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  1. Willbur

    I once walked on grass despite the sign saying “Do not walk on the grass”. I know what you’re thinking, I’m edgy as fuck.
  2. Willbur

    Loving this! Met Buck once, great character!
  3. Willbur

    Yeah, the whole lack of 'drunk driving' RP bothers me too. When trying to work as a Taxi driver, I'd hang outside clubs and bars to give rides to people, but it was never needed.
  4. Just wondering if anyone was renting out any houses in Paleto, or any apartments in North of the city (for instance Vinewood or Del Perro)? I'm not looking to share a house/room with anyone, and it would just be me living in the space. If you have anywhere available please email me at [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or text me on 8982. Thanks! Dougie Peaks
  5. Willbur

    Can be Archived
  6. Willbur

    It me
  7. Willbur

    Looking to buy a Bodhi! Send me an email at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or SMS/ring me on 8982. Cheers, Dougie Peaks
  8. Willbur

    No longer selling.
  9. Willbur

    No thanks. Price dropped to $45,000!
  10. Willbur

    Selling for $45,000 - May accept trades
  11. Willbur

    You said to contact you at 13:00. I rang you multiple times between 13:00 and 14:00 and had no answer, so sold it to someone else who was interested. Sorry!
  12. Willbur