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  1. Market Price: 75K Furniture Worth: 4K (Small additions to Franklin's Aunt's) Don't offer me anything lower than 150K or you won't get it, too much of a loss for me. (paid 250K) Not looking to auction, best offer I get is getting it, I don't plan on having this up long. Closer your offer is to what I paid, the more likely I'll sell it to you outright. Simple as. Contact me through Facebrowser (click), it's the only place I actively respond. Interior: https://imgur.com/a/YvaTJ90
  2. Good roleplay isn't determined by the length of /me's that's for sure. Your /me that's short and concise leaving details vague and simply just displaying action isn't better than one that details it, and over the top long and extra for no reason /me's with details that literally don't matter and have no purpose are just as bad as a bland, extremely short /me. What makes a good roleplayer imo is knowing when and where to be concise and when and where to be detailed, outside of simple preference. RP is a form of writing after all, it shouldn't be treated as if it's a video game, a good RPer recognizes this. Sometimes you have to flow and type as short as possible to be quick, but detail is also nice so that people can accurately react if its certain things, more info prevents MG/PG. Truly good roleplay is simple: Accurately portrayed, realistic characters creating believable, real scenarios without planning and letting things progress naturally so the roleplay becomes it's own story. Characters that feel like real people are good roleplay. Development that feels realistic and authentic is good roleplay. Scenarios and handling them in a way that's enjoyable for all parties yet sticks to the situation at hand (difficult at times since some people don't like losing) is good roleplay. In terms of post lengths of someone's /me though as mentioned earlier, /me smokes a cigarette. is just as bad as /me uses his index and thumb to slide his hand into his pocket and apply pressure to the corners of his cigarette box as he pulls the box from inside his pocket to lift the lid open and grab a single cigarette to which he then reaches back into the cigarette box with his index and thumb to grab his stashed away lighter bla bla you get the point. A good /me is not as short as possible, nor is it as long as possible. Peak is somewhere inbetween. A good flow with good detail as well, just detail that has a purpose. There's a hundred ways to do something, let someone know which way /your/ character does it. Show habit, not simply action. It's a character, your /me's should have character in them. The only time a /me should be nothing more than an action for things like /me gags. or /me looks at Gerald. If you're doing something, be a little creative. Creativity is key to good RP, not boring one liners. No flair to something is stale, bland. Too much is too extra. You can't read someone's character through /me eats a pizza, however you can see quirks of their character when through something like "/me grabs his slice of pizza and folds it, taking sideways bites while he sits leaned against the arm of the chair." There's character in that, you see habits. How he eats his pizza, his relaxed demeanor since he's leaned over, etc. It portrays a character, not a blank, emotionless action. The sole point of roleplay is to portray a person, so do so in more than just 3 word /me's. Golden rule: If your character feels like a movie or video game character, you're doing it wrong. Save that shit for fantasy roleplay. Normal life characters should feel and play as if they're normal life people and your obscure 1 in a trillion reference that says it's a thing in real life means jack shit. Common is good. Extreme rarity is bad.
  3. why is this post even a thing and why are people even still commenting on it? this entire thing just screams "im an illegal rper and im sick of civilians stopping me from commiting crimes against them with their pf guns" lmao its america half the country wants guns and the other half wants to take them away. deal with it? if anything you SHOULD have a gun to protect yourself, LS is like a fuckin warzone because of how trigger happy people are. and thinking you need to know even basic details to own a gun is a joke, there's people out there with firearms that learn as minimal as possible and buy one once able, then forget everything they've learned because they never train or practice. doesn't deserve/shouldn't have doesnt equate to doesnt own, unfortunately.
  4. this whole thread is just GTA:W SCP stories
  5. it has nothing to do with suppressing crime. gang rp isn't about "AY CUH U ON MY TURF NYIGAAAA" -GLACK GLACK- gang members dont just go around shooting and robbing and doing crime every single hour of the day. the rate of which crime happens has consequences. don't go around doing nothing but crime and then complain when the cops go around doing nothing but trying to stop it. that's their role and you have yours however you decide to portray it. there's a lot of people in the gang rp scene that ruin it for the rest of you guys by treating it like a cops and robbers server with trash rp and portrayal because they went on reddit and watched a bunch of videos of younger bangers acting a fool to look cool gtaw's had the last several years since swapping to ragemp where gang and cop rp was just trash, although its starting to get a bit better, ik there's a lot of people that actually know what they're doing but the stigma of how much crime is actually happening is still there from the days where you could walk into the area and do nothing wrong and still get shot for nothing. just like gang rpers tell civilian rpers "its an ic thing deal with it ic" this is also an ic thing and you need to roleplay it the way it is. the gang areas are hounded, what does one do in a criminal environment when things are far too hot to actually commit crimes? stop commiting crimes in that area and go somewhere else where it's safer to commit a crime and get away with it. common sense. that would equate to the consequences of the cop RPers making it too difficult to do criminal acts in the hood, forcing criminals to find their marks elsewhere. complaining about it ooc gets nowhere. it's not something you can just go "HEY FUCKER STOP DOING THAT" and everyone stops. it's something the gang community has to fix ICly by slowing down the criminal activities in the areas. Gang RP isn't about going around doing crime. Your focus should be more on the gang and the politics of the gang life, hanging around doing random shit with the homies, just living. RP is playing a normal human being, not a video game gangsta gangsta 50 cent shootemup. the way it is right now is literally caused by y'alls own actions, deal with it accordingly, don't whine about it out of character. the police KNOW oocly /and/ icly that there's gonna be shit popping off left and right if they leave it unmonitored which is why they focus on that area. it's a problem when every single person on the server refers to these areas like warzones and physically avoids them out of fear of being shot over nothing. gang roleplayers created this reality and defended it on forums for ages. if you want it to change, ICly the communities have to come together and stop any problems, squash it with fist fights not nines. bring the heat down so you guys aren't held on a leash. if civilian rpers have to 'deal with it' when the crime is skyrocketing unrealistically, then so do gang rpers when the pressure from the police is skyrocketing unrealistically.
  6. comparing irl response times is irrelevant when half of LS is like iraq at times. actions have consequences. encourage everyone around you to not be trigger happy and get in so many firefights over literally nothing. the more calm the cops think things are the less likely they are to patrol around and hound the area hoping something pops off so they can get in on some action. the main center of crime is in gang rp areas, obviously cops are gonna focus on being around there to do their jobs. you're not going to get real police response times on an RP server unless you're RPing a civilian doing random shit cause they're focused on gang stuff since that's where the lspdfr action be at. a shooting usually has a response time of anywhere from like 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes far less but not that often(especially in LA), that's just not going to happen in a GTA RP server. cops have their role to fit into and gang rpers have theirs. there isn't an extremely high standard of rp or behavior set on either side IMO (but there's some good hidden in the bunch) which is the cause of half the clashing. stop giving them a reason and they wont feel the need to patrol those areas so they can respond quickly to criminal activity.
  7. generic plot but the plot is tits and egirl jokes
  8. no, shits ugly as fuck but no
  9. How someone reports someone for "promoting subpar RP" then goes on to promote even worse roleplay only moments later is astounding. Bravo, truly. I'm impressed.
  10. Strengths I do personalities really well Weaknesses I fucking suck at literally everything else including even logging on
  11. why do people say extremely unrealistic representations of the crime rate in LA that happen in LS is just an IC issue that the gov should handle but when cops roll deep af with the blicky and the blicky stopper to protect themselves in an environment that has more gunfights than a western movie usually, topics like these get made? i dont understand that
  12. cant wait to fuck people up at pool & the sync, god the sync. please 1.1 zaddy bless us.
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