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  1. Looking for an apartment to rent! It should be for one person and should have a bedroom, and should be in a crime-free area. Feel free to contact me if you have any offers! My email is [email protected] ((forum PM))
  2. Hello, recently apparently rage made a new quote on quote update that has rendered the game unlaunchable for me, and I want to believe that I'm not alone here. I'm out here posting a topic as there's absolutely no topic that has a viable fix for these two errors. I haven't launched GTA V, nor RageMP for a couple of days so these errors really did come out of the blue, and most likely the reason being the so called update. So far I have tried deleting that file, but I have no perms to do so, and I tried altering the perms but it still did not work. Then after following a guide here about windows security, I found out that my version(?) of windows security is different than the author's, so I instead disabled it completely to tried to run Rage, however it now came up with two different system dl file errors. I have a strong gut feeling that reinstalling won't change anything, but it is a (last) option for sure. Is there any way I can run RageMP and fix these random DL error issues or whatever keeps my game from actually running? F'aanks.
  3. I'm very good at league of legends because I'm platinum (good player/professional) and not gold (bad/trash player).
  4. Is this a rhetorical question?
  5. Good idea indeed I'm all for it. I don't get why there are people disagreeing with this by saying it will be abused I mean cool, if that's your argument then let's also delete the server so there won't be anyone breaking the rules of it right? Anyway, yes I believe this feature will enhance the overall roleplay of the server and bring more depth as the user said above me. Hope it's taken into consideration by the development team.
  6. I would like to schedule a viewing if possible, please send me an e-mail at your earliest convenience.
  7. No, I'm not using any mods whatsoever. I'm not moving my mouse when it logs me in, but I'll try lowering my graphics and my resolution, thank you! I'll keep you updated.
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