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  1. Just travel down to Sandy Shores if you want less skyscrapers.
  2. I agree. Players already get unsteady vision from drinking too much. Allowing players to access the drunk walk would make being intoxicated more realistic.
  3. Nice drifting but.... my eyes are focusing on that huge crack on the windshield. What happened?
  4. Some stupid message or something.
  5. Zwag


    I believe NPCs in public or private businesses would be a good idea. It can make transactions seem somewhat more animated. They could maybe be scripted to say something related to your transaction via text. However, NPCs driving and walking around would take the immersion away from GTAW because they would not be able to interact with you and provide roleplay.
  6. Comment a word starting with the last letter of the word commented above you. For example, if someone commented the word Buzz, a possible response would be Zebra. You can make the game even more interesting by commenting unfamiliar words. However, the goal is to continue the sequence! I'll start.... Monkey
  7. American ping on the server kills more lives than drunk driving.
  8. Found out about GTA:W through Youtube. I was also looking for good roleplaying servers made for the game. Before joining the GTA V RP scene, I played on servers on SAMP and MTA.
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