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  1. Could always set the unarmed damage modifier to something low. Perhaps that could work? I know we're talking about a rule suggestion here, but why not give it a thought? I know we shouldn't rely on the script for something like this, but it looks like spam punching and rapidly pressing whatever button is used to punch - is the culprit.
  2. Soupiest

    Are you using any mods?
  3. Well if you're trying to use them in RageMP, you'll need to have them in a dlcpack. You'll also need to have the same file structure as those .rpf archives from your dlc.rpf archive within your dlcpack. And even then, you'll need to configure content.xml for them to overwrite and work. I think someone already did all of that and made a RageMP port here on the forums...
  4. Soupiest

    8/10 ....is aight...
  5. Soupiest

    Have you tried deleting the GTA V folder from Rockstar Games that usually has settings saved? (The one that's usually in documents.)
  6. Soupiest

    I'm not too big on Redux, I know it's probably a big mod but I don't know which files it replaces or what files it adds. I can only assume that's the issue. Have you re-installed GTA V to see if that fixed the crashing?
  7. Soupiest

    Are you using any mods?
  8. Soupiest

    Just about what I think about when it comes to clothes mods. Will people actually use these clothes when roleplaying and so on? Decals were a good alternative solution because there's many blank decals in the game that are just sitting there. Albeit the bad thing is that there isn't much IDs to them. So sooner or later, someone's gonna have to figure out how to do addon clothing. Which means someone has to go through the hex codes and filter everything out. It's possible, but probably a bit frustrating. I did come across someone already figuring out what they were almost a year ago though. The suggestion is great, don't get me wrong. But something like this would need to be carefully be considered. The socks however? There should be some for all races. A simple retexture of the same model (or models) should be enough.
  9. Soupiest

    Like Cry did, it's probably a good idea to try and remove your RockstarGames folder in documents and let GTA re-add it when you go back in-game. (Of course backup some stuff if you have sensitive data or anything you wanna keep in there.) Glad it worked!
  10. Soupiest

    Going back to this, all of this stuff is probably stored in your documents, in your RockstarGames folder where your saves and other stuff are found. Have you deleted the entire folder while re-installing GTA?
  11. Soupiest

    Alright, and do you know how to use the pack in singleplayer?
  12. Soupiest

    Possibly. That's why I asked if you'd be able to check in singleplayer to see if it's a RageMP issue or just a game issue. I'm thrown off by the fact you're able to see the other things like the sundress. But not the rest of the stuff from the pack which are mainly in the decals section.
  13. Soupiest

    Are you able to test the dlcpack "gtafemaleclothing1" in singleplayer for decals? (Basically using Menyoo in singleplayer to see if the decals spawn?)
  14. Soupiest

    Are you using any mods? And the only thing I can personally recommend is reinstalling GTA V and see what happens there.
  15. Soupiest

    Do you have any RageMP backups that the server might be using instead of the original that's supposed to be showing the decals? EDIT: Also, does this top show for you? (ID: 40 with the texture ID: 1) I'm asking to see if all of the clothing is affected since the original clothing pack prior to this one had this top.