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  1. the same people who complain about this probably drop about 100,000 a week on a new car and 50,000 the next day to "fully upgrade it". learn to budget your money better. work jobs you wouldn't either, cause if you have time to spend four hours in game then for sure you can work 1-3 hours day.
  2. honestly i have the same problem except i have bad irl anxiety that goes along side with in game stuff. its a struggle making new contacts despite it being rp. i only stick by my friends i made before i joined this community. hopefully for you your experience improves.
  3. i just say oh well. there's people all over with verification that shouldn't have it. if it's annoying just zone it out.
  4. User: Ribber Comment: honestly they should just arrest anyone that even thinks about going to QuickFix.
  5. still it's dumb to say traffic stops irl take less than half a hour. i've gotten pulled over multiple times with friends and it took ~20 minutes per stop, even with a warning. just depends on each department and their procedures on traffic stops though i guess :P. anyway i prefer my roleplays to take longer since it does show quality and details you dont get in most other servers. like if you know you don't have a time for a roleplay, just dont put yourself in situations that will result in you getting in that sort of situation.
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