is to make yourself appear bigger. Be noisy and do -NOT- play dead. Animals are extremely territorial, especially near their nest or their breeding grounds. We're going to publish leaflets soon, indicating where all known breeding grounds are located and we implore people to read it to ensure that they are not caught in a place which could endanger them, If you're unfortunate enough to run into an aggressive animal, make yourself big, make a lot of noise and grab anything you can to defend yourself. Never turn your back on them, if the situation forces you to fight - you fight. Traveling in groups is an advantage. And once you believe you're safe - keep going. Call us immediately, we have access to an aerial unit for extreme cases - granting us a swift response for extreme cases. We can also issue a Tetanus shot if you happen to suffer from a puncture wound. We're here twenty-four seven to help and guide you, do not hesitate to call us. Lola: Do you have a sanctuary for the endangered species, or a sanctuary for animals that were either injured or abused by other people? Ami: We did have. We're waiting on a building permit to relocate our sanctuary to the Beaver Bush Ranger Station. That should take a few days, but it will include an animal housing and shelter. We currently have nine stray dogs in our care. It's just slightly chaotic at this moment. Hopefully, with the permit on its way, we'll have the opportunity to create a wonderful environment for any animal in our care. " Lola: And lastly, how would you encourage the people of San Andreas to be more cautious of their environment. Ami: Just use your head, really. If you're on the trails, be wary of animals and hikers. If you have an animal, bring them by for a check-up. If you see a stray animal, call us immediately. If you see litter on the ground, dispose of it in the recycling bin. I don't want to get preachy, but a lot of it is plain simple, common sense. Camping has been popular up Mount Gordo lately, which we love and encourage. But be sure to pick up everything on your leave. We recently had a treatment of a mountain lion that had sliced its paw on a can of beer. Same goes for our beaches, the beach parties are wonderful. Bringing the community together on a clean Vespucci beach. Just ensure to keep it that way after the party has been concluded. We're living in a generation where we get to walk out on our doorsteps and embrace the wilderness which surrounds us. We want to be able to share that with everyone, including our children. __________ Additionally, Mrs. Hudspeth and her husband have managed to successfully obtain The Beaver Bush Station, which is a step in the right direction in terms of progression! Do not hesitate to contact them for all things nature-oriented! SAINTS NEWS
  18. Eighties Night at HEAT By Lola Mendoza “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” My short visit to HEAT Nightclub last night turned out to be a wonderful journey back to the golden days of the eighties. The atmosphere truly spoke for the club, let alone the overwhelming positivity everyone shared throughout the night. It was thrilling and elating, but perhaps that's the tequila speaking on my behalf. Regardless, it stands as one of the more intriguing nights I've had in Los Santos. And who else to compliment but DJ Rina! She was a wonder to witness, providing the entire club with phenomenal and nostalgic eighties hits, ensuring the flow back in time was infinite! Her irresistible, magic performance made everyone bounce to their feet and dance until the sweat melted them away into nothingness! The night was her's, and she made sure to grasp onto the opportunity and forward the happiness to everyone else - for which the crowd expressed our gratitude. More kudos go to the amazing service provided at the bar itself. A pair of barmaids ensured that our adventures through time did not cease. Besides, what else do you need other than amazing music and a good drink to have a lovely time! Unfortunately, a few accidents occurred during the night, albeit nothing majorly concerning for the crowd. At one point, prior to my arrival at the club, a woman fainted for reasons unknown. However, an ambulance was quickly dispatched from LSFD to sort the situation and aid the troubled woman. Mind that DJ Rina was consistently trying to calm the situation over the microphone and before you knew it everyone was dancing again like nothing had happened! After the club closed, everyone elegantly walked outside with rumors of an after-party. There were no incidents, except for a few clumsy, drunken folks that kissed the pavement. All in all, eighties night at HEAT was very satisfying! Saints News
  19. Mental Health & FaceBrowser How Social Media Affects Us By Miia R. Novak, Psy.D In today’s society, social media has become one of the biggest factors in our lives. Since its debut in the early noughties, it’s been growing exponentially large in its scope and interactions with our daily lives. It makes communication between one another a lot easier. It makes job opportunities more accessible. It does a lot of things, however, it also has a massive downside that gets blind-sighted a lot in general. Usually, when it comes to social media by right it’s designed to be helpful, let you contact friends and family from the comfort of your couch. However, in recent years, it’s become a platform to broadcast negative, angry thoughts instantaneously to masses of people. With social media being just that, said thoughts are archived pretty much for the whole world to see for an indefinite period - often being picked up as fact if echoed enough. Another issue is the cyberbullying and negative consequences that occur alongside the platform that can bring out the worst in someone. Our native social media platform established here in Los Santos is Facebrowser - The platform serving as a means of communication between the people of Los Santos as a whole, and beyond the hills of Blaine County. Following its complete overhaul earlier in the year, the platform has boomed with new users registering since. As it stands right now, the platform has 3660 registered users, with 3622 of those users being active at some point in the last 3 months. On top of that, a staggering 48,000 posts and 44,000 comments have been made since its overhaul. But within these statistics, lies a more dangerous statistic that can, and does cause problems with a lot of these registered users. Some go unnoticed, others speak out about it on the very platform that creates it - that is the effect social media can have on one’s psychological health. The argued benefits and consequences of social media concerning mental health In recent years, there has been a ton of research studies into the connections between mental health and the use of a platform such as Facebrowser. To date, that research has provided varying, mixed results. Listed below are what is argued to be a benefit to one’s mental health, however, also are the consequences. Several studies do emphasize the negative aspects of using a site like Facebrower. They note that there is often an increase in anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction and eating disorders among users. The Benefits: Social connections and intimacy in this virtual setting, via Direct Messages and IMs - in moderation can reduce depression and anxiety. Social Media/Facebrowser in this case, can be helpful for people who may be suffering from social anxiety, creating social relationships online instead of face-to-face, provided they don’t excessively rely on it and replace offline contact. The connected nature associated with Facebrowser can make people feel less alone, offering a greater satisfaction with their life. Facebrowser does offer support groups for certain groups of people. However, in recent times there has been a debate on certain groups being created that do more harm than good for a person. The Negative Aspects: Cyberbullying increases the risk of depression and social anxiety. It affects all ages. Comparisons between a user and others can cause depression in someone. Envy and jealousy can all factor into this. Social media can cause an increase in ADHD symptoms to those who may have it. Body exposure on Facebrowser and social media, in general, can lead to cases of eating disorders due to the body image disturbance associated with such photos or videos. This has more of an impact on adolescent age groups, but it can affect any gender or age. While it is not technically included as of yet as an addiction on the same level as alcohol or substance abuse, researchers have already coined it as an addiction. Social Media Addiction can cause neurological complications in certain individuals and social problems. This, however, was typically found to only affect excessive use and borderline addiction cases. You mention addiction… But can someone be addicted to Facebrowser/Social Media? As mentioned earlier, Social Media Addiction is not technically noted as such right now, however, it is internationally coined by the mental health community to be as addicting as any other form. Excessive use of a platform like Facebrowser can be quite detrimental to a person’s mental health and their social relationships with others. People who delay or disrupt sleep to engage with people on Facebrowser are not getting the rest and sleep they require. The lack of sleep can result in behavioural changes if done so over some time. Excessive use and time spent on a platform like Facebrowser can also retract an individual from other social interactions or responsibilities. Couples, families, and workplace relationships can suffer when someone might be excessively too focused on social media. It causes complications, disturbances and problems as a person might be too reliant on a platform like it. Detracting themselves from face to face interactions completely, and excessively using the platform can deteriorate relationships elsewhere off the platform creating a lack of meaningful relationships and connections offline. So how does Facebrowser affect us? As with any other social media platform, Facebrowser is designed to invite people to engage with one another. It allows you to stay in touch with friends, or with people you physically cannot keep in touch with. While activities like that may contribute to a sense of connection and wellbeing, certain ways were made evident that cause complex and potentially harmful experiences. Research warns us of the risks relating to cyberbullying and excessive use of Facebrowser, or the pursuit of Facebrowser activities that come to replace or heavily distort a person’s other form of social interaction offline. One such being the pursuit of ‘likes’ or ‘reactions’ a post can receive. For a person who delights themselves in sharing with others on the platform, an absence or a limited number of these ‘likes’ or ‘reactions’ can be discouraging. If the person depends on these likes for validation, or the post is met with negative comments, that person might end up in a depressive or anxious state. Similarly, it can happen with users who make a habit of comparing their posts with another person in terms of popularity. If they didn’t receive it, it might prove ill - making them feel more isolated. The more friends, or likes you have on social media doesn’t equate to being more social with those friends. This is what people perceive but often forget, feeling like the number of friends or likes helps with loneliness or isolation. Facebrowser communication is very limited in terms of what you can see and do on that screen. The lack of non-verbal cues, like gestures and facial expressions that we need to process in face-to-face conversations, are completely absent. This opens a door to where a person can carefully, or not so carefully, craft the image they wish to portray of themselves to the wider platform. Creating a false image of themselves as a person that they portray - can cause reliant on the platform. It may lead to absence in face-to-face conversations offline, as they’d like to keep that image. There’s a lot of factors that can cause issues. The platform can often find itself home to online ‘trolls’ and other factors that tot up the issues. These ‘trolls’ can often cause problems on posts where they post - often making the user feel regret or depressive over posting a certain status, be it an update, a video or a picture. While people say to ‘shrug it off.’ not many people know-how - and take it beyond a message on the screen. Other instances in which it can cause problems on one’s mental state is when it affects a large community as a whole - as seen recently this weekend. One user consistently uploaded photos of individuals, or crowds attending venues - violating their privacy and posted them under the daring status’. These sort of instances affect the mental state of a large community and often can lead to problems like witch-hunts. This, in turn, can often lead people to seek out people they believe to be similar in nature, pointing and calling out someone who has nothing associated with the incident and be dragged into it. This can cause a toll on one’s mental state. So that’s how it can affect us in ways, how do I not get affected? With Social Media pretty much being a stable of everyday life these days, it might feel hard to shake it. But one of the most sought after ways to not get affected would be simply to take a break or close the tab. Make plans with real friends, and head somewhere. Virtual friends do not have the same effect as time with real friends outside the platform. Studies do show and are known to help boost one’s psychological well-being by taking these breaks from platforms like Facebrowser. Moderation is key. But do not rely on it. In instances where you might find yourself requiring an emotional lift, do not seek them from a platform like Facebrowser as a whole. It can often be a bad idea, as you may not know who or what the person who comments back will say or even lack thereof - which can cause that emotion to drop once more. So, if you find yourself sucked into the realm that is Facebrowser, and do not like the path it’s taking your psychological well-being and overall outlook of yourself… do yourself a favour, and close that social’s tab and go hang with friends outside the door, and sip a cup of tea.
  20. Are You Over Eighteen? YES NO (( clicking yes would lead to the article, clicking no would send the reader back to the Saints News homepage )) Interview With a Dominatrix By Haley Niamh Connor I've been working a whole lot recently. When I say a whole lot I mean I've slept at the office more than once over the past week. There's been a lot of actual news to report, and Saints is moving house to a bigger and better office. It's grand but draining. I left the office the other morning around five or six. I'm not exactly sure when. Sakana is one of my favorite spots in the city and I saw their bar was open. I decided to stop by and have a drink before heading home to enter hibernation. Behind the bar stood a tall woman with a posh English accent. She was wearing a gold and black blazer with a purple turtleneck underneath. I was enthralled. I have a real propensity for all things "out there" and the outfit caught my eye. She poured my Scotch and we got to talking. Her name was Eva Blackwood. I remarked that I thought I knew her. We'd met before. She had been working the bar at the Amphitheater one evening I'd stopped by to visit. Ever present on FaceBrowser as I am, I brought up the fact that I'd seen a status of her's explaining that she'd be, " re-establishing [her] Dominatrix business in Los Santos". This had me curious. Not in the way a potential customer would be curious, but more so by the prospect of taking a glimpse into a world I've no experience with. I decided to ask her if she'd like to chat for an article. She said yes. Below is my interview with Eva. EB, naturally, stands for Eva Blackwood. HC stands for Haley Connor. _______ HC: So how does a typical "session" go? EB: I typically introduce myself and get the client's full name. This can be used to my advantage later. From there we go into what they would like, boundaries, and no-gos. I will never subject anyone to something they are not comfortable with, ever. A safe-word is installed if necessary, and we select an acceptable play area. From there, I work them into things, I try not to get too vicious with newcomers. HC: You've been at it for a wee bit, far as your post on FB sounded since you're reestablishin'. What're the most common requests? EB: In my time? By far, light bondage elements, flogging and lashings, and asphyxiation. I don't get as many macabre requests as television and movies like to depict. Sure, they are present, but the predominant makeup of my clientele are just people who want something they can't get from others because they're afraid to hurt them- in a controlled, safe environment. HC: : I think that's something that does a disservice to your line of work. Misconceptions. Do you ever face hearing people say your line of work is something it isn't? Stereotyping and all that? EB: Oh, most definitely. By far the worst offenders are people who assume escorts and dommes are the same things. There is a little crossover given the right payment plans and trust between the domme herself and the client, but they are hardly the same thing. I suppose another would be the assumption that all we do is "beat people up", there is a lot more to the profession than one-sided brawls, that kind of thing rarely even enters the picture. HC: So, when did you start? As in... how long have you been at it on a professional level? EB: Professionally? Five-ish years? I eased myself into it in Vice City. That city infected me with its hedonism, not that I wasn't already perverse in nature before I landed there. I lived in Vice for six years and did nothing but Domme for five of them to keep my bills paid. Once I had a clientele built up, I could persist on it alone with regular appointments. HC: I'm not sure I'd call it perversion, but of course I don't know you well enough to make a determination on your character. But what drew you in? Have you done it independently from the get-go? EB: Money and my own desires brought me to it. I saw an unfilled niche. Surprisingly enough, despite being a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, I could find little in the way of competition in my vein of exclusivity in Vice City. I had done it privately for my partners in the past, so I figured, why not commercialize it? As for agencies, I had none. I liked to set my own appointments. I had an assistant who vetted clients before I met with them but other than that I was on my own. It was nice. HC: I think that's grand. Entrepreneurial. Finding a niche in a field you already know you enjoy and filling it. I think one thing many people think, due to the sexual nature of the business, is that sexual favors are included. Now I'm not asking you to answer that. I can strike this question from the record if you tell me to and my word is my life. But is that true? How does that aspect work, if at all? EB: Oh, of course. Well, I can tell you that they most certainly are included for trusted clients but it is almost always one-sided. I had stated there was a stark difference between Escorts and Dommes; It's an accessory to the job, not the fulfillment of the task itself. I don't let myself be used. I am in control, yes? If you catch my drift. I should re-iterate those kinds of services are only rendered for the right price to the right people. HC: Do you want me to run that answer there in full? EB: Omit what you like. The point of "trusted clients" being there is not always an exchange of money for that kind of service itself. The money does not pass hands for sex, it passes hands for what happens before it, and there is an agreement there. San Andreas has interesting laws on the manner. HC: Money's for the company or in your case the domme experience. Anything after that isn't expected via transaction. EB: That's the idea, mhm. Though, I must add. If someone pays me for something that isn't actually domme work that falls into escort territory without entering the territory of sex, I do my best to provide. I have been hired for companionship, for someone to talk to, for GFE (girlfriend experience). I will do it, but it is not my specialty. I'll slam Sprunks and play video games if someone pays me enough. HC: What would you say to someone who's curious about the experience but is either too embarrassed or too intimidated to try it out? EB: I'd say give it a shot with the right person. Whether that's with a professional or someone they know and love. Far be it for me to monopolize choking, hm? As for intimidation - that's half the point of a Dominatrix, really. It's only natural to be flustered, but many of my first-timers have found themselves to have a pleasant time. We're not all cold words and the crack of whips. At least I'm not. I am genuinely concerned with ensuring those who hire me have a good time. HC: And if someone is interested in giving it a try how can they get in touch to schedule something? EB: They can, in the most easy sense, contact me on FaceBrowser direct messages to work things out at 'Eva Blackwood'. I give out a work cell phone number to those I trust once that has been established. I also accept just walking up to me and asking, but of course, not while I'm at work elsewhere, and with discretion in mind! HC: And as I always ask during these types of interviews: Anything you'd like to add at all? EB: Never be afraid to try something new, because the only way you can find out if you don't like it or not is to just do it. _______ Suffice to say Eva's personality and the openness with which she talked about what she does were both pleasant surprises. I'll admit that before speaking to her I believed the profession was "all cold words and the crack of whips". I thought it was a novelty. Something strange for strange people. Eva certainly changed my view. It's clear she loves what she does and takes the work seriously along with her clients. I won't be purchasing a session for myself. However, I see why people would be curious to experience it. As stated, Eva can be found on FaceBrowser under Eva Blackwood for planning a session. If this is something that interests you, get in touch. As with most anything, it's best to do so with a professional who knows what they're doing. Perhaps you'll find it's something you truly enjoy! Saints News
  21. Behind A Murder: Akari's Account  Haley Niamh Connor Over the past few days, Saints News has been covering the reemergence of this story. The story about Ruriko Onohara's murder of Aurora Siciliano, his girlfriend at the time. After Onohara's interview with Kalyani Jamil (also of Saints News) was published, he took to Facebrowser and put this status up, alleging that Akari - a local business owner and former friend of his - killed Siciliano instead: Before getting into the transcript of the interview with Akari it's important to make a few things clear. 1 - Ruriko Onohara turned himself in for, and was convicted after confessing to, the murder of his girlfriend Aurora Siciliano. 2 - These allegations against Akari, at least in the public light, are new. Akari reached out to Saints News independently to get her side of this story out not having wanted to do so, but feeling it was needed. 3 - This is an excerpt from Saints News' interview with Akari. The full transcript is too long for print and all of what is not included pertains to unrelated matters. This interview was conducted over the course of a few hours and the subject matter took detours at points. These parts are not included because of their irrelevance to the subject, and in the interest of keeping this piece readable. 4 - Names other than Ruriko Onohara, Akari, and Aurora Siciliano have been redacted in the interest of privacy. Below is the full excerpt from the interview, unedited. In the text, "A" refers to Akari while "H" refers to Haley Niamh Connor, who conducted this interview. _______ H: Start wherever you'd like. A: I guess I just first wanna say that I'm sorry. To uh- my friends, whoever else I've been lying to here or there. Most people just got some omitted stories but it's uh- changed a bit here or there. But here's the real deal. I was sleeping with Ono. Before and... during... his relationship with Aurora. I've denied it sometimes. Sometimes I said it was only before, but. :SHORT PAUSE: A: But what I can say is that I had nothing to do with Aurora's murder. At least not intentionally. Ruriko was... he was in love. He was passing his time with her, but he was always... transfixed with me. "It's hard to resist you." "I can't keep my eyes off you." It was... I just didn't like him like that, Haley. H: During this time together did you ever feel like Onohara was capable of something like this? Did he come off... oddly? As one will sometime describe having felt "off" when they knew a murderer. A: Honestly? He didn't seem capable of committing anything like this. To me, at least. He just seemed like a goofy DJ. He was... he was my best friend. H: Okay, okay. So let's just get to it. What actually happened? A: Right, uh. I don't know what happened, Haley. I hadn't seen him for a few days before... before the arrest, and then he was gone for a while after I first heard he got out. When I heard he got arrested, I had a broken rib at the time. I barely left my house. When I wasn't sleeping, which was... I don't know, three-fourths of the time? I was doped up on the oxy they prescribed me. And then I got the news, and... it was demotivating, you know? And I was, uh- dealing with issues of my own, as well. There- There was a girl, [REDACTED]. A good friend- Fuck, I /loved/ her. She had been... murdered recently, as well. It... broke me. And between that, and the rib, and Aurora... I made a mistake. I started taking those pills... way after my rib healed. H: The pills, abusing them at least. That was post-Aurora, right? A: Yes. I heard about the arrest n' it was kind of the... straw that broke the camel's back. H: This physical evidence he's claiming. Claiming all these injuries you had indicative of a struggle of some kind. A: The only one I've seen him claim was the uh- the scars on the nose. :LONG PAUSE: H: See, those don't look like bite marks at all. A: Yeah, uh- can I tell a story, if you don't mind? About how I got these. Five years ago... four, sorry. I keep forgetting I'm not thirty yet. H: That's what you're here for, of course. A: So uh- I lived in San Fierro for a bit. Was going through some stuff, was hanging around my brother. There was another sushi place up there that I'd go around a lot. The staff were nice, for the most part. They knew me. I was a regular. It was uh... some of what inspired me to start Sakana, really. A hangout sort of place. But back on topic, uh- the owner's girlfriend wasn't very fond of me. Nothing adultery related, we just got into it a lot. One day it got a bit heated and it, uh- turned into a fight. Ended when she grabbed me by the hair and slammed my face against one of those decorative rock walls. Three times. Hard. My nose was... unrecognizable. They ended up having, to throw the whole damn nose away. I needed rhinoplasty just so it was set back into place and, uh- back to what it looked like before. H: Do you have a picture of yourself before this mess happened? Before Aurora. A: Oh, yeah, sure. Let me pull up my old Facebrowser pictures. Akari pulled up a picture from long before the incident with Aurora. The scarring is most certainly there before the incident. A: So about a week after he's released, Ruriko gets in touch with me. Maybe more than that? I don't know. Shit's fuzzy, I was high. H: Right. A: He came over to my apartment. I had uh- my pills, they were on the table. Obviously not legal at that point. They were in a sandwich baggie. He uh- He gets mad. Starts screaming at me. Ends up throwing them down my trash compactor, but that's in the past. They were- bad for me anyway, but making someone go cold turkey on opioids isn't- Great. It wasn't a fun time. I just ended up buying more. But uh- then he started yelling all this stuff. It all loops back around, you know? How he was in love with me, how he was mad because he couldn't have /me./ How it was... all my fault. :PAUSE: A: And he went around, doing that. Telling people it was my fault. [REDACTED], [REDACTED]... They assumed the worst. And they turned against me. Because, uh... when you just tell people "Akari killed her," in like- a figurative manner, people don't... catch that it's figurative. H: Wait, so he killed Aurora because he wanted to be with you? A: From... what he's told me, yes. That was his motive. H: So he said these things, saying they were figurative at the time and now he's gone back on that and tried to make it literal. A: Yeah, that's what I'm getting forward to, uh- He started realizing people were taking it that way. And began rolling with it. He just- anything to make me hurt. He just- wants me to suffer, because I don't... I never was into him like he was into me. And it's become a whole... :Long pause: A: I'm- I'm good. Sorry. It's- Galaxy last night, it wasn't- great, for me. It- he pointed me out in the crowd and told everyone I killed her... Made up this story.. It took me weeks to get that shit out of [REDACTED]'s head and he just- put it straight back in. I was so scared the same was going to happen to [REDCATED]. [REDACTED] - she won't speak to me anymore. She thinks I'm a monster. She sent me a string of... what looked like drunk, angry texts, and... hasn't contacted me since. H: Why do you think she's compelled to believe him? A: I don't know. I think it's just... we were close, all of us. Me, him, and [REDACTED]. She was- She's like a daughter to me. And... I don't know how they see it. But I was... She cares about him more, I guess. Even after all this. And still acts like she's scared of him. I don't understand. H: So a rough timeline of events would be that you had an injury, the murder happens, a bit of time passes. Onohara finds out you're abusing medication and becomes angry. He blames you for the murder because he couldn't be with you. Then he begins to tell others it was your fault. When people take that literally, he rolls with it. Now he's putting that out publicly. Do you believe he is he just trying to take you down with him at this point? A: Yeah, I- The only person he has on his side that /knows/ me, is [REDACTED]. And she's... She needs work. I miss her so fucking much, I just wish she'd listen to what I've been trying to tell her. I'm so scared for that girl. He's trying to take me down, as far as I can understand it. H: And why are you scared for her specifically? Do you think she's been coerced? Do you think she's scared? A: She... She might be, yes. She's told me before she's... scared of him. Terrified, even. He's upset that nothing worked out for him, so he's bringing me down, too. Like I said - [REDACTED] is like a daughter to me. I care about her just as much as I care about my own, and to see her like this is... it fucks me up. She's being played right into his hand, and it... makes me sick to watch. :PAUSE: A: Can I get one more thing added to the piece? H: Sure. A: If I die, look into Ono. _______ Related Stories: Behind a Murder How and Why was DJ ONO Given a "Second Chance?" Murder in 'Executive' Saints News
  22. DJ Ono In Police Custody on the 18th May (Source: R&R) Behind A Murder DJ Ono And The Death of Aurora Siciliano  Kalyani Jamil Follow-up: Why and How Was DJ Ono Given a Second Chance? "Reputed nightlife music mixer Ruriko Onohara, best known as DJ ONO has been arrested and convicted of murdering his lover, Aurora Siciliano. On the afternoon of Saturday, the 1st of June, LSPD detectives were following a missing person report on Aurora at 1310 Palomino Avenue. A bystander directed the LSPD towards ONO’s apartment, then a K9 cadaver dog specialized in detecting decomposition marked the entrance of 1310 Palomino. This led to an emergency warrant for the apartment justified due to exigent circumstances. Forensic analysis of blood and tissue in the surrounding area confirmed traces of matching DNA, eventually leading to her remains being discovered in a dumpster between 1310 Palomino and Little Seoul Tower." (Source: Emilia Russo, R&R) And so it was said - back in June, Ruriko Onohara, popularly known as 'DJ Ono' was arrested on suspicion of murdering Aurora Siciliano. He was tried and found guilty for First Degree Murder. He fled to Japan and so the story of Ruriko was over - but was it really? Sometime in late August, Ruriko returned to Los Santos, brandished as a murderer and a coward, it wasn't long until he found work again in Galaxy and The Warehouse with Los Santos nightlife company, Executive Association, who had looked past his criminal convictions. Following several public confrontations behind his conviction, Ruriko spoke with one of our reporters to explain his side of the story. Ruriko started his story from the beginning, below would be the transcript of the meeting. I came to this city after my father died, a friend of his put me into work at the Vault. The owners their had an organisation I was willing to get into, for money, shortly after I started my own career as a DJ. But I couldn't leave them, or I was a dead man. A few months go by and I meet... her, she was wonderful, and I swear to you I would go back and NEVER decide to work at the Vault. Even if it would have ruined my chance at everything else. Back to the story, she started to read into things, for a while realised I just had business to do nightly. Until she started meeting a few of them, knowing their names, what they do. Then one night I get a phone call. Ruriko would say something in his native Japanese - before clarifying in English. Ono, it is either her or you, decide before the next morning. Call me selfish, call me whatever, I didn't want to die, nobody would have died for someone they just met a month ago. The cities love life cycle is fucked up. Was anyone else involved? The Yakuza group a few that ended up either dead or moved out to Japan. When she died, we actually spent some time together and you made public appeals for her safety - was there a part of you that resisted turning yourself in? It was part of me not getting chopped up and dumped in the rivers, but, I turned myself in the day I was taken to the department. I was calling an officer to take me in, and they came to me first. Let's say you had a time machine right now and you could stop yourself from it - would you, do you regret it? I would, I would go back and change everything from the very beginning; if I would have never started working at that lounge. She would have never been dead. I am tired of these people wanting me to stay stuck in the past. When I left for Japan I got intercepted by a family that didn't like the man that I worked for, I was tortured, held against my will, scared, beaten and starved. What have you done to move forward? Repent for your sins, if you will? When I first touched down before getting taken I went to find, something, God if you will, I asked for forgiveness and was treated to what I just told you about. So, I guess that basement in Kyoto was what washed them away. You spent an unusually short amount of time behind bars for the conviction - can I ask anymore behind this? It's this cities jurisdiction for the time I spent, not my choice. What are you doing now with your life? Riding bikes with new friends and DJing. Just trying to enjoy the now, as much as that sounds horrible, I am not going to rot away in a chair and drink my life away. Or do the same with drugs. Last question - if she could hear you, what would you say? I would say, I am sorry, I am sorry that I always had you waiting, I am sorry that I couldn't give myself up for you, and that I am sorry for being a coward, that I miss her, and that all her friends really, really cared for her. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Aurora's Sicilian roots stemmed from Palermo, yet she had a fluent grasp on traditional Italian and English. She had travelled to Los Santos approximately a month before her death. In her brief time in our bulimic state, she threw herself into wild, joyful life and despite breaking her leg and witnessing ONO being stabbed in the stomach in a more innocent stage of their relationship. She once said, "I'm used to stress and crazy, I thrive in both". Aurora will be fondly remembered as a warm, hospitable host whose bar was always surrounded by people she knew on a first-name basis, no matter where in the city she happened to be. (R&R) To break convention on our reporting style; Aurora Siliciano is, and always will be, the finest hour of this city. நான் உன்னை இழக்கிறேன், அரோரா. இப்போது மற்றும் எப்போதும். Saints News
  23.  The Whistleblower: Anonymous Slander  Haley Niamh Connor There's been a recent resurgence in the "submit your anonymous gossip" trend on FaceBrowser due to "the Whistleblower". The new page encourages its viewers to, "Tell us anything you want other people to know regarding pretty much anything. It can be a joke, a secret of yours or even of another person, or your words of wisdom you wish to get out there. We are waiting on your word." This can sound fun at first glance. Post some petty gossip you don't want your name attached to, get a confession off your chest, make a joke. On paper it's not a revolutionary or big idea. However, in practice, the Whistleblower and other pages like it have the ability to turn very toxic very fast. I think we've passed that threshold by now. Allegations ranging from sexual promiscuity all the way to murder are being made and all done behind a wall of absolute anonymity. The page uses a Google forms template that allows users to post their comments without even the page's admin knowing their identity. Shameless of me, I know. But hey, it's about the only nice thing that's been said about me on the page. Let me enjoy it. That's a decent example of something innocuous being thrown up. Just someone's opinion about my looks. Probably someone who isn't compelled to pursue me or do anything past making a simple comment. And that's where this type of page goes wrong. These are murder allegations. These sorts of things shouldn't be posted as gossip for all to read. Regardless of if someone truly believes what they're saying, it's a huge and life-changing allegation to make against a person. If it's something a viewer is concerned about, the police are a much better source to tip-off than the gossip page on FaceBrowser. Then there's another question. Why is whoever runs this page deciding to run these posts? The admin might not know who said what, but they're firmly in control of the content they actually choose to share. I've blacked out names and other pertinent details to not give this toxicity another platform to affect peoples' lives. If you care to see, go look for yourself. It's clear to see the problem here, though. These are all indecent and offensive things to say about someone backed up with no evidence behind the protective walls of 100% anonymity. Anyone could say anything they like and have it posted. So what's to stop someone from posting completely false rumors about another, over and over again, posing as different people even? What's to stop someone from posting about themselves to manufacture a controversy or drum up publicity? Nothing - because whoever runs this page doesn't care if they're posting slander. Someone else said it, they're just the messenger, right? I'd say no. These rumors can legitimately gain traction and ruin lives, and they can hit the ground running with a widely viewed platform, submitted by anybody who feels like saying anything they want on a whim. Since the page's administrator doesn't seem keen on being selective with the content he or she chooses to run, and FaceBrowser's administration team is silent as always, the onus is shifted to the rest of us to think before we submit something. If something is put up and people choose to believe it, the truth stops mattering and there's nothing the effected party can do to stop the consequences. Consequences for something they didn't do. I don't like to deal in objective rights and wrongs, but I think this is pretty close to being objectively wrong. Saints News The opinions expressed in this piece do not reflect the opinions of Saints News as a whole, but those of its author Haley Niamh Connor.
  24.  A "Second Chance" for DJ ONO?  Haley Niamh Connor Behind a Murder - Interview with Ruriko Onohara After a flurry of negative reactions across FaceBrowser in the wake of DJ ONO's interview with Saints News, I reached out to Onohara's boss John Monroe for comment. I asked Monroe if he made the call to hire Onohara, and if so why he was hired considering the murder was public knowledge. His answer is below: "Yes, I did. I am well aware of the stuff Ono did and went through himself. When I found him he was lost from everything. He got released from prison and everyone spat him out. When I just started DJing myself he was like a legend to me. His public breakdown at Heat nightclub where he completely lost himself made me feel sad for the guy. He's a free man now and he did his time for the crimes he committed. In my opinion, everyone deserves a second chance." Los Santos at large does not seem to be taking kindly to Onohara's side of the story. After the interview was released, multiple people took to FaceBrowser to share the article and express their disgust. In the wake of the backlash, Onohara responded via Facebrowser as well: Onohara's response was not received positively: This situation, having been brought back into the public eye, calls a few things into question. Why was Ruriko Onohara allowed to go free? Why did he come back to Los Santos after having gone back to Japan? Why was he hired by Executive Associations if they had full knowledge of the murder? Time will tell if any of these questions are properly answered, but it seems the people of Los Santos at large are not as keen as Executive Associations' John Monroe on giving Ruriko Onohara a "second chance". Saints News
  25. Gravedwellers Get To Work On Fence Construction in Sandy Shores Motorcycle Clubs And Stereotypes All TV, Or Half-Truths? Kalyani Jamil Motorcycle clubs - as seen on TV as ruthless, cold proto-gangs that will stop at nothing to get what they want in the name of their brotherhood - a distressing image for many, but is the reality any different to what we see on TV? We decided to approach a locally-based motorcycle club to determine whether there is more than meets the stereotype, after some searching and connections, we met a man who goes by Vinnie Meadows of the Vespucci-based Gravedwellers Motorcycle Club. Enshrined in mystery, our meeting with him was one of immense politeness and courtesy, perhaps defeating our reporters' own stereotypes. At the famous Legion Square, we approached him and exchanged the usual pleasantries, and the image we expected drifted away in the smoke from his cigarette. So, you're probably aware of the stereotype surrounding motorcycle clubs, that they're criminals or brutes or whatever you want to call it - what would you say to people who do hold that stereotype? Yeah, it's a common stereotype and it's far from the truth. Y'know, bikers snortin' in that meth, beating your daughter down in the backyard, it's all TV, I'll put it this way. We're merely motorcycle enthusiasts who share a common goal; prosperity, we're hard-working men, we've got jobs and chase it day-by-day. We've got men who work in Sociology, we've had a nurse! The one per cent patch we claim doesn't refer to a "criminal lifestyle". Makes us outlaws, but that doesn't mean we violate the state laws. Outlaws as in we don't abide by the A.M.A. laws. The American Motorcyclist Association. The A.M.A. sets out a book of laws in which we don't agree with. We set our own laws 'n values, and uphold our own culture. That's what makes us one per cent. I mean for God's sake, We've held charity runs for veterans, a charity for cancer, we've reached out to the community on several occasions. Just last week I've gathered the boys to help build an old lady's fence. Came across broken down vehicles on the road, and gathered up to help 'em out. We like to bike, earn a buck and party. That's who we are; the rest of my brothers have families, raised kids and look after their wives. I'd say we're far from criminals. A lot of MC's in peoples' minds have a perception of a 'brotherhood' in a motorcycle club, do or die attitude to one another, is this a philosophy you and the Gravedwellers abide by, and if so, how is it implemented? Our club's built upon brotherhood, we look after one another, if a brother's in need of help, then we reach out; financial issues, family issues, mental... You get the deal. It's a close unit. You have kids who love to bike. They see the parties, the women... then they tag along, have a beer 'n the relationship develops there. They prove their worth. Disciplined. And eventually, they end up with the patch, makes 'em one of us. They go through the prospective phase, it's a proving ground. When we decide they're wise and ready, then they get the patch. 'A Charity Ride' Through The City of Los Santos The patch? Could you expand a little more on the importance of that patch, what it means to have one, could it be revoked? I can't expand much on the patch. though the patch makes you a brother to us. Look after one another and ride through the lifestyle. Means you've put in your work, and proved your worth to be a 'dweller. You mentioned a little earlier about your work in charity, and the old lady's fence, what motivates you to do that as a club? It's who we are, we reach out to the community. We're philanthropists. Last but not least - what would you say to the people that hold that perception of you as a 'criminal' as we discussed earlier? Don't believe it unless you see it. Come by for a drink 'n maybe we could change your mind. Respect goes both ways. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ The Gravedwellers were last in the news following the burning of their clubhouse in Vespucci, assumed to have been the cause of aggression from a local gang in the area. Los Santos - over to you, what do you think? Do MC's get a rough time for something they probably don't deserve? Let us know in the comments below. Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints
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